10 little things that make life more and more refined

10 little things that make life more and more refined
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

three thousand flashy, a ladle of authenticity.

the pace of modern life is so fast that we are carried forward and often ignore the real exquisite life.

A delicate person comes not from how much money he has, but from his inner attitude towards life.

A delicate life is not about a bright appearance, but about making yourself more tasteful, happier and more comfortable.

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calm down and manage your daily routine well.


Reading nourishes character, nourishes the soul

belly is full of poetry and books, and your temperament hides the books you have read and the road you have traveled.

people who often read books are quiet in heart, gentle in face, and poetic in life.

people who read books every day are naturally different from others in their speech and temperament.

their horizons are wider than those of others, their thoughts are more profound than others, and their lives are not only in front of their eyes, but also the vast starry sky and the vast universe.


exercise  people who exercise regularly can not only maintain a slender and straight figure, beautiful posture and perfect curve.

can enhance the whole person's mental outlook, become strong in mind and aura, and look more confident and charming.

exercise 3-4 times a week, getting up early for running, stretching before bed, practicing yoga, swimming, Pilates, or brisk walking, skipping rope, playing ball.

improve your posture and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.


dress fastidiously, shaping style

the so-called dress is not rouge and vulgar powder, heavy makeup, but fresh and elegant, clean and comfortable, giving people a good state of mind.

not only looks energetic, but also provides self-confidence and confidence, respect for others, but also respect for yourself.

learn about fashion, know yourself, and find your own style.

know what to wear on different occasions, reject sloppy clothes and accessories, and show taste in each piece.

the trend always lags behind, but the style lasts forever.


pay attention to manners, decent and generous  in interpersonal communication, a person's manners will leave a deep impression on people.

chest hunchback is not only not good-looking, but also affects health, while raising your head and chest, sitting in a straight posture, always looks elegant and generous.

remind yourself that opening your shoulders, correcting standing and sitting posture, being upright, confident and positive will also make people feel more appropriate.

radiate your cultural attainments from the inside out.


keep your life tidy and warm.

the appearance of your home determines the way you live.

the real delicacy will not casually lead a simple, rich and beautiful life where others can't see it.

make the room clean, comfortable and comfortable, so that you can meet a better self.

pay attention to household hygiene and layout.

regularly clean and discard unwanted clothes and sundries.

everything in the house is neat and orderly, fresh and tidy, and the living environment is warm and sweet, not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart.


enjoy fireworks, live a regular life

exquisite life, and never stay away from human fireworks.

even if you are busy at work, you should live a regular life, enjoy good food, and love yourself.

insist on going to bed early and getting up early, sleep for eight hours, form a virtuous circle of the body, chew every meal attentively, and enjoy the texture and delicacy of the food.

if you have leisure, cook delicious food for yourself and your family, and put your attention and love into the food.

from washing ingredients to meticulous cooking, serving meals.

busy, but leisurely, the mood also becomes bright.


stay curious, keep your innocence

, keep a curiosity, and discover the beauty of life at any time.

you might as well manipulate the gadgets you are interested in. The world is so lovely.

keep some flowers and pets.

No matter how busy the day is, it can blossom and make you feel better.

A sunny afternoon, sitting in the courtroom, clutching flowers and plants, masturbating a lazy siesta cat, leaving busy and boring behind.

A dull life can also be full of creativity and novelty, as well as poetry and distance in dreams.


go out of the house and get close to nature

to see the outside world regularly, increase knowledge and broaden your horizons.

Let yourself pull out from the cubicle, relax and combine work with rest.

go to different cities and feel different cultural amorous feelings;

go to different places to feel the splendor and richness of nature.

to the suburbs, to the seaside, to the ancient town, to the prairie, not too far, as long as you like.

during the journey, feel the nature and surprise, and block out all annoying trivialities.

meditate or meditate, relax yourself completely, and be in a clean and pure world.

Green hills and clear water, the wind blowing bamboo forests, birds singing flowers, thoughts empty, a cool heart.


cultivate interest, fill yourself

have a hobby, your heart will be fuller.

Life will also be more interesting, using your spare time to learn new skills: musical instruments, dance, flower arrangement, baking, craftsmanship, and even a language of interest.

both develop more interests and loveGood, but also can entertain themselves, maintain charm, and add value to themselves.

you can also improve your taste in entertainment: watching art exhibitions, movies, plays, fashion magazines.

immersive and immersive.

these beautiful pictures virtually infiltrate us.