12 habits to make your family sweeter and sweeter

12 habits to make your family sweeter and sweeter
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some families, the longer they spend time together, the sweeter they become.

the seven-year itch of a couple and a place of chicken feathers in the family seem to have nothing to do with them. their home is always so harmonious and warm.

people in such families usually have these 12 good habits, and it is no longer difficult to integrate them into life and a harmonious and loving family atmosphere.


say "thank you"

it is not easy for families to see each other every day and say "thank you" to each other.

when they are kind to you, keep a little gratitude and don't take it for granted. it's not rusty, it's the key to warming up.

Thank you for the glass of boiled water that was already hanging on hand when I came home from work.

Thank you for your lover's whispering comfort when you are sad.

Thank you for cooking, the child warmly came to help.

when they hear your "thank you", they know that you can feel their efforts.

A thank you is warm enough to warm the whole family.


spend 5 minutes every day tidying up

it is hard to imagine that people with clean and tidy appearance make a mess at home, and it is even more difficult to imagine a warm and harmonious home full of untidy and untidy people.

take 5 minutes to clean up your appearance every day, and don't worry about it just because you face your family. The clothes are crumpled, the face is not washed every day, and the hair is in a mess, which makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

change the dirty clothes in time, smooth out the wrinkles in the corners of the clothes, and comb the messy hair neatly, the whole person's state will be different.

No matter how busy you are, you still care about your appearance.

when your family sees you clean and decent, they feel more comfortable.

over time, you get better and better, and the atmosphere at home becomes easier and happier.


Xiao Quexing shares

daily life, which is made up of one small and certain happiness after another.

on my way to work in the morning, I saw the rainbow on the horizon and took pictures of it and sent it to the crowd at home.

order a cup of hot milk tea at noon and chat with my lover when I am happy.

online shopping brushes to the little things I liked when I was a child and sent it to my parents.

the warmth between family members is not the only thing to say when something happens, but to find something lucky and have nothing to say to share happiness.

A small amount of happiness is passed on to your family, and your home will heat up quietly, and you will be in a double good mood.


Bad mood stays outside the door

everyone has sad and depressed times in adulthood, but remember, family is not your punching bag.

when you get criticized by your boss in the company, you get unhappy with your colleagues, and no one can bear to come back and complain to your family.

the family is in a bad mood and quarrels may break out at any time.

emotional contagion is like a nuclear bomb, negative emotions can form a negative energy field and disturb the home.

it's better to adjust your mood before entering the house. When you enter the house, shut out those bad emotions and face your family with a smile.

if you want a warm home, a smile is more useful than anger.


your family posts on Wechat and sees a second reply

whether you admit it or not, the speed of returning Wechat largely hides your attitude towards a person.

as soon as the message from the family is sent, they are silently waiting to see your reply.

and your delay, too lazy to reply, will only make their hot hearts turn cool in an instant.

if you can't see the news in time when you are busy, at least after you see it, move your fingers and take the time to reply and let them know that they are also your most important people.

the so-called fetter of home is only the response of love.


when you are with your child, don't look at your cell phone.

there is a video on Douyin showing dad lying in bed playing with his cell phone and twins fighting at his feet without even looking at it.

No matter how the child struggles and attracts his attention, he doesn't care.

accompany your child, not just by your side. Your attention and love for him is far more important than simple "appearance".

while looking at the mobile phone, while taking care of the child, I actually gave the time to the mobile phone and snubbed the child.

since I don't have time to accompany him at ordinary times, at least pay attention to it when I am free, put down my cell phone, and add some concentration to the companionship at home, so as to make the child feel more warm.


after the couple quarreled, it was said in

the Law of Happy Marriage

under a roof, how can a pot spoon not touch the edge of the pot?

the children's education will be noisy, the care of the elderly will be noisy, and they may not have the same opinion about what to eat three meals a day.

are all trivial matters. Let the other party guess their thoughts. It is not necessary to have a cold war for a few months.

take advantage of the quarrel to explain your bottom line, chat and settle as soon as possible.

the usual fights always go on. Untie the knot as soon as possible, so that the two can be closer.


parents are far away and talk on the phone every week

as an adult, you meet the wider world, lovers, children, careers, jobs, and countless friends.

but you are the only one left in your parents' world.

it is your helplessness that you are too far away from them to meet only during the holidays.

but no matter how busy you are, be sure to call them every week and talk to them.

care aboutTheir health, inquire about their new things, talk about their little days.

you will find that they are full of words, waiting to tell you, but this phone line just connects the love between the two ends.


have a hug before going out

there is a question on Zhihu: what's it like to hug someone you like?

someone said: "the oncoming fragrance paralyzed my body, paralyzed my heart, paralyzed the earth, and stopped rotation."

when you are in love, you often hug. When you become an old husband and wife, you forget how to love and what it feels like to hug.

before going out every day, give a big hug and, as you used to, feel each other's body temperature and breathe gently.

you will remember that he who lives together is not only your relative, but also your lover.

maybe life is doomed to grow old, but your feelings don't need to fade.


washing and cooking share

Love is a two-way trip, not an one-way effort.

A family cannot be complete and warm just because someone does a good job of housework and takes good care of the children.

No matter who is out there who earns more, who has a decent job, and who has to do things at home, two people have to carry it.

after you do the laundry, let your lover cook.

if he has more children, you should clean the room more.

housework is a trivial matter that you can't get around and can't avoid. You don't have to do everything, and don't let it go.

neither of them is so tired, they both have someone to rely on, and there is more sweetness in life.

take responsibility for each other, the family is full of love, and no one will get bored.

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give gifts to each other on important days

repeat the monotonous life, no matter how harmonious it is.

it's not that I don't like it, it's so-called insipid and boring, just because I lack a sense of ritual.

Little Prince

in the boring life, with more conditioning, life will be interesting and not boring.


remember to archive

backstage received such a message:

when bored, when depressed, the most healing is those sweet memories.

A faded postcard, an old photo, screenshots of daily chat, how to look and how warm.

when you are moved, keep a souvenir.

the pictures your child drew for you are stored under the cupboard.

your lover cooks your favorite soup and takes pictures of them.

it's not easy for the whole family to be here. Take a family photo.

every bit of love leaves a mark, and it can be read slowly at some point in the future.

it is said that home is a harbor and a habitat when people are tired. In fact, a warm home depends on warm people.

it is inevitable that the life of ordinary people falls on dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping. Only by paying more attention to home can we have more love and warmth.