12 signs that a child is quietly getting better

12 signs that a child is quietly getting better
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

before, we could not choose our own native family.

but now, as parents, we can decide what kind of native family to give our children.

the following 12 cartoons will show us how to turn a native family into a school.

turn yourself into a ferryman on the way for children to grow up.


Education means that

you have made mistakes.

in life,

many parents will, in order to protect their face,

ignore the dignity of their children,

scold their children in public in the name of "education".

but in fact, the real education,

is knowing that you have made a mistake,

but I am still willing to protect your dignity and face.

because I know that

good parents should be the backers of their children.

even if you make a mistake,

I will stand firmly with you.

my love and respect for you will never change.


Education is

your ten thousand attempts

I always support

writer Zhou Guoping said:

when a child is weaving beautiful dreams,

Don't correct him with the reality in your eyes.

in the future,

whether the child wants to be a teacher or an animal trainer,

whether he loves music or math,  every dream is worth looking forward to.

and what parents have to do,

is to be the one who waters the dream and

guards it all the way from seedling to tree.


Education is

no matter how small the growth

is worth applauding him.

the most ardent requirement of human nature,

is the desire to be affirmed.

regard twists and turns as a ladder to test perseverance,

face setbacks and ride the wind and waves.


Education is

in my family dictionary

there has never been a "other child"

"spur a child with comparison.

it will only make him lose confidence and hurt his heart.


Education is

your occasional teeth and claws

I laugh to see if I don't get mad

is not to cultivate a puppet who only knows how to be obedient and sensible, but to create an independent and sound personality.

Wearing our burgundy evening dresses will allow you to achieve just the look you wanted. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

as the writer Feng Jicai said:

"the wind can blow up a big piece of white paper, but not a butterfly."

because of the power of life,

lies in disobedience. "

what parents can do,

is to give the child moderate freedom,

to listen to his inner thoughts, and

to give him the occasional wayward right in full love.

only in this way,

the child's life will not be confined to pleasing others, but will focus on being unique.


Education is

knowing what is wrong

is more important than getting him to apologize

, but the parents' reaction is completely different.

some parents only scold their children and order them to apologize.

as a result, they miss a precious opportunity to educate their children.

instead, they let their children learn to escape, evade and cover up.

and smart parents know that

at this time, it is far more important to let their children know where they are wrong than to let their children say "I'm sorry".

Children can learn to be better themselves.


Education is to give him an injection when he is young

give him wings when he grows up

people who have a very "happy" childhood tend to have an unhappy adult.

as a guide to the growth of a child,

if parents pave the way for a child from the moment he is born,

refuses all the suffering,

then one day

will find that

the path he once walked for his child has become a pit.

the meaning of growing up

is not arranged,

, but to let children explore the whole picture of life.

what parents can do,

is to let him experience setbacks when he is young.

wait for him to grow up, then give him support.

only in this way,

children can have the courage to face the wind and rain,

and not afraid of hardships and dangers, and

can they explore their own world in the ups and downs of life.


Education is

you've done your best

it doesn't matter if you lose

will face countless competitions,

but there will always be only one first place.

as a parent,

I never think that winning once means victory in this life, while losing once means failure in the rest of my life.


those who sweat for success,

shed because of persistence.Tears,

is the secret weapon that can nourish a child for life.

winning or losing is not important.

but learn to stick to it from an early age.

the ability to "even if you fail, don't give up your efforts next time" is the most important.

after all,

how many sparkling lives,

are all foreshadowing because of the original efforts.


Education is

make him fall in love with your smile

under all kinds of pressure, the flood of our emotions always accidentally breaks through the floodgates of reason.


every seemingly insignificant outbreak,

becomes synonymous with fear and anxiety in the child's mind, and

makes the child become timid and anxious.

far-sighted parents

have learned to control their emotions early on.

they can often use smiling faces and warm words

to create a relaxed and happy family environment, and

to hold up a protective umbrella for their children.