2021 "cancer killer" big data exposed: don't sulk again, you will really die.

2021 "cancer killer" big data exposed: don't sulk again, you will really die.
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have you noticed that all kinds of problems appear when you are a little older?

lighter ones will cause insomnia, headache and tinnitus.

the heavier ones will have breast hyperplasia and ovarian cysts.

even more serious, you will get cancer.

in the newly released big data, breast cancer has become the largest cancer in the world, with an increase of 2.26 million people.

and 19.9% of the world's new breast cancer patients are in China.

this is not alarmism. Some data show that on average, one person is diagnosed with breast cancer every 76 seconds in our country.

many people don't understand how a good person can be attacked by a disease.

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apart from many factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, virus infection or cell mutation, there is also one of the most important reasons-unable to control emotions and always sulking.


people who are always angry have trouble living their lives

have seen an experience shared by a person on the Internet.

she said--

asked why, she said that she had a bad year and was always holding her breath.

the child got angry when he didn't finish his homework.

the husband doesn't come home on time, so he gets angry again.

every time she talks about her family, she gets a stomachache with anger.

at first, as long as she lost her temper, her husband and children would rein in,

but over time, no one would listen to her.

there was nothing she could do, so she had to keep her anger in her heart and hide in the bathroom and cry when no one was there.

in this way, unable to vent emotions rampant in her body, over time, the appearance is getting worse and worse, at the same time, the physical fitness is getting worse and worse.

when she went to the hospital for an examination this year, she was too scared to read the physical examination report.

in the physical examination report, there are 12 items with red light.

in addition, I also got breast cancer. The doctor said it was advanced.

the day she came back from the hospital, she was sick all over.

she dared not think that at the age of 31, she did not achieve much in her career and did not take good care of her family, but her health went wrong first.

the problem caused by anger is not only that she doesn't realize it, but that most people in life ignore it.


the harm of anger is much greater than you think

Xinhua News Agency once published an article listing several doctors' instructions on the harm of anger:

there are more serious. Cardiologists added:

when people are in a state of rage, the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine increases, vasoconstriction or coronary artery spasm.

it is possible to cause angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. In severe cases, it can even cause sudden death.

when I think of my neighbor Aunt Liu, she had a bad temper when she was young and often quarreled with her family.

when I passed by her door, I heard either a quarrel or the sound of pots and pans being thrown to the ground, making the family restless.

this has been going on for a long time. When chatting with us on weekdays, Aunt Liu always said that she had a pain in her chest and was out of breath when she was angry.

one night, the sound of an ambulance was suddenly heard in the yard, pulling Aunt Liu and her family to the hospital.

upon inquiry, I found out that on that day, my husband's hometown relatives came to borrow money and said that the child wanted to marry a wife, but Aunt Liu refused.

the husband can't keep up with face. At night, while Aunt Liu goes out for a square dance,

the husband secretly withdraws 2000 yuan from his family's bank card and hurriedly gives it to his relatives.

when Aunt Liu saw the expenditure information on her mobile phone, she was angry.

she kept scolding her husband for turning his elbow out, saying that he did not regard himself as a human being.

No one thought of it, scolding, Aunt Liu suddenly didn't come up, covered her chest and fainted.

her husband thought she was having a game, but he didn't care much.

later found that something was wrong, immediately called 120 and rushed to the hospital, it was too late.

the doctor said that the cause was myocardial infarction.

who has ever thought that a person died of anger for only 2000 yuan?

all say that emotion is very harmful to the human body, but I didn't expect it to be so great.

when it is serious, it can really kill a person.


it's a pity that too many people fail to pay attention to this matter

, and there are too many things like this in life.

I have seen many people, whose children break their toys and yell at them without saying a word.

I have seen a lot of people whose children break down their toys and yell at them without asking questions.

I have also seen some wives wash their faces with tears all day long because their husbands do not care about home.

and many people yell and scream because they help their children with homework and are so angry that they want to eat quick-acting heart-saving pills.

I have to say that when people reach middle age, there are many endless complaints and difficulties that cannot be overcome.

but think about it, is it useful to yell? Can melancholy solve the problem?

I don't think so.

whether you are angry or suppressed,

will eventually point to only one possibility: if the problem is not solved, your body will be angry first.

in the end, full of grievances and grievances,

is a red light on your body to remind you that it's time to stop messing with yourself.

therefore, you must learn to be kind to your body and don't get angry when something happens.

you know, no matter how turbulent you areThe waves are rough, and the people who are angry with you are as light as ever.

for your body, every anger is an earthquake to your body.

Why bother?


only by controlling your emotions can you solve the problem

so what should you do when you can't help getting angry?

I recall a sentence written by Hu Shi in my Mother: "I have come to understand that the most disgusting thing in the world is an angry face, and the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others." This is worse than beating and scolding. "

the reason why he wrote this sentence is precisely because his two sisters-in-law have a bad temper and are easy to show their faces to their families.

being in it, Hu Shi naturally understands the difficulties.

fortunately, he has a reasonable mother who supports the whole family on her own after his father's death.

she is kind to people. Even if her sister-in-law and her second sister-in-law are no longer at odds with each other, she never dares to scold each other publicly in front of her mother.

her mother turns a blind eye and treats them gently.

when his mother is kind, Hu Shi is gentle.

Mother is tolerant, Hu Shi is magnanimous.

be gentle and magnanimous from within, do not haggle over trivial matters outside, and avoid the possibility of making yourself angry.

at the same time, in addition to controlling your emotions, you should also learn that when things happen: output thoughts rather than emotions on a case-by-case basis.

whether it's because the husband comes home late or the children are disobedient, you can always find a solution to everything.

even if you can't find a solution, you can always find a compromise.

trying to find a solution is more conducive to family stability and harmony than swearing and getting angry.

so, from now on, learn to be pessimistic and look for solutions.

is better for your body and life than just being angry.

Don't wait until something goes wrong to repent.

Don't wait in a hospital bed to repent.

Life is very expensive. Don't be angry about a little thing, spoil your good mood for the day, and don't ruin your happiness for the rest of your life because you can't think about it.

everyone has only one life. Living well and being kind to yourself is more important than anything else.

the rest of your life is long, be less angry, smile more, and remember to be nice to yourself.