2021, New relationship Theory (unique)

2021, New relationship Theory (unique)
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the relationship between people is always extremely complex, and each of us always plays many different roles in our lives.

what do you think of these relationships?

here are the new 7 relationships summarized by netizens, which are too incisive!


it is a working relationship

there is a very classic saying in the ancients:

Open your mobile phone address book, there are thousands of contacts in it. Among these hundreds of people, 70% have been partners at work, and apart from their work content, they can no longer seem to find a topic to communicate with.

while the partners at work are mostly mutual interests, once we leave the circle of interests, there seems to be no reason for us to interact.

the working relationship is broken when it is separated, and never seen again when it is broken.


distance can not be cut off, it is kinship

maybe time and distance can block the emotion between people, but the only thing that can not be cut off is consanguinity.

Family affection will not become stronger because of closeness, nor will it be gradually alienated because of distance.


what comes to mind is to make use of the relationship

there is an old Chinese saying:

there are some people who want you to help themselves when you are prosperous; when you are down and out, he can speak coldly than strangers.

the most taboo thing to get along with others is to take advantage of it.


those who have nothing to eat are friends

teacher Chen Guo said:

"the reason why people make friends is to give and love, why are they willing to love? Because this person makes you feel a sense of tacit understanding that you have never had before.

he is not your relative and is not related by blood, but you have a spiritual understanding with him. Because of his existence, you are no longer lonely, no longer lonely in this world. "

Yes, a friend is someone who has nothing to do and can be contacted at any time.

remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who protect you from foreign things, those who hold you silently in the dark, people who make you laugh, people who chat with you all night, people who come to see you by car, people who say they miss you.

it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, and it is these warmth that keep you away from the haze.


it is the mother-son relationship that pays for nothing in return.

one night, I was preparing dinner.

my 10-year-old son went into the kitchen and handed me a piece of paper. I wiped my hands on the apron and looked at it carefully. It read:

mow the grass, 5 yuan;

go to the store, 5 yuan;

you go shopping, I take care of my little brother, 2.5 yuan;

garbage, 1 yuan;

got an excellent report card, 5 yuan

and cleaning the yard, 2 yuan.

watching him stand there expectantly, thousands of memories flashed through my mind.

I took the piece of paper, turned it to the back, and wrote on it:

pregnant with you for 9 months, free;

stay up late for you and ask a doctor to see you for free;

all the time spent on you over the years, for the tears you have shed, and everything you have paid to raise you is free;

worry about you day and night, and worry about you for free in the future.

give you advice and teach you knowledge, for you to go to school, free;

buy you toys, food, clothes, free;

son, when you add them all up, all the love your mother gives is free.

after reading it, my son's eyes filled with big tears.

he looked at me and said, "Mom, thank you for everything. I really love you."... "

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the account of "maternal love" cannot be calculated and repaid by anyone!


the relationship between husband and wife is the relationship between husband and wife.

No matter how much money is, as long as the husband and wife are harmonious, talk and laugh, and respect each other as guests.

if home is warm, crude tea and light food is also sweet; if home is cold, delicacies are also difficult to swallow.

what are you bustling about for? Isn't it just for peace and joy?

Family lies not in wealth, but in harmony; life lies not in complexity, but in simplicity; happiness lies not in tomorrow, but in the present.

husband and wife live on the word "love"!


those who often send Wechat to each other are quite unusual friends who have a good relationship

, so they often talk about Wechat.

how many people know that they often ask you on Wechat: "have you eaten yet?" "it's raining today. Do you have an umbrella?" People, in fact, there is really nothing important to talk about, just care about you, want to talk to you just.

those who often ask you to take the time to meet are not really idle, but want to see you. People always get lonelier and lonelier as they grow up, and the more they grow up, the more they can't find someone to chat with at any time.

after all, the pace of life is so fast now, and everyone is busy working and studying, so it is rare to post Wechat often.

it happens all the time. There are hundreds of Wechat contacts, but when you are sad and helpless, you still can't find anyone to talk to.

when you are happy and excited, you can't find a person who applauds you at any time.

if you meet someone who often talks to you about Wechat, please cherish him and don't lose him, not because he is too idle, but because you are more important than anything else.

this person must care a lot.You, will seriously reply to your every message, respond to your every kind of joys and sorrows, even if it is just nonsense, can also have a good chat.