3-7-0, this is life

3-7-0, this is life
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there is a saying in A Dream of Red Mansions: "when the moon is full, it loses, and when the water is full, it overflows."

too much is not as good as too much.

if everything goes too far, the loss will easily outweigh the gain.

Life is like tasting tea, pour seven points into fullness, and keep one-third of the favor.

if you compare 0 to the fulfillment of life, three and seven are the right two rulers.

3-7-0, this is life.


three points are shrewd and seven points are kind

Zheng Banqiao said, "try to see what the world is going to do. if you ever plan to get a little bit from others, it's really your own ear!"

getting along with others is not as smart as being kind.

A generous person may suffer some losses, but it is precisely this attitude that makes others happy to associate with them.

it seems silly, but it's actually a smart move.

Zeng Guofan was not only a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, but also a model of kindness.

as an official, Zeng Guofan never took advantage of his subordinates' interests, but took the initiative to give them to others. In 1860, Zeng Guofan, together with Hu Linyi, commander of the Hunan Army, defeated the army of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and captured Anqing City. This was a great opportunity for meritorious service, but Zeng Guofan did not ask the court for credit for himself, but gave credit to Hu Linyi. Hu Linyi was therefore appointed governor of Hubei.

Shen Baozhen, once an unknown official, was recommended by Zeng Guofan to become governor of Jiangxi. However, due to the deduction of military pay and the embarrassment of Zeng Guofan, the generals and soldiers were dissatisfied and demanded the impeachment of this ungrateful man.

Zeng Guofan, however, appeared calm and advised the generals of the Hunan army not to embarrass Shen Baozhen.

Shen Baozhen was moved by Zeng Guofan's magnanimity, so he worked more diligently for the people, and he became an important minister in the late Qing Dynasty.

Zeng Guofan did not take credit and was kind to others, which won him a lot of respect and honor. There are more and more talented people who follow him.

I have seen such a sentence on the Internet:

in the words of Zeng Guofan, "the body is like the town of the tripod."

shrewd calculation can make people profit for a while, but kindness can make people enjoy a lifetime.

as the saying goes, "shrewdness is not as good as honesty."

the highest state of shrewdness is kindness.


three points, seven points

there is always something to give up in life.

as a saying goes, "A big house is big, a small one is small, and you don't want to give up."

Don't worry about what you lose, don't be happy when you get it, and it's also an attitude towards life.

Lu Yizhen, an entrepreneur in Guangxi, went back to his hometown to grow bananas after graduating from junior high school. The varieties he planted are no different from other banana farmers.

but to the surprise of other banana farmers, his bananas always ripen a month ahead of schedule, dominate the market, and always fetch a good price.

after some understanding, the fruit growers found that Lu Yizhen cut off the "laggard" when the banana began to hang the fruit.

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generally speaking, there are 11 to 12 bananas in a bunch, but Lu Yizhen only retains seven or eight high-quality bananas in each bunch, and the rest are cut off painfully. This is the "secret" of his bananas, which went on sale a month earlier than others.

while others are still waiting for the bananas to ripen, his bananas have already begun to harvest.

and his bananas are symmetrical, sturdy and plump, and can always occupy the market ahead of time.

Lu Yizhen painstakingly cut off the banana, which seemed to be a "giving up", but let him take the lead and win the market.

as the saying goes, "if you lose, you gain."

"give up" is because, "get" is the result, learn to "give up" properly, but can get some unexpected surprises.

Life is always accompanied by gains and losses.

We must think twice about the dilemma between gain and loss.

if you give up properly, you will reap the happiness of "getting".


three points of expectation, seven points of relief

Socrates said: "only hope a little, can approach the highest happiness."

when you are full of expectations and can not get what you want, you will be miserable. It is wise to learn to let go.

my colleague came to my friend and said, "I have a down payment of 50,000 yuan short of buying a house. I want to borrow 50,000 from you and pay you back within six months."

unexpectedly, my friend said to him with a straight face, "I'm really sorry, but I'm thinking of changing rooms, too."

my colleague was helpless and left disappointed.

the higher the expectation of others, the greater the disappointment, because not every time you ask, others will be satisfied.

Life does not have so many wishes, calmly accept any result, the heart can be calm and calm.

Stockdale, the protagonist of another story, is much more comfortable because he lowers his expectations.

Stockdale is a United States admiral who was captured during the Vietnam War and lived in prison for eight years. Many of the officers imprisoned with him died, but he survived.

writer Collins interviewed him and asked: "A lot of people died. How did you survive?"

Stockdale said: "I survived because I didn't expect much for the future. They died because they expected too much for the future."

they feel that Christmas can be released, but they don't; they expect Easter to be released, but they don't. They feel grateful for energy conservation, but they still don't. "

disappointment after disappointment became the last straw to overwhelm other officers.In the end, they had a nervous breakdown and hastened death.

in life, we often have high expectations of someone or something, and when we fail to achieve it, we will be depressed.

A lot of troubles in life are affected by high expectations of things.

reduce expectations, learn to let go, bitter life will become sweet.

Xi Zhe has a good saying: "keep expectations to a minimum, all encounters are gifts."

when you don't expect it, you will find that life is full of surprises.


A good life is all about "Panax notoginseng"

all things are full, and all things are short.

grasp the right degree in order not to be trapped in the heart and not to be burdened by external objects.

you can only get lucky if you give up three points and get seven points.

three points of shrewdness and seven points of kindness can form a wide range of good relationships.

three points of expectation, seven points of relief, can feel happiness.

We can't control others, but we can manage ourselves.

A good life is all about "Sanqi".