33 hidden rules to improve people's ability to deal with the world (2021 must-see version)

33 hidden rules to improve people's ability to deal with the world (2021 must-see version)
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Don't spend favors on things that can be solved with money.

take advantage of petty gains and suffer big losses. Free things are the most expensive.


do not belittle your origin or belittle your family conditions outside.

excessive self-deprecation will not make people respect you, but will look down on you.

it is better to be looked down upon than to be looked down upon.


praise is the fastest way to get closer to each other.

there are ways to praise at the same time, be sincere and specific, and focus on the details of the other person.

comments such as "you have nice eyes" and "I like your clothes today".


appearance and dress are very important, not necessarily good-looking, but must be clean and tidy.

although the inside is important, most people don't have a lot of time to identify what's inside of you.

you have actually been graded for the way you dress.


No one wants to be friends with people with negative energy all over the body.

Don't let yourself be full of negative energy, and don't let yourself stay in a circle full of negative energy.

talk about negative energy once or twice, don't cry every day.

negative energy is contagious, consuming yourself as well as others.


when you have some achievements or gains, never show off in front of others.

apart from your family, few people can really be happy for you, and more people are jealous.

most people just want to see that you are not as good as them. This is called human nature.


in a relationship, there are ideas to be said, don't wait for the other person to understand.

No one is a worm in your stomach and knows you 100%.

if you don't say it, no one knows what you want.


how much you can do and how much you can do.

Don't accept things beyond your ability casually. If you do well, you may not be rewarded.

but if you don't do well, you will be blamed for being thankless.


No matter how close people are, they should also maintain a certain sense of distance.

know how to measure and think about things from each other's point of view.

know how to advance, know how to retreat, give each other some personal space, and the relationship will last long.


inappropriate jokes are not funny.

only jokes that others find funny are jokes.

as long as others don't think it's funny, it's offensive.


the essence of interpersonal communication is value exchange.

you must know how to come and go, and don't blindly accept the kindness of others without giving back.

No one is so great that he doesn't care about the ratio of pay to reward.

feelings that do not respond will eventually make the other person have a hard time.


in the adult world, emotional alienation is a very normal thing.

separate from each other. Don't ask why and embarrass each other.

put it down is the best solution.


Don't swear, it's not true temperament, it's uneducated.

if it has become a mantra, be sure to force yourself to quit.


No matter how good the relationship is, don't meddle in other people's family affairs.

every family has its own difficulties, everyone has its own songs that are difficult to sing, and life is never clear.

Family chores are family chores, and if you get involved, you are asking for trouble.


No one really likes to listen to criticism and opinions, and sometimes it's just polite to ask you for comments and advice.

people like to listen to flattery and others praise themselves.


never know a person through someone else's mouth.

what comes out of other people's mouths is not necessarily true;

what other people see is not necessarily all.


learning to shut up is the beginning of all happiness.

speaking is an instinct, shut up, is a kind of self-cultivation.

the right way is to say too much, to cause trouble, and to say less and do more.


pay attention to the birthdays of family and friends on your mobile calendar, and set reminders.

on a special day, sending a birthday wish will move people for a long time.


Don't tell a third person what other people say to you.

when you can't keep your mouth shut, you betray your feelings with each other.

once trust is broken, it can never be restored.


it is best not to have money relations with colleagues and friends.

I have no choice but to borrow money.

be sure to state when to pay back the money and pay it back on time.


among friends and colleagues, it is your duty to help, and it is your duty not to help.

Don't take others' kindness to you for granted.

Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone.


give yourself a buffer time by doing everything 10 minutes earlier.

so as not to lose things, and be able to face unexpected situations calmly.

make a good impression and give yourself plenty of sense of security.


when talking to others, look them in the eyes and show respect.

if you are not used to it, you can look at the other person's nose.


men who respect women's feelings really score a lot.

for example, when you support a girl, you hold the other person's wrist instead of the palm.

keep a gentleman's hand when you are very close. This is not only to respect women, but also to protect themselves.


do not lie and do not exaggerate the facts, which is the foundation of being a man.

Our long sleeve short formal dresses are designed to wow even the random onlooker. Effortless to use and amazing value too.

if you tell one lie, you need countless lies to come true.

and as long as it is a lie, it will be exposed one day.


stay away from the person who advises you to be generous in everything.

there is no real empathy in this world. If the needle is not stuck on them, I don't know how painful it is.

people who don't hurt to stand up and talk don't understand you at all and don't have to know each other deeply.


when you receive a reply, it is a kind of respect and a sign of reliability.

there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.


No matter how much you hate someone, don't be too obvious.

A mature person should be able to control his emotions.

like and dislike are in your heart, don't write on your face, it's no good to make enemies for yourself.


Don't please others against your will. Some circles don't belong to you after all.

in all relationships, the most important role is yourself.

only when you are good, others will approach you.


Don't spend too much time with your friends. It's always right to keep a polite distance.

form a habit and learn to avoid suspicion.

to cherish others' feathers is to cherish your own feathers.


not taking the initiative is the answer, and no response is tantamount to rejection.

No one in the world is too busy to reply to your messages all day.

there is no answer, it is the answer.


remember other people's names and write them right.

how do you feel when someone can kindly call your name and greet you soon after they know you?

I must be very happy. I feel that if I am valued, I will feel better.

remembering names and writing the right names is the cheapest social investment.


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