5 good habits, enrich yourself (good in depth)

5 good habits, enrich yourself (good in depth)
Good morning, accompany you to read.

time is like quicksand, inadvertently, half of life has passed.

the second half of life is about health and happiness. Learn to enrich yourself.

Sanmao said, "if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come."

from now on, develop five good habits to make your body healthy, your soul rich, and your life better.



Life is endless and exercise is the best way to enrich your body.

there is no difference between people who exercise and those who do not exercise in a short time.

but after months, years, or even decades, you can find that the shaping of the body is completely different.

people who persist in exercise are healthy, energetic and have the strength to live a good life.

Bing Xin, known as the "old man of the century", was weak and sickly when he was young, so he paid special attention to his health.

she has good exercise habits, likes walking on weekdays, and often goes hiking.

even in her old age, she still exercises regularly to suit her situation, and at the age of 85, Bing Xin even had the strength to write her own long memoirs.

in the final analysis, health always comes first when people are alive.

and regular exercise is most helpful for you to relieve physical fatigue, release psychological stress and prolong life.

so, from now on, exercising three or four times a week is the best gift you can give for the rest of your life.


resting mind

there is a saying in Daojing: "heavy is light root, static is irritable monarch."

there are all kinds of troubles in the world, and only by being quiet can you be impatient and nourish your heart.

stillness is not only the temptation to dilute the fame and gain of the outside world, but also a good way to enrich the inner world.

No matter how noisy the outside world is, when you calm down, you raise a pure land for your impetuous mind.

Chen Daoming became famous overnight after starring in Fortress besieged, and he was once caught up in the fame of Vanity Fair.

after visiting Qian Zhongshu's home, he found that thousands of flashy water is far deeper than still water.

he began to like a quiet life: a person copying poems and writing at home, playing the piano by the window, and quietly reading in a chair.

he keeps a low profile, is humble, and is a clear stream in the entertainment industry: meditation, nourishing the heart.

as the old saying goes, there is no clear mind without indifference, and no distance without serenity.

the mind is calm, sober, no longer working blindly, and living thoroughly and freely.


cultivate good fortune

"Guanzi" says: "those who are good are also good."

the good things in this world are all interlinked. To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.

it is also said that if a person is too kind, it is easy to lose.

but in fact, kind-hearted people will not suffer at all, and blessings will come uninvited.

do you remember the story of Dr. Tao Yong and Ms. Tian?

when Tao Yong was out of the clinic, he was chased by a ferocious gangster with a knife. Ms. Tian was desperate to block a fatal knife and saved his life.

because before, when Ms. Tian took her daughter to Beijing for medical consultation, she received enthusiastic assistance from Tao Yong, which reduced her family's financial burden.

there is a saying in Tan Jing: "all Fukuda, do not leave the square inch."

the blessings of those who do good deeds are like the grass in the spring garden, which does not increase, but grows with each passing day.

so, those who can help, give them a hand, those who can help, give them a hand.

Don't give up doing good, even if it's not important, don't do bad things, even if it's inconspicuous, God will favor you.


keep wealth by diligence

there is an old Chinese saying: "get rich through hard work."

as long as a family is diligent and knows how to be thrifty, life will not be too bad;

as long as a person is industrious and has the courage to fight against laziness, he will always rise to prominence.

on the other hand, if you muddle along every day, every laziness you steal is a hole for the future.

once read a story.

there are two horses pulling goods for their owners together. One horse walks very slowly, while the other walks fast.

in order to hurry, the owner put all his goods on the fast horse.

the horse behind him was secretly happy: "it's stupid. The more you work, the faster you suffer."

after arriving at the destination, the owner thought, "one horse can pull the goods. What's the use of two?"

so the slow horse was sent to the slaughterhouse.

there are many such people in their lives who are complacent when they are lazy, but do not realize that they are the ones who will harm them in the end.

the true wise men are all hard-working people, because no pains, no gains.

over time, every effort you make will make your ability grow, and your family business will prosper.

maybe it's not easy to achieve these five good habits.

but please always remember to enrich yourself and always move forward in order to have a better life.

May we live up to our expectations, live up to our years, enrich the background of life, and live up to our expectations.


the poet Byron said: "although the pessimist lives to death, the optimist lives forever."

A positive and optimistic attitude is the greatest secret of longevity.

Life is an arduous journey, dejection is useless, and you will only be in a state of panic.

take good care of the mood, there is a smile in the corners of the mouth, the heart is sunny, there is light and distance.

Yan Youyun, a socialite from old Shanghai, sheHe has experienced a lot of turbulence in his life, but he is always optimistic and cheerful, and has turned his ordinary life into a poem.

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while in the Philippines, her diplomat husband, Yang Guangyi, was secretly killed by the Japanese army.

Yan Youyun, who knows nothing about everything, has three children and no relatives in a foreign country.

without hearing from her husband, she was frightened, but instead of despair, she opened up a vegetable garden with other family members, raised chickens and pigs, and lived optimistically.

sometimes he plays the piano and sings, which is inspiring and makes people forget their fear of war.

as she said, "things could have been worse." it's better to face it positively.

it is this that has made her a legendary life for 112 years.

Feng Zikai said, "since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice."

stop frowning, smile more, face life positively and optimistically, and you will win.