5 things to add value to yourself (good text in depth)

5 things to add value to yourself (good text in depth)
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there is a popular post on the Internet: do you have any reason why it is too late to meet each other? would you like to recommend it to young people?

A highly praised answer goes like this: "from now on, do something that adds value to yourself."

study hard is like a seedling rising in spring. If you don't see its growth, you will grow with each passing day. Dropping out of school is like a stone sharpening your knife. If you don't see its loss, you will lose every day.

the gap between people seems to be very large, but what opens the gap is often a small accumulation day after day.

only those who understand self-appreciation, continuous learning and lifelong growth can always be in an invincible position in the tide of the times.


Reading value-added  Charlie Munger, a famous investor, once said:

Reading is the best way to awaken oneself and increase wisdom.

one more knowledge, one more ability, one more knowledge, one more confidence.

the famous host Bai Yansong once mentioned in a speech that in different stages of life, books that had a great influence on him:

Biography of Zeng Guofan taught him to understand the complexity of human nature, the Book of morality made him aware of the importance of common sense and laws, and A Dream of Red Mansions made him understand the ups and downs and ups and downs of life.

he once said:

"you will encounter a lot of troubles, and suffering will torture people."

Busylooking for a piece of mother of the bride dresses for outdoor wedding to flaunt your sexuality? The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

but if you read too many books and read wisdom, you can always face all kinds of sudden sufferings well and correctly. "

when confused, the book is a shield to help you resist the temptation of impetuous.

when you are sleepy, books are a tool to help you better answer questions.

when you are depressed, books are a weapon to help you resist hardships and frustrations.

the height of a person's life is the thickness of the books under his feet.

every book you read is an inner buildup that helps you better cope with the storms in your life.


exercise value-added

Zhihu has a question: what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

there is a very gripping answer: "Health, the original organ, no matter which one is broken, is enough to ruin everything."

A healthy body is the biggest card for a person to live.

Buffett, the god of stock, was once worried about his health because he was keen on high-calorie food and did not like to exercise.

on the advice of his doctor and fitness instructor, the 64-year-old began to run every day, and his body gradually returned to normal day after day, year after year.

later he said in an interview:

"if I give you a car, and it is the only car in your life, you will take care of it in every way, and you will quickly fix any glitch."

this is especially true for our only brain and body. Don't wait until you're 50 to start maintenance. If you don't plan ahead, your body will be useless when you get old. "

there is a saying: "Health is a hollow glass ball, which will be shattered once it falls."

from now on, use exercise to add value to your health.

know that every drop of sweat in the gym and every minute of running in the morning will live up to you.


habit appreciation

William James once said, "our lives are but the sum of countless habits."

your words and deeds, your every move, are constantly repeating into your life style and attitude.

Google engineer Matt Katz mentioned a "30-day challenge plan" in a TED speech.

he stipulates that he accomplishes four tasks every day:

go to work by bike; walk 10,000 steps every day; take a picture every day; and write an autobiography of 50,000 words.

overcome four habits:

Don't watch TV; don't eat sugar; don't play Twitter; reject caffeine.

30 days later, he not only succeeded in losing weight, but also more optimistic and progressive than ever.

he finally mentioned that you will thank yourself after 30 days for doing those small, continuous challenges.

Aristotle once said:

habit is a compound interest.

good habits, which can be worn by dripping stones, make you better and better over time.

instead of expecting, the so-called great change in life.

it's better to build good habits one after another that seem small from now on.

make a little progress every day, and slowly you can become a better self.


time increment

the only fairest thing in the world is time.

No matter who you are, every day you live has 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds.

how a person lives a day, he will have what kind of life.

Fu Seoul, the champion of the seventh season, was asked by the director when he signed up for the show, what are your advantages and why are you here?

at that time, her answer was: "my characteristic is ordinary."

it is true that before becoming famous, she was living the life of an ordinary person, getting married and having children, and her life was as calm as water.

but she always had a dream of becoming a writer, so after work every day, she used her spare time to read books, write blogs and contribute to magazines day and night. Finally, after ten years of persistence, she became famous by debate.

how you spend your time determines what kind of life you will live.

as Einstein once said:

"the difference between people is that they produce people in their spare time."Just, produce slackers, alcoholics, card fans, gamblers. As a result, there is not only a difference in work performance, but also a distinction between high and low levels of life. "

the same hour is used to watch the play or review, but the results are different.

the same month, playing games or memorizing words, the results are not the same.

the same year, dawdle along or strive for progress, the gap is not the same.

never waste your time and don't muddle through your life.

when you make your time meaningful, your life has meaning.


Network value-added

there is a saying: "in essence, it is a kind of exchange of value."

the so-called "network value-added" is not how many people you want to know, but how many people you want to know. When

has no value in itself, there is no so-called network.

in a job search program "it must be you", a post-90s guy who graduated from a technical secondary school, usually with a salary of 2,000 to 3,000 yuan, was preoccupied with applying for a job as a public relations assistant to the president.

when the boss and CEO at the scene ask him what are his advantages? He says he is well-connected, such as Dong Minzhu, who knows Gree, and Yu Minhong, who is from New Oriental.

at that time, the host asked curiously, how did he meet?

he said proudly that it was the contact information given to him by the other party on his own initiative in an enterprise association.

as a result, everyone at the scene questioned that these celebrities were politely giving business cards, but they didn't really want to make friends with him.

in order to prove himself, he even offered to call two people at the scene, but there was no answer at all.

contacts do not rely on flattery, they attract each other.

the world of adults depends on their strength.

you are your best network and your biggest card.

when you don't have excellent skills, no matter how good you know, you won't get real recognition and support.

but when you are outstanding or good enough, even if you don't make friends and clings, contacts will come uninvited.

instead of spending time and energy on useless social activities, learn to strengthen yourself.

when you are useful, your contacts are useful.

when you are valuable, your contacts are valuable.

when you are valuable, your contacts are valuable.

there is a question in the fable of ancient Greece: can a coin make a person rich?

maybe your answer is no, but what if you add one, add another, or even add one every day?

the gap between people is often not suddenly opened, but is gradually opened in a year, a month, and a day.

click on it and add value to yourself from now on.

rope saw wood is broken, water drops wear through stone, day after day, rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.