A family has a quiet spirit, and a person has a blessing.

A family has a quiet spirit, and a person has a blessing.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

take stillness in trouble and make money in stillness.

A person's best state is to be in no hurry, neither humble nor arrogant.

at the turn of autumn and winter, the wind is cold.

at the end of the year, say goodbye to the past and be yourself quietly.


quiet, nourishing Guiqi

heart has thunder, life is like a quiet lake.

the more things you experience, the more calm you feel.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Sima Yi led 150000 troops to the Xicheng where Zhuge Liang was located.

at this time, there was no general support around Zhuge Liang, only 2500 soldiers were on guard.

in the critical situation, everyone had already panicked, and Zhuge Liang climbed the city tower.

he looked at the distance quietly and said, "I have a way to get Sima Yi to withdraw."

Zhuge Liang ordered the soldiers to open the gate and sit in the tower, dressed in splendid clothes, burning incense and playing the piano, and singing loudly.

Sima Yi went downstairs and saw that he was so calm that he dared not attack, so he retreated.

there is a saying in the university:


A resourceful person is calm and hidden.

static braking, outnumbering, and finally overcoming the danger.

the real momentum is not the hustle and bustle of gongs and drums, but the face of a great enemy.


quiet, nourishing happiness

the ancients said:

"the mind is happy, and the spirit is happy."

colleague Xiao Frost is just the receptionist of a company, responsible for express delivery and sorting out sundries.

on one occasion, the project team was understaffed, so Xiaoshuang was asked to help sort out media materials.

Xiao Shuang stayed up all night, made a very complete form and gave it to the leader.

later, the leader brought Xiao Shuang into the business group and asked her to participate in the implementation of all projects.

at every meeting, Xiaoshuang sits in the corner, keeping her head down and taking over all the tasks.

five years later, many colleagues have resigned, but Xiaoshuang has become the deputy director of the company.

how far a man can go depends not on his appearance, but on his patience.

as the saying goes, calm down, calm down, and do great things.

"there is stillness in every great event, and there is no ancient sage if you don't believe in it."

stillness means getting rid of impetuosity and seeing the essence clearly.

the tortoise is slow, but it can reach its destination faster than the impatient rabbit.

A quiet person who is seldom impulsive, often thinks, and moves firmly toward his goal.


for a while, I often went to a restaurant to eat.

this restaurant is owned by a couple. The area is small and the business is booming.

every time I go to the store, I feel the environment is quiet and clean, and the table is polished.

the landlady is the cook, the boss is responsible for receiving the guests, does not hire a waiter, and does everything himself.

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both of them are calm and not impatient in their work.

later learned that the boss used to be an executive of a big company, but because he was tired of working, he opened a restaurant with his wife, and his income was higher than before.

some things in life are strange.

you are crying about what you want, but you can't get it.

when you let go of your obsession and do it quietly, you can reap a windfall.

"the pure mind is the Tao, and retrogression is forward."

the rest of my life is short. If you work silently, you will have your own harvest.


Hong Yingming said in the Ming Dynasty: "if the heart is peaceful, Baifu gathers itself."

in the earthly world, it is hard to avoid troubles. And your state of mind can change the direction of the matter.

Don't indulge your emotions, don't insist on the results, and stick to your original mind while carrying weight.

quiet, nourish your qi;

calm, make money.

May we all be like a big tree, quietly rooting down our roots and laying the strongest foundation for life.