A kind-hearted ballad

A kind-hearted ballad
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Sunrise, East China Sea and West Mountain,

sunrise in the East China Sea and setting in the West.

Life lasts no more than 30,000 days. If you are angry for one minute, you will lose 60 seconds of happiness.

the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day, and the world will work as usual without anyone, so why should we mess with ourselves?

look at everything a little bit, worry less, don't worry about it, and live a happy life naturally.


when something happens, you don't get to the point.

people are comfortable, and their hearts are at ease.

Life is most afraid of being serious. Once you get to the point, your mind will be limited, which will only add annoyance to yourself and others.

everything is going to win or lose, and if you fight for right or wrong, life is simply too tiring.

treat people and let nature take its course, there must be a way out, jump out of limitations, and learn to look at problems with wise eyes.


receive pension money every month.

like more and less.

Wealth is more or less, and life does not bring death with it. Spending money on something meaningful is the key.

buy the books you like, see the scenery you yearn for, and make selfless donations in the face of disasters, so that every penny you spend makes sense.

wealth is always limited, but the value of life can be infinite. More money, less money, rational use, can make it a priceless treasure.


less meat and more vegetarian meals,

thick and sweet, thin and sweet.

coarse grains can nourish the stomach, and fine grains can promote absorption. Pay attention to health on diet, less oil and less fishy, more healthy to the body!

after half a lifetime, I have seen everything, and no matter what I eat, my life will become sweeter and sweeter.

Life is very simple. Eat well, sleep well and be a simple person. Everything will be fine.


do not pick old and new clothes,

keep out the cold and keep out the cold.

clothes, no matter whether new or old are good or bad, as long as they are comfortable and can keep out the cold, it is not necessary to pursue famous brands.

if you blindly pursue material life such as luxury and famous brands, you will eventually become a slave to material life.

as long as you live as you please, you must not be held back by material desires. Life is not an exhibition hall, and you don't need to shine all the time.


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often chat with bosom friends,

Gu also talk, today also talk.

it is rare to have a bosom friend in life. Meeting, meeting, knowing and cherishing each other are all great fate.

what a happy thing it is to have someone to chat with you, to talk to you, to share your happiness and happiness, and to share your sadness and sadness.

No matter how busy your life is, remember to keep in touch with your bosom friends and send greetings and care from time to time, so that the relationship can be kept fresh forever.



after half a lifetime, it's time to enjoy it properly, and the children will enjoy the happiness of their families. Both boys and girls are the hope of future generations.

be a kind-looking elder, set an example, promote family harmony, and spend every day in laughter.

always feel that happiness is hard to get, but in fact it is hidden in the simplest little things in our lives.


the whole family, young and old, comfort each other.

the poor are at peace and the rich are at peace.

as the old saying goes, "A golden nest and a silver nest is not as good as your own kennel."

No matter rich or poor, no matter how difficult it is, the best way to rely on is for a family to be together, in the same boat and hand in hand.

Home is always the harbor of our hearts. No matter how much grievances you suffer outside, you can be cured when you get home.


morning and evening exercise,

busy is also optimistic, leisure is also optimistic.

the older we are, the more we can realize the importance of health to us. The correct rule of life is to combine work with rest and steal leisure from work.

it is a blessing to be busy after retirement. If you have something to do, you will have a direction. Don't be flustered when you are free, have a good rest and relax.

it is normal to be busy or idle for the rest of your life. Facing life optimistically and living every day positively, simplicity is the most true!


the mind is relaxed and healthy, and

is not an immortal, but better than an immortal.

Wine and coffee, accompanied by good book friends, are indeed not immortals, but better than immortals.

there is still a long way to go. Only a heart as wide as the sea can accommodate thousands of blessings, and only a healthy body can firmly go far away.

it is an extremely lucky thing to be able to spend the rest of our lives. May all our lives go smoothly, and may we be happy for the rest of our lives.