A person's best self-cultivation: do not enjoy the blessings, do not do things, do not say full words.

A person's best self-cultivation: do not enjoy the blessings, do not do things, do not say full words.
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there is a saying in the ancients: "do not do everything, do not say all, do not enjoy the blessings." Everything in endless places means the longest. "

when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon gains, it loses.

all things have a certain degree, and only by knowing how to converge can we have no disadvantage.

leaving leeway in everything is a person's best self-cultivation.


there was an official in the Tang Dynasty, Zheng Huan, who once served as Henan Yin.

one day, his grandnephew called and asked him to recommend a job.

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in the Tang Dynasty, officials could recommend talents, while Zheng Huan was incorruptible and often promoted talents.

when Zheng Huan saw his nephew and grandson coming from the countryside and living a poor life, he promised to arrange a job for him.

in the evening, Zheng Huan entertained his nephew and grandson at home with a hearty meal, including a plate of pies.

when eating the pie, my grandnephew peeled off the crust, threw it aside, and ate only the filling inside.

Zheng Huan couldn't help getting angry when he saw this behavior: "the skin and stuffing are all food. I thought you were someone who had experienced a hard life and could understand the hardships of the peasants, so I agreed to recommend you. Who knows that you are so wasteful, it is really not worth employing. "

Zheng Huan took the crust that his nephew and grandson didn't want and ate it himself. Finally, Zheng Huan sent his nephew and grandson back to his hometown without recommending any jobs.

there is a saying: for every food, it is difficult to harvest, and for every garment, it is hard to weave.

We often feel that life is not satisfactory, but for many people, it is enough to have enough to eat and wear.

blessings are not sought, but hidden in everyone's words and deeds.

if you are extravagant and do not understand the sufferings of others, even if you are rich, you will eventually decline.

Zeng Guofan taught his children in his family letters: "the children of the family live in food and clothing, all of them are the same as the poor scholars, and they can become an atmosphere. If you stick to your habits, you can't expect to succeed. Constant thrift and simple style is also the way to cherish blessings. "

only when one is alive, one cannot enjoy all the blessings before one can have residual virtue.


never do anything

as the saying goes, "be angry for three moments and wait for three days."

there are three taboos in doing things: throwing stones at the bottom of a well, chasing after them, and bullying the good and being afraid of evil.

not long ago, a security guard in Guangzhou stabbed a Mercedes-Benz owner with a knife, causing a heated discussion.

in the video, the woman hugs her husband and cries, while the security guard says, "is there a Mercedes-Benz?"

We don't know what happened between the security guard and the driver, but an impulse destroyed two families.

No matter when and where, don't push people into a corner, don't make things desperate.

Professor Li Meijin has analyzed the state of "extreme psychology": no matter who you conflict with, you have to turn your head and walk away after arguing for three to five sentences.

first of all, because we have already quarreled for three or five words, we can't explain this matter clearly, so don't fight up and down any more.

second: in an argument, it is bound to be angry with each other, emotions have excited the brain region, and then stimulate the speech, the brain suddenly buzz, people instantly "crazy", thus going to extremes.

A person is a real master if he can click so far.

the more angry you are, the more you have to endure for three moments, and the more impatient you are, the more you need to calm down.

keep the green mountains alive, not afraid of firewood.

as long as things don't come to a dead end, there is always a way out in the future.

Adult self-discipline is to learn to take a step back, not to let things get out of control, not to let emotions get out of control.


host Venus asked: "is it caused by the outside world that you two broke up?"

Dawn wondered, "which one do you say?"

Venus directly pointed out: "Shu Qi." How good-looking you were at that time, and how long have you been in love? "

when this program was broadcast, Shu Qi had already announced that she was married to Feng Delun.

and Dawn is sure to get a lot of attention when he talks about his relationship with Shu Qi.

at the scene of the program, everyone is waiting for his response.

Liming paused and replied:

"I came to Sister Jin's program for an interview, and this question must be asked by Sister Jin, because she represents what the audience wants to know, and it is very reasonable. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm the client, and I can't talk about it anymore. He is already married, and it is not appropriate to continue the discussion either way. "

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this paragraph is said at a very high level. Dawn not only thinks from the point of view of Venus, but also does not show anger directly, but also appropriately expresses his worries.

the words are not full, which is not only a kind of high EQ, but also a sense of division: do not tear the face, do not entangle to the end, not aggressive.

whether you are relatives, friends or colleagues, you have to think of each other before you speak, so that the relationship can go long.

in the five methods of dealing with others, it is said: "if you know a person, you don't have to say everything, but if you do, you don't have a friend; you don't have to be harsh, and if you do, you are far away."

there are many books on the market that teach people to speak. Whether we have learned it or not, as long as we start to pay attention to our words, it will be half the success.

everyone's habit of speaking determines the fate of his life. May we all be cautious in our words and deeds.

"there is no room for words, there is room for things not to be done, there is no need to make every effort, and there is room for virtue if you do not enjoy happiness."

Zeng Guofan named the study "Qiu que Zhai" to encourage himself to maintain a state of humility.

seek que, that is, to ask for a vacancy.

it is too cold to be high, avoid being full of people, and ask for shortages in everything.

keep a normal mind, leave room, and move on steadily for the rest of your life.