A person's best state: simple in material, rich in spirit, casual in life.

A person's best state: simple in material, rich in spirit, casual in life.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this era of material desires, the appearance is presumptuous flashy, neon is a short-term joy.

A pair of eyes, from clear to dirty, only takes a moment.

A heart, from silence to impetuosity, only needs a moment of noise.

but life is like this, we must wait until we taste the ups and downs, thousands of prosperous see, gains and losses endure impermanence.

can you feel the true meaning and beauty of "don't be surprised, watch the pre-court flowers bloom and fall;

leave or stay unintentionally, look at the clouds and clouds in the sky".

Life is casual, the past is not sad, the present is not miscellaneous.


matter is very simple, learn to live a simple life

No matter how expensive things are, they are all things outside the body.

Price is only a transaction, but it cannot determine its true value.

the value of an item depends on how much it will eventually give to you, not how flattered it is to be placed in an idle corner.

if there is one item with the same function, there is no need to buy two.

at the same time, there is room for your heart.

so look around and feel that this is good and that is OK. If you choose it again and again, you don't know which one to choose.

discard useless things and throw away superfluous things, which can not only empty the room, make the room spacious and bright, but also delight the mood, relax and release the body and mind.

as the saying goes:

"Minimalist lifestyle is a re-understanding of oneself and a redefinition of freedom.

analyze yourself deeply, first understand what is most important to you, and then pursue it with limited time and energy, so as to achieve the greatest happiness.

give up things that do not bring utility, control mental activities that only increase annoyance, and live a simple life, so as to obtain the maximum spiritual freedom. "

is it not a kind of self-satisfied happiness maximization to make things simple and spend more energy and time to do more meaningful things?


the spirit is rich, the soul is noble

some people say:

A person's heart can be prosperous or desolate.

your heart will be lush and flourish.

A prosperous heart nourishes a noble soul.

your heart must be desolate and depressed.

A barren heart is naturally a vulgar soul.

if you want to be full of your heart, you must always absorb the food of spirit.

Reading and traveling can enrich one's originally narrow heart.

when your soul is tired, reading is the best practice.

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every plant and tree on the way has Reiki life.

when your heart is tired, travel is the best baptism.

if you read more books, your heart will become rich; if you walk more, your spirit will become full.

when your heart begins to become rich and your spirit becomes full, your soul will be freed from the bondage of the world.


Life is casual, everything is as you wish

be a man, be able to afford it and let it go. There are some things that can be seen through but not revealed.

there are some things that persist but don't take it seriously.

however, no matter which path you choose, don't forget to protect the people you cherish. "

sometimes calm, sometimes noisy, the happiness of this moment may come to naught at the next moment.

the world is changeable and comes and goes like the wind, so why cling to those illusory things?

Let bygones be bygones and stay in its own time. We just need to leave the good things of the past and adorn the ordinary moments of the present.

Let the only thing that can be grasped at the moment really belong to you.

try to love the person you want to love and do what you like to do. If you are casual, you will be happy.

Life doesn't go well, but you can do what you want once in a while.

Let go of those joys and sorrows in time, which is tantamount to letting go of the unrepentant self.

do a good job and cherish the people in front of you. Will be short and impermanent time, attentively, into inch after inch of tenderness.