A person's best state: something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to

A person's best state: something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to
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in the busy life, we often have the feeling that

tries to put everything down, but in the end he is flustered because he is too idle;

in the vast sea of people, there is no one to complain about, hoping that there is such a person around to care about himself;

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days remain the same, without passion, but can not find the direction, while remorse, while disappointed.

longing for happiness, but very confused.

the writer Barclays once said:

it is true that the best state of one's life is to have something to do, to be loved, and to look forward to.


when I have something to do, Dahua has something to do

Dahua has been clamoring to resign for several years, working overtime every day, depending on the boss's face. Unexpectedly, the company's performance is not good this year, so he was directly fired.

at first he was relaxed, saying that he could finally sleep in, touch the fishing rod and play cards.

but after a few days, Dahua felt that his brain was drowsy and had no interest in anything.

he said with a wry smile that he had become a third-class person, waiting to sleep, fish and play cards every day.

it is true that the worst way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle.

the mortgage has to be repaid for 20 years, and every move is a cost.

Dahua began to panic, feeling that he was useless and that the whole world was moving forward, and only he was spending time where he was.

later, he applied for a job in real estate sales with a pitifully low basic salary. He didn't open a single order for two months, showed his clients around the house, and wore out three pairs of shoes.

but he felt very full and said that he finally had something to do. He didn't have to be restless at home.

once saw a question: "what is the experience of having nothing to do?"

there is a piercing answer: "there is no desire to go to sleep, no hope of waking up."

feel guilty, just like being abandoned by the world, suffering from nothing to do with you. "

the meaning of something to do is often more satisfying than the income itself, that is, the motivation and strength to be alive.

everyone wants to prove their worth by doing something.

once people are busy, they are not so hypocritical. When they are sleepy, they sleep, wake up and move on.

Sanmao said:

doing something busy is a love of life.

as long as you don't slack off, there will be a rush in the days, and the accumulation of time can come together into one milestone after another.


when someone loves you, the years soften up

I saw a video on Weibo showing a drunken boy lying on the ground on the Nanjing subway, smelling of alcohol and throwing up.

A policeman came to inquire. First, he politely apologized, saying that he had drunk too much with the client, and then changed the conversation: my wife will come to pick me up.

after a while, a girl came in a hurry.

the first thing a boy says when he sees a girl is, "Baby, I'm sorry, I'm useless."

the girl said nothing and hugged the boy tightly.

there is a saying: "if you can be loved and loved, you will have the courage to face the crowd."

with the guardian of love, no matter how hard you work, you can bravely meet the challenges and storms of life.

like a beam of light before dawn, it illuminates the direction in the dark and makes the pace gentle and powerful.

Aunt Chen lives opposite our house and is always in high spirits. The neighbors all envy her relationship with Uncle Li.

once there was a ballroom dance competition in their club. at first, Uncle Li refused to let her participate, saying that he was upset when he saw her partners. Li Shu sulked.

unexpectedly, two days later, he asked for a week's leave from work, saying that he would be a sparring partner for Aunt Chen.

unexpectedly, the uncoordinated Li Shu really practiced himself as an apprentice and happened to be Aunt Chen's dance partner.

Aunt Chen smiled and complained that her wife was narrow-minded and showed me her mobile phone:

"you see, this is just changed by your uncle. He said that this model is very powerful and that girls like pink."

as he spoke, he was as shy as a little girl.

Hugo said, "the best thing in life is to be sure that someone loves you."

being loved, you can do whatever you like.

the greatest happiness in life is never wonderful because you are young, but brilliant because you are loved.

Beauty is easy to grow old, only love can resist the wind and frost and fight against the long years, no matter how old it is, it is a treasure in the palm of the other person's hand.


if there is expectation, there will be a direction in the future

We often complain that life is boring, work, family, market, three points and one line, day after day.

every day, I scribbled to deal with it and ruthlessly set up flag, but I was always hit in the face by reality.

this impetuous and fast era makes us more and more impatient with "expectation".

before, a reporter asked Li Jian how to understand "life is not only in front of the eyes, but also poetry and distance."

Li Jian said that he does not agree with this view. If there is immediate survival, then there will be distant survival, and life should be respected.

Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

A netizen @ far away said that for a while he broke up with his girlfriend and resigned, and his mother was hospitalized with a heart attack and her life was in danger at any time.

he fantasized about many kinds of future, but he didn't know what to do.

after torturing him for several days, he suddenly figured it out, since he didn't knowWhatever happens in the future, do what you have to do.

he rethought and planned his daily routine.

cleaned up, bought a pot of ivy, made a nest for the pet, and tried to cook some of my mother's favorite dishes.

work out for a while every day, learn programming, and then send your resume to apply for a job.

the days are in no hurry, and life is in order.

fortunately, everything turned out for the better.

there are many nodes in life. Today is the beginning of every day in the future. Only by taking every step of the present will you have a clear conscience and accept the gifts of the future.

even the most simple life will be lively in order to look forward to it.

as Wang Yangming said:

when there is sunshine in the heart, the day becomes bright.

the road ahead is fascinating because of the unknown. If there is something to look forward to, the world is worth it, and everything is lovely.


what is the best life?

just do what you want to do, be accompanied by someone who loves you, and live the life you want.

Life does not stop, and when we have something to do, we feel at ease and experience the heat of life;

weak human feelings and being loved can always cure the desolation at the bottom of our hearts and make ourselves gentle and strong;

No matter how difficult it is and have expectations, we will inject lasting combat effectiveness into ourselves and let the future shine brilliantly.

what is happiness? Just living, loving and working hard.

it's all around us, but it's inadvertently around us.

the rest of your life is long, don't panic, try to create with your heart, and you will always smile.