A person's greatest happiness is not wealth, not health, but …...

A person's greatest happiness is not wealth, not health, but …...
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A person's greatest happiness is not wealth or health, but old age.

our parents are still around us, and we are the happiest children in the world!

occasionally my heart is tired, let's go home and have a look, all our tiredness will disappear!

when we were young, we were the treasure of our parents' palms. When our parents are old, we should also regard them as treasures.


the first filial piety of a hundred good is the first

Buddha said: filial piety to parents is the first blessing in the world.

parents are here, there are places in life, and when parents are there, our roots are there.

people, no matter how old or how vicissitudes they are, as long as our parents are alive, our hearts will always feel warm. The happiest thing in life is that the person who gave birth to us and raised us is still around.

filial piety comes first among the hundred goods. filial piety is the greatest kindness of each of us.

those who are unfilial to their parents, and those who beat and scold their parents easily, although we will not condemn them in our mouths, they will also be estranged in our hearts.

parents are the people who gave birth to us and raised us. Filial piety is not a duty, but an obligation.

parents have any shortcomings, we should learn to tolerate them, really can not understand the mistakes, we should also learn to let go.

as the saying goes, the kindness of upbringing is greater than that of heaven, and filial piety comes first.

Don't wait for the day when the two people who gave birth to us and raised us leave us to regret why we didn't tolerate and cherish them in the first place.

the greatest pain in the world is that children want to be raised, but they don't wait.


parents are old, don't give up on them

birth, old age, sickness and death can not be reversed. No matter how long the fate between people, one day will be the last day.

be kind to your parents! Don't always dislike them!

dislike their nagging, accuse them of being stubborn, and complain why they can't understand us.

the era is different, parents and our ideas can not be exactly the same. At this time, what we need to give is understanding, not endless criticism.

the greatest pain for parents is not that they have no money or that they have no place to stay, but that their children look disgusted in front of them.

and parents are happiest, not because they are rich or rich, but because their children can need them.

Fu Seoul once said that he thought it was true:

do not eliminate your parents on behalf of this era. Helping them and accepting them is the best gift we can give them.

when you are around your parents, they will be satisfied if you talk to them more; if you are not around your parents, talk to them more often, and even if they can't give you good life advice, listen to what they have to say.

need parents, let parents feel that they are needed, is the greatest love and understanding to parents!


to be kind to your parents is to be kind to yourself.

people will grow old one day, and all of us are the same.

this feeling is even more obvious, especially when you have a child. Because the child is growing up so fast that he is inadvertently as tall as you.

We know how to be kind to our parents, aren't we not kind to ourselves tomorrow?

if you are bad to your parents and always criticize and abuse them, when you are old, ask yourself, what should you do when your child does this to you?

parents are old, give them some patience and care, don't always dislike their clumsiness.

because when we were very young, when we were crying for food, when we couldn't walk, and when we were often in trouble, our parents never hated us.

cherish every day with your parents, they are the people who love you most in the world.

if one day, they leave you, no one can love you without desire or regret!

the love our parents give us is always the most sincere. Parents pay for us and never return it!

be kind to our parents, do more filial piety, accompany them, give them laughter, our life will be happy, better and better!

Life is generally not too bad for people who know how to be kind to their parents.

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finally, may all of us know how to feel sorry for the hardships suffered by our parents, and may all our parents have a place to live in old age, health and longevity!