Admit it, it wasn't him you used to like.

Admit it, it wasn't him you used to like.
Lonely man, he's on the sea, holding the sails.

Wang Bolun woke me up at 9 o'clock this morning and called me to breakfast.

accompany him to eat rice noodle roll, but he mentioned the idea of going out to the Internet bar. You know, although I like playing games very much, I hate Internet cafes because too many people there smoke. When you go in the morning, you come back with the smell of mixed brands. But he somehow got it, saying that he had some feelings that could only be felt in Internet cafes.

so I followed him to the Internet bar.


Internet cafes were originally a battlefield for everyone to fight on.

after choosing a character, Wang Boren asked me if I remember the girl sitting behind him in high school. When I said I didn't remember, he squinted at me with disdain.

he left me alone and went on: "I got on Q yesterday, and she turned out to be me."

(the following is his own account)

you know me, I have hardly been on QQ since I graduated from high school. But some things are like you will burp after drinking Coke, you think it is doomed, in fact, you chose it in the freezer.

her first sentence was to ask me, "do you still remember our agreement?"

of course I don't remember anything from three or four years ago.

but at least I liked others, so I had to bear the brunt of saying that I remember. The other side sent me a smiling face and said, "so you are deliberately disobeying?"

I said, "No, I just don't know what to do."

she said, "it's all right, just forget it."

I said, "I didn't forget, really."

her avatar turned gray, and it was only at that moment that I remembered my appointment with her. I told her in high school that whoever finds someone he likes first should tell him as soon as possible. In fact, this kind of agreement is just another way of confession.

I M she: "I remember."

her avatar lit up again: "so."

I sent her a funny and sad expression, which I didn't use in high school because I was using Nokia N86. The more than three hundred messages between us are still in that N86, but now we have all used EMOJI, our habits have changed, and our love for her has changed.

I said, "well, I have someone I like."

she said, "I know."

I said, "what about you?"

she said, "I have someone I like. He is taller and more handsome than you."

I really want to tell her that he certainly doesn't like her as much as I did at that time. But when you think about it, my job is to keep the agreement, not to tell her how good I was and how she didn't cherish it. In fact, I really don't know whether I really like the love of high school, because what we both know is only the side we show in school, what kind of person she is, whether she has taste, lack of progress, and foresight. I don't know all these things. I only know that I like her.

but do I really like her, or as Shen Jiayi said in those years, I just like the person I imagined?

if this is a made-up story, I will let her confess her love to me on QQ only three years later. I went to QQ to download materials on the class group, and every time she turned on the computer, she would hang QQ to see if I was online, and when she found the opportunity, she expressed her love to me and told me how remorseful she was.

but in fact, it took me three years to realize the problem that I didn't realize in high school until yesterday. What I liked at that time, maybe it was really the imaginary her.

and most importantly, I imagined 10,000 scenes of our formal breakup in high school, including parting, hugging and greeting each other at the airport, and even a happy ending. I caught up with her after graduation. I never thought our last conversation ended in the simplest two words.

is the two words I replied to her yesterday, and her avatar never lit up again after she received it.

Congratulations. "


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Wang Bolun took a sip of water after saying this. By this time, he had already died eight times, but he still operated the mouse very carefully, as if it showed that he was very attentive in helping me.

but the situation has been settled and we are ready to surrender. I would have scolded him at ordinary times, but the atmosphere was not good, so I didn't say anything.

at this moment, I suddenly heard a female voice:

"the song ordered by camera 12, Symphony No. 94 in G major,"amazement". "

then the whole Internet bar is suddenly full of romantic weakening brought by woodwind instruments. They are still fighting, but they are poetic. I don't know if they have ever experienced such a story, otherwise how could many people smoke here? is it all sad?

in fact, you are the same as the teenagers who fight in the game. It took you so many years to know that you don't like him.

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