Age jingle (brilliant! )

Age jingle (brilliant! )
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the road is as long as life is. The road is as wide as the depth of life.

Today, I would like to share with you some jingles about age. Bo Jun smiled to add some fun to life.


main course

people live, what to live

Ten living ideals, thirty struggle, forty wisdom, fifty success, sixty surplus heat, seventy living health, eighty living memories, ninety living memories, one hundred living amnesia.


after the age of 20, the local area is the same as the hometown, after the age of 30, the night is the same as the day, after the age of 40, whether they have the same educational background, after the age of 50, whether they are beautiful or not, after the age of 60, the size of the government is the same as the size of the government, after the age of 70, the house is the same as the size of the house, after the age of 80, more money is the same as less money, after the age of 90, men and women are the same. Getting up is the same as not getting up. No matter when you are healthy or not, it makes a big difference. 04

the mental state of all ages


A piece of paper is born all one's life and begins a lifetime; graduation is a piece of paper, struggle is a lifetime; marriage is a piece of paper, torture is a lifetime; being an official is a piece of paper, struggle for a lifetime; money is a piece of paper, hard life; double rules a piece of paper, regret for a lifetime; honor a piece of paper, a false reputation for a lifetime; a piece of paper for medical treatment, a painful life; an eulogy, a piece of paper, end a lifetime; desalinate these papers, understand a lifetime Forget these papers and be happy all your life!


people are more lively than others, anxious but others,

but miserable, cruel, insidious, but depressing, but humiliating, but humiliating, but asking for help, angry but not helping others, moving but hurting people, multiplying but people and people.


Health tips

Harmony is expensive, tolerance is high; seek pleasure, don't worry;

sleep soundly, get up early; not partial eating, seven percent satiety; regular activity, diligent brain use; busy every day, never old.



these "sons" are really well written!

Gold, silver and tickets are not as good as a good body; cars, wheels and houses are not as good as a good wife; bracelets, chains and rings are not as good as having two good children; cups, bottles and circles are not as good as a happy family!


five goods in the world

people have money, time, no disease, no disease, no quality; people have money, no disease, no time, treasures; people have no money, no disease, no time, top quality; people have no money, no disease, no time, inferior products; people have no money, no time, sickness, waste.



if you want to be happy all your life, do things; if you want to be happy for a while, be an official; if you want to be happy alone, dream; if you want a family to be happy, cook; if you want a circle of people to be happy, be the host!


there is no money in the pocket, there is no money in the heart, there is no money in the pocket, there is no money in the pocket, you work hard all your life; if you have no money in the pocket, you have money in your heart, you suffer for a lifetime; if you have money in your pocket, you have no money in your heart, and you are happy for a lifetime.


half-word song retiring to read the first half-word song, happiness is naturally more! Since ancient times, life is the most taboo, half poor, half rich and half at ease. Half life and half opportunity, half give up and half do good. Half deaf, half dumb, half confused, half wise, half stupid, half sage. Half man, half me, half free, half awake, half drunk, half fairy. Half pro, half love, half bitterness, half vulgar, half Zen, half follow fate. Half of life lies in me, and the other half listens to nature. 14

the state of mind is high-key and low-key, look at the mind; look at big and small things, look at responsibility;

prosperity and adversity, look at assurance; gain or give up, see desire; see success or failure, see persistence; calm and relieved, look at the mood; old age joys and sorrows, look at the state of mind!


those who can put it down are roads everywhere;

those who can't let go go astray; don't be demanding, come and come; don't worry about it, just pass it; don't frown and smile when something happens; don't be forced to do it; 16

Life is full of pursuit; life is full of happiness. Mood, because of joy and comfortable; sunset, because of free and easy and brilliant.

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the road of life, what we cannot choose is the road of giving up, and what we cannot refuse is the road of growth.

in fact, life is a kind of feeling, an experience, an understanding, may you be well.