Always be a kind person.

Always be a kind person.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

to be a man,

you can have no money and no power,

, but you can't do without kindness.

you can accomplish nothing,

but you can't do without kindness.

kindness is the foundation of being human, and

kindness is the quality of cleanliness.

what is kindness?

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kindness is born with nature, and kindness is the bottom line of dealing with people.

kindness is not stupidity and ignorance, but virtue.

kindness is not cowardice, but conduct.

kindness means that there is no malice in the heart, and

kindness means treating people sincerely.

what is kindness?

kindness is not money, but it is worth more than money.  kindness is not gold, but it is more precious than gold.  goodness is not a treasure, but it is harder to find.

kindness, can get good luck,

kindness, can accumulate blessings.

to be a man, you must be kind.

do not do evil, do no harm to heaven,

do not cheat, do not plot people.

the book is divided and magnanimous.

always have a good heart.

always do good deeds and help others.

to be a man, you must be kind-hearted,

not double-faced, not smooth and sinister,  not hypocritical and cunning, not with ulterior motives.

when dealing with people, have no bad intentions.

when you get along with friends, don't take advantage of others.

sincerely, do not cheat,

book points, not tricky.

to be a man, you must be kind.

do not stand idly by, do not fall to the bottom of a well,

do not ridicule, do not add fuel to the fire.

see that others are in trouble, lend a helping hand,

meet others for help, give help.

never be indifferent.

help others once, make way for yourself,

give others a hand, you will be blessed.

to be a human being, kindness is not stupid.

but morality.

to be a human being, kindness is not stupid,

but cherish feelings.

to be a human being, kindness is not stupid,

but a clean heart.

for kind-hearted people,

money and wealth is not as good as kindness.

stick to kindness and put it first.

this life, to yourself:


insist on being a kind person!

maybe goodness will suffer and get hurt.

but people are doing it. Heaven is watching.

what others owe you, God supplies you;

God protects you when others hurt you.

keep a good heart, can you live at ease,

persist in being a kind person, can you not fail to others!