Amazing law of magnetic field: it's really important to be with people with positive energy.

Amazing law of magnetic field: it's really important to be with people with positive energy.
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all over the world, all living beings, each of us will meet countless people in our life, some people are full of positive energy, some people are full of negative energy.

what kind of person you associate with, what kind of life you will have.

there is a saying in the Collection of Mingxian: "you must choose neighbors and make good friends." to live, you must choose good neighbors, and make friends with virtuous people.

it can be seen that it is really important to be with excellent people. If you associate with them, you will become better and better, and the road of life will be wider and wider.


decide who you are

Xunzi Quxue says: "Pengsheng hemp, do not support oneself straight, white sand in nirvana, with it black."

in the hemp field where the canopy grows, it will straighten up without support, while the white sand will become darker and darker when mixed in the black soil.

the same is true of people. If they live in a good environment, they will grow up healthily. If they live in a filthy environment, they will gradually deteriorate due to the influence of the environment.

once there was a rich man who planned to spend 2 million years in his twilight years for a driver who had been driving for more than a decade.

the driver politely rejected his kindness and said, "I can still afford 10 to 20 million for such a long time with you."

the tycoon was very surprised and asked why. Only then did he know where he said the land was good, that the driver would buy some, which stock was worth paying attention to, and that the driver would also buy some.

that's why drivers are able to accumulate so much wealth for themselves when they leave.

people often say that it doesn't really matter who you are, but who you are with. Getting close to good people will make you better and better.

as the saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black". Who is with has a great impact on a person, and sometimes determines the fate of your life.

if an eagle lives in a chicken nest, how can it fight against the sky; how can wolves be all-powerful if they live among sheep.

in different circles, you will decide what kind of person you become. If you choose the right circle, your life will get better, and if you choose the wrong circle, your life will get worse.

therefore, if you want to be wise, you need to walk with the wise. If you want to become the superior, you must keep company with the superior.

who you are can only determine your starting point and who you are with before you decide your destination.


Life is short, so stay away from those who consume you

"Zhuangzi knows to travel north". There is a saying: "if there is a gap between heaven and earth, it is just all of a sudden."

time is like a white horse, fleeting, and life is very short. Be sure to stay away from those who consume you, and don't consume others.

in history, during the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Chen Wei who worked with others to farm land for rich families when he was young.

during a noon break, Chen Shen expressed deep dissatisfaction with the oppression and exploitation of the King of Qin and was determined to get rid of oppression and exploitation and change his current social status.

unexpectedly, his remarks were ridiculed by everyone: "you are just a man hired to farm for others, and you dream of changing the world. What a pipe dream!"

Chen Zhi did not argue, but sighed a long sigh and said, "how can a sparrow know the will of a swan?"

finally in the first year of Qin II, Chen and Wu Guang launched a peasant uprising and established the first peasant regime in history. Although it did not last long, it finally overthrew the harsh rule of the Qin Dynasty.

in the Qian hexagram of the Book of changes, it is said: "one voice corresponds to each other and demands in tandem."

the same sound will resonate, the same smell will blend with each other, and by the same token, good people will naturally join together.

those who resonate with each other and achieve each other must be cherished when they encounter them, while those who consume you and constantly lower your inner will must stay away as soon as possible.

always remember that with good people, the road of life can go farther and farther, and people with negative energy will only sink together.


how important are people who are close to positive energy

people often say, "the luckiest thing in the world is to have a few lively, cheerful, positive friends."

optimistic and cheerful friends are like the little sun, full of warmth and light all the time, illuminating your life and heart.

being with them is a great blessing in life.

the famous host Gao Xiaosong once asked Hui Ruoqi, former captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, in an interview: "are the top athletes not nervous?"

Hui Ruoqi said: "the audience will be nervous, but the participants will not be nervous. We will control our emotions during the game and send positive messages to our teammates."

Professor Lang Ping also often says:

A negative expression or action of you will affect the people around you, and the teams will influence each other, and the overall momentum will weaken.

on the contrary, if you send out more positive energy and send out more positive signals, then the whole team will be better.

on the other hand, when you associate with people with negative energy, you will complain and cry all day long, and you will become negative and decadent, and become more pessimistic about the world.

the Book of the later Han Dynasty says: "enter the room of Zhi orchid and don't hear its fragrance for a long time. Enter the abalone restaurant, for a long time but do not smell its stench. "

you will be what you are around you, so you must stay away from negative energy people and make friends with positive energy people.

people with positive energy will show you the beauty of life and stimulate your enthusiasm for life. Over time, your world will become sunny and full of positive energy.

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be good yourself so that you can meet better people

there is a law of attraction in psychology: "the people and things that a person encounters are actually attracted by his own characteristics."

therefore, if you want to stay away from those who consume yourself and get close to those who consume positive energy, the most important thing is to cultivate yourself and make yourself a better person.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "the gentleman is based on this, and is based on Taoism."

to be a man, you should fundamentally improve yourself. Don't try to please and curry favor with others. Only by constantly optimizing yourself can you attract people of the same frequency and change your life in essence.

the same is true of being a person, you don't have to deliberately squeeze into a circle, constantly improve and enrich yourself, and when you become strong, you will attract the people you want to attract.

when a person has full energy, he or she will naturally focus on someone with the same frequency and attracted by a magnetic field.

know that enriching yourself is far more powerful than pleasing others.

as the saying goes, "plant a sycamore tree and attract the Phoenix."

who you are determines who you will meet, who you will meet and who you will become.

be the best of yourself in order to meet better people! When you are dark and dark, you will only be dark, and when you are shining, your side will shine!