As a post-90s generation, I can't agree with the instructions for post-90s generation.

As a post-90s generation, I can't agree with the instructions for post-90s generation.
Yes, it's Mimeng's "instruction manual for post-90s generation".

Wen /Zhang Jingshi


Today Mimeng posted an article called "instruction manual for post-90s generation".

after reading it, I was so angry that I knew this article would explode, and I would let countless post-90s take it as one of the post-90s must-read articles, and then read it over and over again before going to bed.

as they imagined themselves as the kind of pleasant ideal characters in the article, they sighed that someone finally understood them. The most important thing is that his incompetence, unsociability, dating, capriciousness, and naked words have all found an one-to-one corresponding reasonable explanation in the article.

for example, this paragraph:

I interviewed a HR before. He said that one of his company's post-90s began to be absent from work after only three days. HR called him and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't want to come, because the company's coffee is not good." HR really wants to strangle him across the phone line, okay? When the post-90s don't like a job, it's really capricious enough, okay?

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but the job they like, the company they like, they can work very hard and work to death. Because they have no family burden, no selfish thoughts, they just want to do things well. I have seen many post-90s entrepreneurial teams who often live in the company and work hard day and night. The post-90s in our team are even more perverted, for example, the night before last, when we changed the script, I said, don't stay up too long today. I'm old enough to stay up until 3: 00 or 4: 00, and then change it to 7: 00 in the morning. I can't even keep my eyes open. They're still picking out the details. They said maybe you should go to bed yourself. Mom, I can't lose for the dignity of old people. I know that many people will say, where is this super post-90s generation? why didn't I see it?

I know that many people will say, where is this super post-90s generation? why didn't I see it? All I can say is, because you are not good enough, you can't attract such a good person.

in the instruction manual for the post-90s generation, Mimeng believes that the reason why the post-90s generation has a higher naked resignation rate is not because the family environment is superior, but because they do not like the job. As long as they like the job, they will take the job to the extreme.

well, she tacitly acknowledges that all post-90s are born with their own skills. As soon as they get out of college, they can know what kind of job they want to do and what is right for her.

and all the post-90s are the same group of people in her eyes. The post-90s in start-ups are the same people as those who resigned naked; they are also the same people who are in love and are serious about love; and the interns who prepared for the Yale history department in 1998 are the same people who do not like reading books.

anyway, in Mimeng's eyes, the post-90s generation is the same group of people. They are a perfect combination of angels and demons, with a clear distinction between love and hate, especially good in good times and clean in bad times.

she doesn't know the post-90s generation around me who only play LOL and mahjong every day; she doesn't know the proportion of post-90s people who are pregnant without marriage in cities and towns; she doesn't know that most of us don't even know what we like, which is why we are so confused in our senior year.

she doesn't know that for teenagers in their twenties,

would rather have a slap on the head than a bottomless smelly foot.


what I fear most is that tonight, countless teachers, brothers and sisters will regard her post-90s instruction manual as the truth of life, and then let their own people live as described in the article:

A clear distinction between love and hate, do not be bound by the worldly set, only do what you want to do.

I'm not saying that this kind of life is bad, but you have to know, the more water chestnuts. The more likely you are to stumble. You have to stick to yourself, no problem, but don't try to live like the post-90s in Mimeng's article. Because she extremes all the cases, magnifies the individual cases with words, and carries over the poignant sentences behind them, which makes you think it is not difficult.

but in fact, it's not enough to live the way you want to be.

you have to fumble, not illusory to like or hate something.

really, it's not as simple as you think.

so I'm angry. I know Mimon is better and smarter than me, but this time, she has no limits in order to expand her influence.

if you've ever been to dispatch flyers and worked as cheap labor. Then you should understand that sometimes you need a "temporary" compromise in order to live the way you want to be.

the world is not so simple that, as described in the instruction manual for post-90s generation, not every post-90s generation is qualified to resign naked as soon as they are born, to choose a boyfriend only by their appearance, and to care about the inferiority and inferiority in the workplace.


I am also post-90s, but I feel a little chilled when I read the comments below Mimeng's "instruction manual for post-90s generation".

We have to admit that we are not praised by others.

sometimes, praise will only make the lion more docile and work harder next time to jump into the ring of fire.

self-knowledge is a word I use to spur myself.

good night, share.