Associate more with talented people and work with capable people frequently.

Associate more with talented people and work with capable people frequently.
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what kind of people you get along with determines who you are.

with high-level people, their own realm is also improved, and their ability to work with capable people is getting stronger and stronger.

Xunzi said: "Peng is born in hemp, but is straight without support; the white sand is in Nirvana, and it is black with it."

you become the person you are with.


have more contact with high-ranking people

all my life, I will inevitably encounter trouble, because I can't think of anything to do with it.

at this time, if there are good people around you, the trouble will be easily solved and suddenly become clear.

people often say, "it is better to listen to you than to read a ten-year book."

if you often associate with high people, you will also be extraordinary.

when Zilu heard that Confucius was knowledgeable, he went to see Confucius.

Confucius said to him, "you are very talented. You must continue to study."

Zilu disagrees: "the bamboo of Nanshan is naturally straight. If it is sharpened, it can be used as an arrow to pierce the cowhide. What else can I learn from my talent?"

Confucius said, "if you add arrowheads and feathered tails to bamboo arrows, won't it be more powerful?"

Zilu was convinced, followed Confucius and became one of Confucius' favorite students.

Yanzi said, "if you live, you must choose your neighbor, and if you travel, you must become a scholar."

there is always someone worth looking up to, who stands higher and sees farther than we do.

if we associate more with high people, our horizons will also be broadened. With the help of high people, we will get twice the result with half the effort in improving ourselves.

all people have height in life, and to keep company with high people is to improve their own height.


We have all heard of the barrel principle:

how much water a bucket can hold depends on the shortest plank on the wall.

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to work with capable people is to make the shortest plank on the bucket wall.

only when the people around you are better than you, can you become stronger and stronger when you are strong.

if you keep making the tallest plank, you will not be able to improve, and this bucket of water will never reach the height you want.

there is a hunter in the mountains who has hunted for a living for generations.

he learned to hunt from an early age, and as an adult, he was better at hunting than anyone else.

because hunting was not difficult for him, he slowly lost interest.

his father saw that he was depressed and encouraged him to go out to join the army and serve his country.

when he came to the barracks, he found that there were people who were better than him in the army, which rekindled his fighting spirit.

later, through unremitting efforts, he has been a general.

Don't be satisfied with the sense of achievement of being superior to others. People who can work with had better be friends who are superior to themselves.

as the ancients said, "you can learn without learning."

are making progress through osmosis and imperceptible influence.

working with capable people, if you can get their approval, you will have more confidence.

working with capable people is not only a sublimation of the value of life, but also a kind of enjoyment.

it really matters who you are with in your life. He is like a mirror, seeing each other's lives.

with smart people, you will not be clumsy; with brave people, you will not be weak; with optimistic people, you will not be sad.

if you associate with a superior person, you are a superior person; if you work with a capable person, you are an able person.