Associate more with talented people, work with capable people frequently, and often get along with lucky people.

Associate more with talented people, work with capable people frequently, and often get along with lucky people.
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some people say that there are three great lucks in life:

meet a good teacher at school,

meet a good teacher at work, and

meet a good partner when you start a family.

this also shows that it really matters who you meet in your life.

as the saying goes: "Pengsheng hemp, do not help but straight; white sand in nirvana, with it black."

Life is bound to be extraordinary when walking with wise men and high men;

parting paths with fools and going aways with villains can make life pleasant and clear.

so, how good a person is, it depends on who he is with and who is instructed.

there is a long way to go in life, and only those who are in the same trade are the biggest indicators for everyone.


the way of viewing the world from high people

in life, the larger the pattern, the higher you can stand and the farther you can see.

it is often our own "vision" that determines the pattern.

if your eyes are full of unimportant trivialities, you will easily be obscured by the troubles in front of you.

but if you open your mind, open your horizons, and stand high overlooking the great pattern of life, you can suddenly become clear and clear.

but if you want to stand high and see the world, you must climb up without the help and guidance of others.

in the ordinary World, the characters in Lu Yao's novel once said:

"when a person's mind is not strong enough to fully grasp himself, he needs to rely on another person who is stronger than himself in spirit.

perhaps one day, students will become teachers of their own teachers (as is often the case), but at every stage of their growth, they need better advice than they knew at that time. "

many times, standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see higher and farther.

Arthur Walker, a famous American banker, owes his success to the guidance of talented people.

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one day, Huaka read the story of William Yasda, a great industrialist, in a local magazine. He admired and admired him, and hoped that he could be such a person one day.

finally, by chance, Huaka met her idol.

he immediately came up and asked, "I'd like to know how to make millions of dollars."

Asda said to Waka, "as long as you make more friends with people who are better than yourself, there will be a day of success."

although it is only a short sentence, Hua Ka has always kept it in mind. In the days to come, Hua Ka followed Yasda's instructions and interviewed first-class businessmen, editors and bankers.

he began to emulate their successful practices.

as a result, in less than five years, Huaka realized her dream of becoming a banker.

later, when a young man asked Huaka for advice on his successful experience, Huaka conveyed to the young man intact what he had heard from Yasda:

"I hope you will always learn from people who are better than you. This is good for learning or being a man."

it is true that they associate more with high-ranking people, and under their understanding, their own thinking and vision of things will be different, and naturally get twice the result with half the effort.

as the saying goes, "it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books; to travel ten thousand miles is not as good as a master to guide the way."

if you walk with the wise, you must gain wisdom and keep company with the high before you can achieve it.

only by learning to take advantage of the superior, can we quickly find the simplest and most effective way to success.


learn the way of doing things from capable people

Senior General Jun Fuxu said: "Young people should know at least one old man who is well-versed in the world and ask him to be a consultant."

there is no other reason. Living in the world is a lifetime of knowledge. Only by learning more from the experience of our predecessors can we take fewer detours.

I still remember that in the variety show "the Life of yearning", Wei Daxun once went to be a guest, and everyone gathered around to chat after dinner.

when talking about teacher Huang Lei's film the troublesome Family, Wei Daxun said:

"I feel really lucky to join Mr. Huang's crew. It is the most careful and solid crew I have ever encountered."

however, as soon as the words were uttered, Mr. he began to tease:

"are you saying that your last movie" Gardenia blossoms "was not good?"

the words have been spoken, and no matter how Wei Daxun saves them, it will be difficult to repeat what Yuan has just said.