At the age of fifty, you will be blessed to get through it.

At the age of fifty, you will be blessed to get through it.
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there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "fifty know destiny."

standing over the age of 50, looking back is the first half of life, looking ahead is the second half of life.

all one's life is to bury one's head through hurdles and train one's mind when something happens.

it is difficult to pass the customs, and there is no mountain of fire that cannot be passed.

No matter how difficult it is, it will eventually be wiped out by time.

if you get through these five hurdles, you will be blessed later.


the first hurdle: emotion

people over 50, the harm of emotion to the body must not be ignored.

the Internal Classic of Huangdi makes it very clear: "anger hurts the liver, likes sadness, grieves the lungs, worries injures the spleen, panic injures the kidney, and all diseases are born of qi."

We must be the masters of emotions, to control emotions, not to let emotions control you.

as the saying goes, "I would rather have porridge with open eyebrows than rice with frowns."

sad face, no matter how good food is not delicious, the body is difficult to be nourished;

keep emotional stability, positive and optimistic, porridge dishes can also nourish people.

people learn to laugh often when they say whether they are short or long.

worrying about something that is not worth it is a waste of precious life.


the second hurdle: health

Life is not a 100-meter race, but a marathon.

the spelling is not who rushes first at the beginning;

it depends on who has more endurance to last.

the biggest problem for a man over fifty is his health.

A serious illness can bring down an otherwise happy family.

lose your temper less and drink less; do more exercise and keep in good health.

often eat whole grains and get close to nature.

keeping healthy is not only responsible for yourself, but also reassuring to your family.


the third hurdle: children

learn to live for themselves when they are over 50.

as the old saying goes: children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be horses and cattle for their children and grandchildren.

parents can never replace their children and live their lives.

doing everything for children will not only tire themselves, but also harm their children.

try to comfort yourself and take the responsibility off your shoulders.

Don't get involved in your children's housework, let alone take care of every little thing for them.

letting go properly is not only a kind of trust to your children, but also a kind of kind treatment to yourself.

the swallows will leave the nest when they are old, and the children will leave home when they are old.

everyone has their own way, so don't worry about letting them go out.

as long as the children are proud, there will always be something to look forward to.


the fourth hurdle: gain and loss

50 years old, is the age not to be deceived by foreign objects.

struggle for half a life, the necessary material is already complete.

money, fame and fortune are but external things.

if you don't bring death with you, what do you get? what are you afraid of losing?

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everything lost in life will eventually return in another way.

A lot of things have long been taken care of, and many people have already seen through it, so they no longer care about it, and everything is in a joke.

ups and downs are the normality of life, and those who can afford them are better able to let go.

less unrealistic greed and more gratitude for contentment and happiness.

get calm, lose calm, let nature take its course, the heart can be full of sunshine.


the fifth hurdle: mentality

after the age of 50, mentality is the most important.

A person's state of mind determines the state of his life.

as the ancients said, "if you are less than a hundred years old, you often have a thousand years of worry."

live in sorrow all day long, even if you live to be a hundred or a thousand years old, your life is still unhappy.

as long as the mindset is right, the days will not be so tiring.

as the old saying goes, "things change with the heart, and circumstances are created by the heart."

sometimes, it's not how difficult our situation is, but our own distractions.

the days must be passed day by day, and the road should be taken step by step.

as long as you have a good state of mind, let nature take its course.