Awakening after the age of 40 (very incisive)

Awakening after the age of 40 (very incisive)
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It took

40 to understand that

Friends are like fish in the water, and fish in deep and shallow waters will never walk together.

Poor and rich, officials and people, grass-roots and dignitaries can not become true friends, because they have different feelings about life, and the most important thing is that they treat the world and nature differently.

even rich and rich, officials and officials, dignitaries and dignitaries will not become true friends.

because there are interests, differences, trade-offs, priorities, concerns, and can be divided into three, six or nine grades, the dispute over earthly interests blinds the true feelings, so there will be no real feelings. It is only after

40 that I understand:

Youth is enviable, but maturity is more lasting.

look at women no longer just like youth and beauty, but also pay more attention to maturity, serenity, nature and clarity;

pay more attention to women's mind, magnanimity, wisdom and kindness; pay more attention to the connotation and occasional delicacy behind steady maturity.

Thank the person who betrayed you. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't know the world.

wish the person you secretly like him happiness, because you also want him to be happy when you like him.

for the trustworthy person, get along well with him, and you won't meet a few sincere friends or true confidants in your life.

it became clear after 40 years that

Men's emotions do not like to be controlled by women, especially by women who are calculating, which not only loses their self-esteem, but also distorts the soul.

they need to communicate with each other peacefully.

feelings are not high or low, let alone need to be controlled and mastered. Feelings flow naturally at will, and deliberate control and pursuit will not have true feelings.

sincere feelings in the world need tacit understanding of the heart, and even spiritual communication that takes its course.

it takes 40 years to understand:

things in the world are both complex and simple. If you are simple, the world will be simple.

to live a chic and magnificent life, you have to endure pain. Everything has two sides or many sides. Sometimes it is hard to tell right or wrong. What you like is probably exactly what others hate and spurn.

the world and nature do not develop or destroy at your own will. It is only after

40 that it becomes clear that

Happiness index depends entirely on the state of mind.

year-round delicacies and delicacies do not necessarily bring peace of mind.

between coping with and hypocrisy, the final result may be a more and more empty mind, full of ambition and despair are the tragedies of life, far less insipid and wanton carefree.

40 before I understand:

in the whole life, you don't have to worry about a few more bosom friends of the opposite sex, which are the notes of your life's ups and downs and wonderful chapters.

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but to treat a bosom friend of the opposite sex, you should be more caring, less greedy, more understanding, and less demanding.

to put emotions in a free space and to be lenient to others is to be lenient to yourself; to be lenient to feelings is to be lenient to the heart.

so that each other do not have to carry emotional burden, so that the sun and warmth always shine and comfort the feelings of life. It was only after

40 that I realized:

Family affection, friendship and even love, in fact, do not get much.

in your spare time, think quietly about how many really reliable buddies and bosom friends you have lived for decades.

Don't look at and distinguish friends in terms of their so-called status or official control. These so-called friends may be the most unreliable 'friends'!

besides work, people have a broader living space, and work and position are not the only ones in life.

as the saying goes, it is enough to have a bosom friend in life. Maybe after thinking about it, I don't even have a bosom friend, and how desolate my heart is.

should always reflect on yourself, is it really good to treat others?

be tolerant, be generous, be kind, and exchange true feelings for true feelings. This is the foundation of being a human being. It was only after

40 that I realized:

wife or husband has long seemed commonplace, even unbearable.

but the years have already merged with each other.

No matter how difficult it is, no matter how intolerable it is, it is a part of life.

when we are together, we may not cherish it. If we part, we will find it hard to part. It was only after

40 that I realized that

the meticulous care and indulgence of our children at the beginning not only made us a burden, but also made our children unable to stand up the backbone of life.

when I was young, I was afraid of suffering, suffering, wind and rain, and being afraid of them. There's too much fear.

when they grow up, we still have to bear the deep sorrow and pain for our original fear. Whose fault is it?

it's true that you can't see a rainbow without going through wind and rain. It was only after

40 that I realized:

none of us can win the race against time. "Life is too short" is not an empty sentence. For people in their forties, they have a lot of feelings.

face everything calmly, live yourself, live with confidence, think what you should think, do what you should do, love yourself, and love others.

No matter when and where, you should cherish your fate, whether it is a passer-by in your life or a long-term confidant.They are all wonderful memories of my life.

it is rare to have a few real friends in the crowd. Please don't care about this!

Don't wait until there is nothing you can do to turn up lifelong memories of regret and remorse.