But I don't want to be perfect.

But I don't want to be perfect.
Is it just so decadent and confused?

"you know why it's in King of Comedy. When Cecilia Cheung left, Zhou Xingchi shouted "I support you" at her back, but smiled mockingly after she finished shouting. "

"because he is reluctant to leave her, but he can't keep her.

because he has no money, he can't afford to keep her."

in fact, each of us needs to get feedback proportional to what we give in time before we are motivated to continue to do it.

the reason why boys play games one after another is because of the sound effects of each attack and the data on their heads during each attack. The reason why you are willing to wait for someone year after year is that the other person keeps giving you what you think they are "hinting" in various ways.

like every time I used to clip a doll, watching its metal claws drop and grab, I always thought it would be "lucky" to catch it, but eleven times out of ten times it was "unlucky", so after throwing nearly a hundred yuan into it, I swore never to touch it again.

you see, no one will take or give all the time. Career pursuit and emotional investment are proportional and two-way. When you don't get a corresponding return, there is a psychological gap. Only when the investment is proportional to the income, we are willing to continue to pay. Of course, you are willing to pay on the premise that you believe it is worth it and that no one will buy a stock that loses money. So the first thing to do is to know what you want.

ability determines how much you can pay, and its performance-to-price ratio determines whether you will pay for it or not.

in the past year, I remember the words that pushed me the most was my conversation with master at the lowest point.

"what's the matter, young man?"

"nothing, you just leave me alone and die."

"Don't be sentimental. It's useless to be sentimental. If you want others to like you, change it. If you can't do it on the outside, attack on the outside, and if you can't do it on the inside, attack on the inside. Go and talk to him face to face. No matter how sad you are, you have to face it."

if it works, "No matter how sad I am, I have to face it head on," so that every time I face some grade exams, the pressure of volleyball training, and even when I want to find an excuse to escape, as long as I have this sentence, I will take the initiative to solve it face to face.

because the best way to end anxiety is to end it.

there was a brother who had been dating his girlfriend for several years and was old enough to talk about marriage. I asked him whether you would marry her after graduation.

he replied, "for the time being, yes. But if I can't make enough money, I won't. She can't live without money, and I don't want her to suffer with me. "

it is precisely because you are in an imperfect situation in reality that you can be vigilant. Reality is reality, not necessarily ideal, but when you realize this, it shows that you are on the road to perfection.

only by doing the right thing and being a self-motivated person can we have the conditions to love and accept the love of better people.

A Jen always looks proud every time he talks about his girlfriend, because he always says, "she really attracts me. She knows different instruments, likes skateboarding, taught herself Korean and got a grade certificate. Now she has gone to the United States to study finance." So someone asked him, "Don't you have a sense of crisis? your girlfriend is so good."

A Ren said an answer that surprised everyone. He said, "Yes, talent is good, because I know that if I am mediocre and she is getting better and better, then I will lose her. That's why I'm trying to make myself a person worthy of an excellent her. Don't you see, I'm constantly improving myself. I think the relationship between the balance of strength, the sense of crisis and self-improvement can last."

to reject mediocrity, we must first reject perfection and refuse to live in self-constructed ideals.

the editor-in-chief recently was an intern. At the meeting last night, he said that it is very realistic in the workplace. No one will know what you have opened. Subscription account has tens of thousands of fans. When you live in your ideal and haven't touched the reality, you don't know what cruelty is.

Today he posted a moments with the same idea as above, with someone at the bottom commenting: "it's really not as good as sense of security to come out to work. When you've done it well, you find that someone else can do it better."

when we are "fed up with imperfections and mediocrity", we want to "improve ourselves and pursue perfection". If you don't have the feeling of being hit in the head, it means you're not painful enough, you're not mediocre enough. What's common in college is that many people are willing to be mediocre, and they know it's a good thing to improve themselves, but they choose to believe that "I won't die if I don't improve myself."

We live in an era when we are materialized all the time. We have spent more than a decade or two in examinations and competitions. All goods have been commercialized and can be measured by value, using the survival of the fittest as the criterion for survival. This foundation cannot be shaken by our own strength.

so what to do in the face of reality is ability in the final analysis.

to pursue ideal in reality is to pursue perfection in imperfection.

practice hard at 72 to make it hard to laugh at 81.

or imperfect pain and defects is the normal state of life. During the trough some time ago, an elder told me that I read it three times, "sadness is just an emotion, but you are your world."

there is a kind of clairvoyant feeling. I can't help it. The reality is that you don't want to be sad.

for a time, the eel whale and I were at a loss. We skipped class every day and didn't know what to do every day. It was a terrible mood.

the last thing people dare to face is not to stop.I lost my way and didn't know what to do.

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after a week of decadence, I asked the eel whale, "do you think we seem sick?"

she said: "everyone has negative emotions, but we are a little extreme."

I am convinced that suffering and hatred are the most eternal motivation of a person.

"I find that whenever I am lost to the extreme, I will try to the extreme."