But I just want to hit on you.

But I just want to hit on you.
I have no other hobbies except you.

Last week I was doing an interview video with the theme "the person I like". No questions were asked and my interviewee suddenly asked if someone should make sacrifices and compromises for each other without principles, for example, change your habits to cater to his habits.

I stared at her out of focus in the camera and pressed pause: "I think that if I really like someone, I will never think of myself as a sacrifice or compromise, and you are willing to think of yourself as the other person to live, so, if his habit is to drink poisonous wine, you will measure how much poisonous alcohol he drinks, even if his habit is to swallow bullets, you will ask him which type of bullet he swallowed."

on the way back to the dormitory after the interview, I thought of Ah Zhong and Xiaoxiao. Roommate Xiaoxiao first saw Ah Zhong in the teahouse on the second floor. At that time, A Zhong was still working part-time in the teahouse, smiling at the romantic and diverse tea names on list, such as Paris Ginza black tea and Eros black tea. hesitant.

the first thing Ah Zhong said to Shao Shao was, "Let's drink Marco Polo. I like it." I don't know if Shao-Shao misheard that sentence, misheard a word, and turned "of" into "you". Every time I saw Shao-Shao after that day, whether I was talking to her about what my dog ate last night or whether the recent youth movie was not as good as a horror movie, she could, without exception, turn the conversation to Ah Zhong.

I suspect that when we like a person, even if we have been mentally retarded for the past 20 years, it seems that we have been connected to the second pulse of the governor and have the ability to fly into the sky and hide from the earth.

she tried for Ah Zhong, who braved torrential rain to deliver umbrellas from his dormitory to the teahouse where he worked on typhoon days. In the end, he didn't get wet but slept in the hospital for three days. She tried not to stop a car to walk from Nancheng to Dongcheng late at night, just to make a Chef's Salad he wanted to eat. She could sit in the hallway and eat noodles with him at three o'clock in the morning in the cold winter. She can also set a dozen alarm clocks to get up at five in the morning to accompany him for morning exercises.

she is willing to be a substitute in the window.

but I think Ah Zhong doesn't even have feelings for her.

Why not pick affordable boho black tie dress with exquisite high quality? Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

that night we got off bus No. 22 and walked back to the dormitory, Shaoxiao said nothing. She hasn't spoken since Shaoxiao ordered a cup of Marco Polo in a choked tone in the teahouse. I thought of her saying, "people can change." I said, "do you want to cry?" she was silent.

I said, did you break up with him?

that night, I sat with Shaoxiao on the steps of the sunken square, watching the bakery close, the stationery store turned off the lights, and then went to the dormitory door ban. I was thinking, what magic can make Shaoxiao change the old taste and habit of a bottle of ice coke every day since primary school? what magic can make her order every tea?

it suddenly occurred to me that Orange had told me that before she was with her boyfriend, she was a girl who never ate spicy food. To what extent, she even resisted that as long as chili appeared in one of the dishes on a table, she rejected it as well as the other dishes on the table, and she didn't eat that meal.

Orange's boyfriend is so hot that he even likes to add two tablespoons of chili sauce when he goes to eat bread. Ever since they were together, oranges have grown accustomed to spicy taste, from disgust, resistance, a few attempts, to getting used to it.

but I will never forget the painful and affectionate look of watching the orange secretly buy herself a jar of chili sauce in practice, because she even changed her taste habits for more than ten or twenty years for him.

if everyone has an unforgettable "Luo Sheng Men" knot, Mai Junlong and Huang Weiwen give hellokitty, Wong Kar-wai gives canned pineapple that will expire, and that is seasoned black tea on Shaoxiao. I know she has serious insomnia. I asked why, she said, "can't you not drink tea?" she replied:

"is it as simple as abstinence?"

then I understand that maybe it's the same reason why I have to sit by the window every time I take the bus and drink Vitasoy in a glass bottle every time I drink Vitasoy. Because, getting used to this kind of thing, over the years, you can change it, but the motivation that enables us to change our habits is often one person, and it must be because our feelings and thoughts for that person have become habits. A more inseparable habit, we call it love.

the habit is similar to when I was rewriting in radio class in the morning, a friend who sat next to me asked me, and she said, "Why do you have to change your pen if you can't think of something?" I was stupefied for a few seconds. I never found myself in the habit of changing a pen for so many years, and then I seriously recalled that when I sat at the back table of you, I used to imitate you who changed my pen very much in every class.

when browsing Weibo last night, I saw a hot search post saying "like a person's performance", in which a popular comment was made by someone who said: "he has been imitating his speaking style." You know, some people have said that we are very much alike, our mantra is very similar, our clothes are very similar in black, white and gray style, and our handwriting is very similar. I never found this. Later, I seriously recalled that I confessed to myself. Actually, we are not very much alike. You are never like me, but I am more and more like you.

on the day when Shaoxiao cried bitterly on the street, Ah Zhong came back from France and worked in the florist. Ah Zhong went to buy flowers. Well, it was Valentine's Day, not to her.

forget it. In order to ease her embarrassment, she casually asked, "are you used to French Mariage Freres seasoned tea?" Ah Zhong said, "Ah, you still remember, it's okay, but I haven't been drinking Marco Polo for a long time, and then I think Ginza in Paris is more suitable for me."

I advise her to have an early rest. Tomorrow is another day.

I said, "actually, it's better this way. You don't have to drink Marco Polo anymore, and you won't lose sleep over tea."

with a smile on his face, he said to me:

"in fact, the caffeine in flavored black tea is not enough to make me sleepless late into the night. I just drink tea every time I think about him." so when I can't sleep, I can say it's the tea, not him. "

some people say that if you believe in God, then all accidents in love can be explained as fate, while if you don't believe, then all coincidences in love are actually accidental. You don't have to turn it into an excuse to support your continued commitment according to your own subjective imagination.

in the movie the Life of the abandoned Pine Nut, the pine nut is a woman who lives for others all her life, always placing her dignity of love and hate on a person, precisely because the space left for her is so narrow that she is willing to accompany her lover no matter what bad he has done.

because she is too dependent on him, she only has him, she can't live alone, so she would rather die alone.

but here, in the breeze teahouse, you don't have to worry about whether your story ends like a smile. Because it won't let you burn your hands or foolishly study the brewing of black tea by yourself.

founded in 1854, the elegant and exquisite French MARIAGE seasoned tea has become a barometer for every tea appreciator. You can even decide whether you want a fresh Paris breakfast tea or the citrus-scented French Blue Flower Earl through different times and moods of the day; drink a cup of fruity Golden Mountains when the weather is too hot; and you can choose a cup of oriental nocturne green tea if you want to help digestion after dinner. If you prefer opera, you might as well try Madame Butterfly white tea or red opera Louis Persian tea, which is caffeine-free and suitable for reading and watching plays in quiet nights.

A good cup of black tea is not only reflected in the excellent quality of the tea after careful selection, but also in the delicious, sweet and non-greasy pastry that is baked in the hand. After tasting the cake with a cup of black tea with just the right brewing temperature, it is worthy of the taste and enjoyment you want.

you think I want to make tea?

actually, I want to hit on you.