Change the circle (good text in depth)

Change the circle (good text in depth)
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recently, one of Malone's interview videos went viral.

in an interview, a reporter asked him, "Why is the national table tennis table tennis team so prosperous?"

Malone replied: "coaches and teammates are world champions and will have invisible motivation to spur you. This kind of team strength is an important reason for the enduring prosperity of the national table tennis team."

I have to say, what kind of environment you are in and who you get along with is really important.

as the business philosopher Jimmy Ron said, "you are the average of the five people you most often come into contact with." The quality of

circles often determines a person's future and quality of life.


there is an interesting saying on the Internet: "poker friends will only urge you to play cards, and drinking friends will only urge you to drink."

after a person stays in a low-level circle for a long time, both knowledge and vision will stop growing.

A story was told by the media author @ Zhuying.

once, her cousin came to ask her to borrow money.

A man of more than 1.80 meters sat on her sofa with his head down, his face flushed with embarrassment.

it turns out that after my cousin graduated from college, he worked as a technician in an enterprise and made a group of playful brothers.

others are learning theory, they get together to brag and talk;

others are practicing their skills, they play cards behind closed doors and spit smoke circles.

A few years later, the enterprise was reorganized and most of the brothers who ate, drank and played together were eliminated in the selection examination and were forced to be laid off or demoted.

although my cousin has kept his job, he has been wandering around the grass-roots level for many years, earning a meagre salary and living beyond his means.

and some of the same group of people who joined the company with their cousins have become technical backbones, and some have already taken up leadership positions.

du Fu once said, "the spring water in the mountain is clear and transparent, and the spring water coming out of the mountain will be turbid."

means that the spring is clear in the mountains, but it becomes turbid when it flows out of the mountains.

the same is true of people. If they enter different circles, they will have different lives.

A high-level circle will have a positive energy impact on you; a low-level circle will make you trapped in a mud ditch without seeing the vast expanse of heaven and earth.

if the circle around you is consuming you all the time, be sure to stop the loss in time.


the Stanford Research Center has published a survey report, and the conclusion is shocking:

A person makes money, 12.5% comes from knowledge, and 87.5% comes from contacts.

the head of Carnegie training area also said:

when Buffett was a child, he especially liked a caddie named Eddie Bennett.

caddies help players with clubs and do chores without much skill.

but the great thing about Eddie is that he does the same job as others, but earns much more than others.

the best one, Eddie earned $700 in just four days, equivalent to the income of other caddies in a year.

how did he do it?

because he only chooses the champion team to serve the players of the champion team.

at first, Eddie worked for the Chicago White Sox in 1919.

wait until the next year, Eddie will move to the more promising Brooklyn Dodgers.

the Brooklyn Dodgers won the league championship this year.

later, Eddie found that although the Dodgers won the championship, they were weak.

Eddie, who is not optimistic about the prospects of the Dodgers, looked for a chance to join the Yankees in 1921.

soon, the Yankees won their first championship in team history.

Eddie spent seven years as a caddie for the Yankees, who won five American league titles.

Eddie knows very well: "it doesn't matter how he carries the bat. The important thing is that he can work for the star on the court."

in 1927, the Yankees reached the World League finals.

Baseball legends of the year, Babe Ruth and Lugrik are also on the list.

Buffett learned the true meaning of investment and the secret of success from this caddie:

if Eddie does not enter the circle of quality, he may, like other caddies, take a meagre income day after day.

sometimes, a circle is a platform, and without a high-quality circle, you will be left behind.

it is a shortcut to become a master to stay away from low-level circles and integrate into better groups.


there is a law of attraction in psychology: "the people and things that a person encounters are actually attracted by his own characteristics."

circles are important, but if you're not good enough, it's hard to squeeze into the circle you want.

just like Eddie can keep getting close to the high-level circle, because he studies the teams for many years and knows the strength and development potential of each team like the back of his hand.

if you want to change the circle, the most important thing is to practice yourself.

since the media man @ Zorro first joined the industry, when he caught up with a project, he asked the big guy who previously added Wechat to help him.

he wrote the request seriously, sent the message, and looked forward to the reply from the big shot.

as a result, the big shot ignored him at all.

afterwards, he figured it out:

"I am an unknown editor, and it is too normal for people not to reply to me." Why call me back? It's not that important to him, it's just important to me. I have nothing that the other party wants. "

after that, he worked hard to write articles, dismantle popular styles, and study.

now that he is a big cow in the industry, he will no longer encounter others being lazy when he first joined the industry.I have to reply to his embarrassment.

even the bigwigs he didn't dare to think of before would want to get to know him on their own.

be the best of yourself so that you can meet better people.

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when you are strong, your circle will naturally become strong.

some people say: "Circle and ability are two things that complement each other, and no one is more important than the other."

if you enter the circle of high quality, the improvement of ability will become faster; if you have strong ability, the circle will become more and more high-quality.

if you want to become a knowledgeable person, you must cultivate your knowledge so that you are qualified to talk to knowledgeable people.

if you want to become an elite in the workplace, you have to spend more time improving your ability before you have a chance to be recognized by the company.

Jia Pingwa wrote in

"your circle is actually the world of your life, representing your aesthetic and life level."

if you don't want to jump out of this comfort zone, your life will be at ease, and the gap between you and others will widen. "

the greatest self-discipline of adults is not in the low-level circle, self-depletion.