Character determines life!

Character determines life!
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recently, a man tried to charge his mobile phone on a high-speed railway and refused to ask the person next to him to change seats with him.

so he made rude remarks: "you should have let me sit. I am much higher than you. If I were in my unit, I would have fired you."

the so-called people with poor character are probably like this.

in a world where all beings are equal, they always have an inexplicable sense of superiority.

their words and deeds always reveal defiance and selfishness.

do not know that such people, no matter how high their status, will eventually lead to moral mismatch because of their character, and no matter how much wealth they have, they will dissipate because of their character.

the fate of a person's life is the final character.


character is the best feng shui

once read a story:

A rich man bought a villa and asked a master to come and have a look at feng shui.

on the way to pick up the master to the villa, the rich always avoid when someone overtakes.

seeing children fighting in the way ahead, the rich stopped and patiently told their children to pay attention to safety.

at the door of the villa, when the rich man heard the sound of children stealing fruit in the yard, he asked the master to have a look at the door first, so as not to go in now and frighten the children on the fruit trees.

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at this time, the master said, "Please take me back. There is no need to see the fengshui here."

the rich don't understand: "Why?"

the master smiled and said, "wherever you are, it is a good place with fengshui."

We often say, "fengshui nourishes people."

in fact, people are influencing fengshui.

No matter how bad fengshui is, when it comes to good character, it will change in reverse;

No matter how good fengshui is, it is difficult to attract good luck when it comes to bad character.

people with good character, no matter where they live, are all fengshui;

people with poor character cannot escape bad luck even if they live in fengshui.

there is a saying in the Tan Jing: "all Fukuda, do not leave the square inch." I find it from the heart, and I can't feel it. "

A person's character is the source of good or bad fate, which is enough to determine the trajectory of a person's life, and even the success or failure of the end of his life.

good character, wide road

No one is stupid in life.

it is just the different choices between people that make two people with the same starting point walk out of different paths and lead different lives.

people with good character choose to use their intelligence in learning and refine their abilities;

people with poor character choose to use their intelligence on shortcuts and ruin their own way back.

the world of cause and effect, under the gold, is full of traps.

good character can make people settle down in the world, sit more steadily, and go further.

character is always more important than ability, wisdom, background and conditions.

A reporter once asked Li Zekai, "what secret did your father Li Ka-shing teach you to make money?"

Li Zekai said: "he didn't teach me to make money, but only taught me how to behave."

reporters are very confused.

Li Zekai replied, "my father said that if you cooperate with others, seven points are reasonable or eight points are fine, then we only get six points."

talk about the business opportunities hidden in "concession".

people who haggle over everything for the sake of self-interest will never be able to broaden their financial resources.

the difference between six points and eight points is actually the difference of character.

Emerson said: "character is an inner force, and its existence can play a direct role without any means."

being kind is the highest level of shrewdness.