Complain about others = torture yourself

Complain about others = torture yourself
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in life, nine times out of ten, people are unhappy. In the face of ups and downs, some people laugh calmly, others complain.

people who often complain, complain.

Zeng Guofan, an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty, said: "if the prison is too much, it will be restrained afterwards."

complaining may seem like a simple complaint, but it is actually a kind of poison, which virtually hurts others and yourself, and finally destroys your life.


complaining is a terrible self-deception

in history, Zeng Guofan's sixth brother, Zeng Guohua, was very talented and talented in writing.

Zeng Guofan hopes that he can gain fame and make contributions to his country.

Zeng Guohua is also complacent about his talent, and his repeated failures in exams have made his state of mind hit rock bottom, either chattering or complaining every day.

not only do the examiners blame the examiners for not knowing talents, but also blame their wives for not taking care of themselves, and even for bad luck, but they don't find the reasons from themselves.

when Zeng Guofan heard this, he was so angry that he wrote a letter and lashed out at him, and told Zeng Guohua that complaining was the most useless thing in the world.

complaining seems to be a simple outpouring, but in fact it is a terrible self-deception.

it only makes us attribute our mistakes and mistakes to others, never face up to our own mistakes and shortcomings, but let ourselves get deeper and deeper.

it is impossible for a person who only complains when something happens.

A generation of sage Confucius hit a brick wall everywhere when he traveled around the world, like a lost dog.

but he never complained. On the contrary, he stuck to his ideal, cultivated himself, established morality, and improved constantly.

in the Constitution of the Analects of Confucius, it is written: "do not complain about heaven, not especially people, go up after school, and it is heaven to know me!"

if you resent others for setbacks and blame it on fate, you will never grow up.

you should know that it is better to examine yourself than to complain about the darkness.


resenting others will eventually hurt yourself

A long time ago, a woman was always entangled by dream demons.

one day, a master who traveled everywhere found the woman's strange and gave her a golden key to tell her that it would be useful to dream again in the future.

in the evening, the woman had a familiar dream.

there were people she hated in the dark house. She looked at the golden key in her hand and decided not to open the door and continue to punish them.

A long time passed, and the woman's illness became more and more serious. The master looked at the golden key in her hand and sighed, "this is the only chance. Open it quickly before the lock is rusty."

this time, the woman finally plucked up the courage to open the door, and the crowd surged out, and she was the last to come out.

from then on, the black house collapsed, the dream demon disappeared, and the woman's illness gradually improved.

in life, each of us may be the woman in the story, thinking that by imprisoning others, we are punishing them.

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but I don't know that your resentment doesn't have much impact on others at all, but can imprison your own heart and torture yourself infinitely.

you know, care and resentment are like a dungeon, the more you care about something, the more you are troubled by something, the more you resent something, the more you are imprisoned by something.

resentment and forgiveness are only in a thought, the heart is filled with resentment, and in the end it is always yourself that will be hurt.


only by forgiving others can you let yourself go

A writer once said: "tolerance is not a kind of morality, but knowledge, a kind of understanding and understanding based on the profound understanding of the world and human nature."

people's initial nature is good, opportunities are different, life trajectories are different, and people's hearts are naturally different, but whether it is good or evil, right or wrong, it has its own cause and effect.

during World War II, two soldiers lost contact with the army, and after a long and arduous trek, they ran out of food, leaving only a little venison.

in a moment of crisis, I met the enemy. Fortunately, the two men skillfully dodged it, and just when they thought they were safe, the young soldier was shot in the back.

the soldiers behind hurriedly came to check. Fortunately, they were only slightly injured, and the two people who were still in shock cried bitterly. The next day, the army finally found them.

Thirty years later, the wounded soldier confessed, "I know that the gun was fired by my comrade-in-arms, but I also understand that he wanted to live for his mother. The war was so cruel that I could not help forgiving him."

most of the time, we seem to forgive others, but we are actually letting go of ourselves.

what really hurts you is not the thing itself, but your view of it. Sometimes, from a different point of view, it is to protect others and protect yourself.

tolerance is the only antidote to the chronic poison of resentment.

when you learn to let go of other people's mistakes, you can free your heart, learn to be tolerant and reconcile with yourself, and discover the infinite beauty of the world.

forgiveness is not only to let yourself go, but also a kind of sublimation of kindness!

when you learn to forgive and let go, you can find the infinite beauty of the world!


complaining is like pouring water into your shoes, and it will only get worse and worse over time.

only by stopping complaining, can we make life full of sunshine, stop complaining, and make the heart infinitely warm.

as the saying goes, "seek inward in the heart, outward in the Tao."

in this life, the best way of life is not to complain, but to reflect on yourself from time to time.

because at any time, it can really be cured.The more you will always be yourself! What can really save oneself is always a heart that does not complain!