Congratulations to those who take me for a fool!

Congratulations to those who take me for a fool!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I have seen a question:

someone replied:

I think so. Sincerely, I am most afraid of cheating.

in this world, there are too many people who can't see through. Only if they have been hurt, only the hearts of the people can be feared.

there is always something to give and it will be taken for granted.

there is always some kindness, feeding the ungrateful.

but in fact, those who treat others as fools and cheat their hearts by relying on trust are really stupid.

because they lose not only their conscience, but also those who are kind to him.


there is a classic story:

A fool meets a liar.

the liar said, "if I have sugar, I will give you a piece."

the fool thoughtfully took a piece of candy out of his pocket and stuffed it into the swindler's hand.

the liar took the sugar and said, "if I had a lot of sugar, I would give it all to you." If I had the ability, I would certainly give you the best. "

the fool foolishly believed and gave all his belongings to the liar.

the swindler asked discontentedly, "do you have anything else?"

the fool took out his heart and gave it to the liar.

the swindler threw it on the ground in disgust, stepped on a few feet, and said in disgust, "how much can a heart be worth?"

the fool cried and picked up the broken heart and said to the liar:

"you are wrong. This is the most expensive thing on me."

there is no other person like me who is willing to give you a sincere heart.

what's more, I gave everything and you gave me nothing! "

the fool said that and left. As a result, the liar became stupid.

No matter how much love you give, you can't stand selfish demands.

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there is only one heart, and if it is cold, it will not be hot.

Trust, only once, if you lose it, you can't find it.

affection is priceless. Don't use lies to deceive someone who is kind to you.

there are few people who really treat you well.

I'm not the best, but I'm the one you'll never see again.


who hasn't met a liar and who hasn't been a fool in his life?

all you can cheat are people who trust you.

all you can hurt are people who care about you.

in fact, no one is stupid, just don't say it.

as a human being, I choose to be tolerant, not because I am afraid of you, but because I cherish the relationship with you.

when I do things, I choose to make concessions, not because I owe you, but because I have a bottom line rather than interests.

there is a story in the Analects:

there is such a story:

the scorpion fell into the water tank. The old Zen master fished for the scorpion with his hand and was stung by the scorpion.

the Zen master, fearless, went to fish with his hands again and was stung by a scorpion again.

the young disciple asked the old Zen master:

the old Zen master said:

even in the face of the repeatedly hurting scorpion, the old Zen master still sticks to his kindness.

those who look silly actually value affection and righteousness.

sometimes I choose to play dumb, not because of cowardice, but because I don't want to worry about trifles.

sometimes I choose to give in, not because of debt, but because I don't want to hurt decency.

would rather be disappointed by others than owe half a point to others.

be nice to you, all because of his good character.

Please remember: he didn't have to do this!


there is no real fool in the world.

those who think they are smart tend to be the stupidest, while really smart people pretend to be stupid.

there are two sentences in A Dream of Red Mansions that are used to describe Wang Xifeng: no matter how many people are trapped, they end up burying themselves.

the last thing in the world that should be hurt is sincerity.

in this life, there are not so many fools for you to cheat, only those who want to give you more trust are unwilling to expose your hypocrisy.

there is a limit to all love, trust and tolerance in the world.

what you consume today, you lose tomorrow.

Mencius has a saying:

if you have too many minds, you will not be able to make bosom friends;

you are doomed to meet your true heart.

benefits are given to each other, not by your intrigue.

the so-called bargain is not cheated by you, but given to you willingly by kind people.

there is a Buddhist saying:

to be a man, if you want others to treat you sincerely, you must first treat others sincerely.

if the calculation is much more, it is inevitable that it will be calculated by others.

and life is short, why perform? others may not be your audience.

and those who have been hurt, even if you step on the ground, will eventually be held in the palm of their hands by more people!