Descendants of the Sun | I hate spoilers very much

Descendants of the Sun | I hate spoilers very much
A behavior that seriously affects the viewing quality of the Descendants of the Sun.


behind grandstanding is his low quality

I watched Sherlock no less than ten times. I went to see it on the first day of its release, but it was also on the first day that I already had some trouble opening the full text in my circle of friends. On the last line, I wrote a spoiler like" the Devil Bride "in the movie" the abominable Bride ".

at that time, I was very angry when I saw the moments of these spoilers, my friend said. It seems that you are really a loyal fan. I said, "it's not a question of whether fans are fans or not. to avoid subjective fan feelings, this use of their own inferior means to achieve the purpose of grandstanding simply makes people feel that they have no quality, you know?" How is it different from sadism to make spoiled people feel angry and get psychological pleasure? "

Descendants of the Sun is the same for everyone who pursues it. There is a saying that "since the show came out, I only want to spend Wednesday and Thursday every week." because I know the feeling that you wait for a season in a year, watch a season in a day, and then wait two or three years for the next season. Being spoiled directly by others while chasing the plot is simply destroying curiosity and suspense, okay? without this desire to know but not to know, it is tantamount to having no motivation to watch every next episode of the show.

in short, spoiler, in my opinion, has a low cost and a wide range of spread, which seriously affects the viewing quality and experience of TV fans, which means disrespect for film and television works, disrespect for the author, and the act of destroying other people's viewing experience in an extremely selfish way to gain their own pleasure.

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