Dog days, five taboos, do not leave the root of the disease!

Dog days, five taboos, do not leave the root of the disease!
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dog days are the heaviest time of year.

two words: too hot!

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says:

pay attention to these five aspects, we can naturally avoid dampness, distant diseases, and spend dog days.


avoid cool, dispel dryness and dampness

according to TCM theory, "dampness passes through the spleen".

it is hot and rainy in dog days, so yang dryness prevails on the outside and yin dampness lurks inside.

and the spleen governs the skin, if the body moisture is very heavy, the skin will reflect.

acne in young people, long spots in middle-aged and elderly, infantile eczema, prickly heat and so on are mostly symptoms of dampness accumulation.

therefore, the dog days when summer heat is at its peak is a good time to dispel dampness and nourish the spleen.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "the disease starts from overuse and needs to be prevented from getting cold due to summer heat."

Electric fans and air conditioners help people prevent heat and cool down, but excessive greed can damage Yang Qi.

spend the night with the air conditioner on, take a shower with cold water, and go to sleep with wet hair after bathing.

and so on, all of these will lead to deficiency of internal qi and make summer dryness and dampness take advantage of deficiency.

it is easy to cause leg and foot swelling, lower limb thrombosis and accelerate spinal aging.


avoid big sweat, balance Yin and Yang

sweat belongs to Yin even though it is changed by body fluid.

traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that "sweat is the liquid of the heart".

the formation of sweat is inseparable from the participation of Yang Qi.

that is, when you sweat, you lose a lot of Yang Qi.

exercise in dog days, it is advisable to sweat slightly and avoid sweating.

the ancients called it "dipping sweat", that is, exercise until the clothes are wet, but not drenched, which is most beneficial to the human body.

sweating is easy to damage the heart, and drinking a lot of water after exercise will also cause burden to the heart and kidney.


avoid cold, control diet

Qiu Chuji, a famous health keeper in the Yuan Dynasty, said: "eat more warm, do not make you full, enter it from time to time, it is fat and greasy."

on dog days, it is best to eat less greasy food and more light food that is easy to digest.

the diet should not be too cold, because the cold damages the yang qi of the spleen.

in addition, the disease is most likely to enter through the mouth in dog days.

pay special attention to diet and avoid eating raw, cold and spoiled food.

the Analects of Confucius says: "lust does not eat, stink does not eat, dereliction of duty does not eat, do not eat from time to time."

eat cold dishes, first pass through boiling water, and then use mustard and raw garlic as accessories to kill germs.


avoid intense cutting, adjust joy and anger

Huai Nan Zi says: "Great anger breaks yin, great joy falls into yang, great worry collapses, and great horror leads to madness."

in extreme weather, people's emotions tend to fluctuate greatly.

too much joy and too much anger will make people angry and lead to emergency.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "keep your mind free from anger and vent your anger." This summer is the answer to the spirit of summer, and the way to keep healthy. "

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the mood is stable, the spirit is relaxed, the natural spirit is refreshed, the body and mind is comfortable.

quiet and nourish the mind, but also contribute to the movement of the viscera, so that the external evil does not invade, the internal disease is not born, and the disease resistance is naturally enhanced.

in dog days, we should learn to adapt to the heat, release emotions and prevent summer evil from causing disease.

adjust breath and concentrate, calm and cool naturally, which is very helpful to your health.

mood fluctuation is too large, which is easy to induce arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure and stroke.


avoid dampness and keep dry  the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic puts forward: "those who are hurt by dampness will suffer first."

means that dampness hurts people, often invading from the bottom up.

the formation of summer dampness is often related to the upward evaporation of surface water, so it is mostly from the bottom up when invading the human body.

No matter how hot it is in dog days, don't let your child run barefoot at home, let alone sit on the cold floor and play.

in addition, once the air humidity is too high, many bacteria begin to breed.

Air conditioning is often turned on at home in summer. If the windows are not opened frequently and ventilated, it is easy to spread respiratory diseases.

in addition to common diseases such as colds and fever, allergic asthma and urticaria may also be caused by poor ventilation.

therefore, in dog days, the bedroom must avoid dampness, let the air circulate as much as possible, and keep it dry and fresh.