Don't come to see me off on graduation day.

Don't come to see me off on graduation day.
Some thoughts can't wait for a certain day.

I hate all forms of farewell. It's not that I'm too naive to accept farewell. What I'm afraid of is that this ceremony always makes me feel that this side is the last.

before I left school during the holiday last semester, I met all my better friends, but I missed one. I complained to him on Wechat on the day I took the bus home, "Oh, you're the only one left."

he replied to me, "is it stupid? it's not like it's all gone."

when I was hitchhiking home, the high-speed train suddenly stopped on the track. When I encountered this situation for the first time, I was completely confused and thought, "my first intuition is that maybe it is really the last time."

but I can still sit here and write, which shows that in reality, the probability of such an accident is very small, and few people will die halfway after saying goodbye. So such a low-probability event before the real ghost hit the wall by you, we make any assumptions are pale and powerless.

every "disorganized" party coincides with Sunday. Tong c usually has to leave midway and hitch a ride back to Guangzhou to go to school. Every time before she leaves, I hear a series of sighs, "well, I really don't want to go." "can I transfer to the same school as you?" "it looks like it's going to rain tonight, so I don't have to go?"

but I never asked her to stay. I never said, "Yes, it's going to rain, so stay."

on the other hand, I would say, get out of here. "won't you give it to me?" "No." She would yell at me and say, "Why are you so fucking cold!"

I like messy meetings with a full range of people. Every time, under the guise of a meeting, a group of people seem to have opened an unstoppable chatterbox, from teasing Tong c's emotional problems to thorns' work experience. Any topic can trigger a big explosion of inspiration for topic selection. If we are a team's cooperative relationship as a starting point, then we are more like we can fight side by side. Friends who understand and help each other.

so how can I not know the feeling of leaving in the middle of a "tacit understanding" and "mutual understanding" gathering of friends, but I know better that farewell will only be a "very hard" ceremony for both parties.

basically we have all played these two roles, sending others away or being given away.

after studying in the city for three years in high school, my mother only came to the school twice. Once, she helped me carry my luggage and sent me to my dormitory on the day of entrance examination. The second time was a parent-teacher meeting before the college entrance examination. When she was sick that day, I saw her off. I stopped a taxi, told the driver the address, put my thermos bottle in her hand, closed the door for her after she got in the car, and said to the driver, "would you please take me to the door? thank you!"

because of the problem of family education, we are all stingy to express our feelings. Most of these things were done by my parents for me from an early age, and that was the first time I sent her away.

stand still and watch the car drive away, silently write down the license plate number, wait until the car is out of sight, put on headphones, hang your head, turn around and go back.

later, on the day I went to college, they also insisted on helping me carry my luggage to school. I didn't see them off when I left. My new roommate asked me with a puzzled face, "won't you see them off when your parents are gone?"

I put the shampoo in my suitcase on the sink and said, "No, my family doesn't care that much." In fact, I dare not give it, first, I am very selfish, because I am too clear, watching them go, how much it feels like several knives are stabbed at you from all directions at the same time; second, I want to look more mature, independent and less concerned.

I don't send people away, and I don't want to be seen off. Just like every time I left home, I would sneak away with a heavy suitcase. I was afraid they would take me to the car. After the car left, I couldn't help looking back. I was afraid that the car had been driven far away, and they still stood motionless.

I am afraid of the railway station and the airport. There is a happy reunion at this exit and a silent farewell ceremony at that entrance. Every time I see this, I secretly swear that I will never let these plays have a chance to happen to me.

parents and children will eventually face such a scene, as the old movie Casablanca said, "you can't follow me where I'm going, and you can't participate in what I'm going to do." This is a fact that cannot be changed no matter how unwilling we are, how obedient and filial we are.

during the days of Grandpa's funeral, Dad, as the eldest son and as our father, acted as usual, independent, calm, greeting guests, greeting them, joking, and even playing cards to pass the long vigil.

when I temporarily went back to my hometown to find my father that day, I heard him sobbing through the door outside the living room. I dared not stay and went out. I ran into my cousin who followed me. "I suddenly remembered that my father had just left by car."

I took her away and left the room to my father. I almost forgot that my father, who bears everything for us with a firm shoulder, and a father who handles things in a mature way, also has emotions that need to be covered up when seeing her off. We all just act like we don't care about coming and going in order to look mature.

the more careless you look, the more you suppress your emotions.

Coke, playground, night talk, these make me uncontrollably like summer, but the most annoying June is also in summer, the impression that June always stands for "farewell". Today, the second model of Guangzhou will go back to school to take graduation photos next month. Those who cried and sent them away last year have long been driven by the giant wheel of society to miss them for a minute and a half.

I have seen it on Zhihu, "Milan Kundera said something like this in" Farewell Party ": the best goodbye is that you two are in the middle of a conversation when suddenly something calls you away. The head of the conversation is still there.Son, I was going to continue later, but there will be a separation between man and man. "

keep this sentence in mind all the time, and it is also used in the college entrance examination, because there is a 100-day countdown, the first thing you notice when you enter the classroom every day, and what you inadvertently scan when you look up at the blackboard in class, it is always a 24-hour periodic decline in the lower right corner, 100, 99, 98. 50, 49. 10, 9, 8. 3, 2, 1.

time is pinched every day. I have only 50 days to stay with this group of people. Oh no, 49. It seems that we have to give a time limit so that we can do what we have not done yet. Those who have not yet cherished should hurry to cherish it, and finally aggravate a feeling called "ritualized reluctance" until one day when you discover that "it's no more than that" one day.

before, in the third year of senior high school, I mentioned such a funny idea to many friends. I said, why can't the college entrance examination be in a certain class? the teacher went straight up to the podium and announced, "come on, let's take the college entrance examination now. Put things away."

like an ordinary quiz, you will hear wailing all over the room, and then the test paper will be sent out to fight again. Time is up. Ring the bell. All right, let's graduate.

Why are so many people reluctant to give up the college entrance examination? In fact, there is also a reason that the "countdown" makes the farewell ceremony too grand and grand.

drinking coke as wine with friends on the playground, she said, "I'm really afraid that no one will come to see me off after graduation."

I stretched and said, "I'm afraid someone will see me off on graduation day."

"Why do you feel like the whole world is cheering for me when you come in as a freshman? when you are a senior, you feel like a drowning dog."

Xiao Hou, a good sister, said that on the day he moved out of school in his senior year, he passed the dormitory of his best gay friend in the university. he thought he would come out and give him a bear hug, or help him carry his luggage. He walked to the door, "Hey, I'm leaving." The other side continued the game naked and said, "well, good." I didn't take a look at Xiao Hou all the way.

Xiao Hou said that he couldn't understand at that time. It was not so easy to see a city so far away in the future, and it was only the night before that he was drinking together and boasting that he would be strong together in the future.

I really want to jump back and tell him, it's not that you're not important or he doesn't care about you, because only when we are as usual, I don't think this is our last meeting.

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I am so mature that I am not sure to cry bitterly at the station after you leave. I don't want to think of you in the future, it's all the scene of watching you go. I can get drunk with you the night before, but I just don't want to watch you go that day.

I hate all forms of farewell, it always makes me feel that you wait until I am about to go, you feel as if you should send me, only then do you think I am quite important, so you are too tolerant of me.

I hate all forms of farewell because I don't want you to be my reason for not giving up. I don't want someone to stand up and shake me every time I make a decision at the last minute.

I hate all forms of farewell, because any road I take, any choice I make, I never thought that I would not have your participation in the rest of my life. There is only one possibility that you will no longer participate in my life after you plan to send me off.

I don't need a farewell gift, maybe it's just because Lin Xi wrote it in "Love too late". I really can't wait for a certain day.

promise me that you won't let me drink the graduation wine alone, and

also promise me that you won't come to see me off on the day you leave.

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