Don't get up early, don't hurry after meals, don't go to bed three times.

Don't get up early, don't hurry after meals, don't go to bed three times.
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traditional Chinese medicine is in good health, advocating "the order of heaven" and grasping the rhythm.

during the day, getting up early, after meals and before going to bed are the three key nodes of health preservation.

on each node, there are health tips that require special attention.

Uncle Fan made a special summary to make it easy for everyone to master.


three don't get up early

get up early. It's time for the human body to recover from a deep sleep.

1. Don't get up suddenly

the human body is in chaos after a night's rest.

during sleep, the blood flow slows down and the blood viscosity is higher.

standing up abruptly, it is easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

causes dizziness, giddiness and other discomfort, and even induces cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

"the age of study refers to" there is a saying: "first wake up, then wake up, rub your hands hot, iron your eyes several times, turn your eyes nine times to the left and turn to the right nine times, stay in less acreage, suddenly open wide, except for wind and fire."

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before getting up, lie flat on the bed, rub your hands together and cover your eyes with your palms.

repeat this several times, then roll your eyes, open your eyes, and get up.

this can effectively protect facial nerves from being stimulated by cold wind.

2. Do not hold back the rule of defecation and defecation

, which is a significant sign of the normal operation of the human body.

people who eat regularly and are healthy usually have a sense of defecation immediately after getting up in the morning.

get up in the morning to have a sense of defecation, do not hold it, it should be discharged as soon as possible.

you can drink a glass of boiled water after getting up, which not only helps to moisten the intestines, soften the stool and help the body detoxify;

can dilute the blood and prevent thrombosis.

3. Don't deal with breakfast

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "stomach is the sea of internal organs."

the stomach meridian is in season in the morning, when food is most easily digested and absorbed.

if you don't eat breakfast, your stomach will run empty, causing damage to the internal organs.

after detoxification, nutrition should be replenished in time.

therefore, the time of breakfast cannot be delayed, the quantity cannot be small, and the meal cannot be eaten in a hurry.

get up half an hour early and sit at the table and have a safe breakfast.

with sufficient nutrition, you can better support a day's work and study.


there is no hurry after meals

after meals, it is the "prime time" for the absorption of nutrients.

1. There is no hurry to lie down

Sun Simiao, king of medicine, said: "if you eat enough, you will lie down."

lie down as soon as you have a full meal, the food is not digested in the stomach, and the accumulation and stagnation is a disease.

Old Man Heng Yan says: "if food stops eating after a meal, you must walk slowly for hundreds of steps."

if the qi is transported to the spleen, it will grind the stomach and decay easily. "

soothing activities should be carried out after meals, leaving buffer time for the spleen and stomach.

at the same time, massage clockwise and counterclockwise around the navel with palms.

it is beneficial to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the speed of food digestion.

2, do not rush to take a bath

just eat, there is still a lot of undigested food in the stomach and intestines.

take a bath immediately after meal, the body surface blood flow will increase with the increase of temperature, while

gastrointestinal blood flow will be relatively decreased.

the digestive function of intestines and stomach will be weakened, which is easy to cause indigestion, abdominal distension and so on.

so it's better to take a rest for 1-2 hours before taking a bath after eating.

3. Do not rush to drink tea

Compendium of Materia Medica records: "Tea is bitter and cold, the yin in yin."

drink for a long time, then the spleen and stomach cold, energy dark damage, into phlegm. "

many people have the habit of drinking tea after meals. They feel that strong tea removes grease and helps to digest food.

Tea contains a lot of acidic substances, which can be combined with iron and zinc in food to form insoluble substances, which makes these nutrients difficult to be absorbed by the human body.

drinking tea immediately after a meal not only affects the digestion and absorption of food, but also easily leads to stones and constipation.


it is not suitable for three times before going to bed

before going to bed, it is the critical time for body and spirit to adjust breath.

1, it is not suitable for exercise

the Internal Classic of Huangdi says: "if you enter Yin, you sleep, and when Yang comes out of Yin, you sleep."

Night is supposed to be the time for Yang Qi to converge and Yin Qi to rise.

if you want to sleep well, the body's yang must sink into yin.

strenuous exercise before going to bed will cause hyperactivity of yang and deficiency of yin.

the human body is out of balance between yin and yang, which in turn leads to restlessness at night.

2. It is not suitable for midnight snacks

there is a saying in Huangdi Nei Jing: "if there is disharmony in the stomach, you will lie uneasy."

eating too much food before going to bed is easy to produce esophageal reflux, stomach distension and acid reflux, and sleep problems.

small amount of activity at night, low energy consumption, eating too much can easily lead to fat accumulation, obesity, hyperlipidemia and so on.

Don't go beyond eight o'clock for dinner. Choose light and digestible food. Seven percent is enough.

3. Do not think about

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "if you are quiet, you will hide the spirit, and if you are impatient, you will die."

excessive use of the brain during the day, and do not pay attention to refreshing, the most likely to insomnia.

the absence of God will consume qi and blood, disturb yin and yang, and damage viscera.

if you want to ensure the quality of sleep, you should not only let the body rest, but also let the mind return to peace.

get rid of distractions before going to bed and sit still for a while, which is very helpful to the recovery of mental and physical strength.