Don't overdraw yourself! (good text in depth)

Don't overdraw yourself! (good text in depth)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the road of life is long and bumpy,

a lifetime, but only a few decades.

seems to have a lot, but

actually belongs to me, and

really doesn't have much.

in this world,

everything has cause and effect, everything has reincarnation, and everything you do will be fed back to yourself.

Don't overdraw yourself at any time.

because every time you squander,

you have to pay a heavy price in the end.

do not overdraw trust

trust, it is difficult to establish,

need long-term contact to understand,

can be given.

Trust is like water, once it is cloudy, it is difficult to clear,

Trust is like paper, once wrinkled, it is difficult to heal.

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so never overdraw trust.

it is your blessing for others to trust you.

be a trustworthy person,

can get more help and support.

if you overdraw trust,

will not only lose your true feelings, but also destroy your character.

without help, the road will be difficult in the future.

Don't overdraw your feelings.

feelings are precious wealth.

Truth is the best treasure.

any kind of emotion,

needs to be cherished and given.

if you don't know how to cherish and don't want to give, no matter how deep your feelings will turn into nothingness.

feelings are all equal, and

giving is mutual.

never overdraw your feelings,

because not everyone deserves it.

if your efforts are not answered,

then stop early.

if you really don't care,

then don't give.

your true feelings and sincerity are very expensive.

must be left to those who are worthy of it.

is valuable and meaningful.

Don't overdraw the bottom line

what is the bottom line?

bottom line is the foundation of being a human being, and

bottom line is the standard of doing things.

if you have a bottom line, you won't do evil.

keep to the bottom line and you won't do whatever you want.

the so-called bottom line is:

do not lie when it is difficult to die,

do not default on your debts when you die poor,

do not do evil even if you die miserably,

always do your duty according to your conscience, and

be a person of principle.

whatever it is, don't overdraw the bottom line.

keep the bottom line in order to keep a good character.

if you have a good character, you have nothing to fear.

Don't overdraw health

in this life,

the most important thing is not house and car,

is not fame and power,

is a healthy body.

without health,

it is empty to have more.

only when you are in good health can you enjoy everything.

in this world,

the stupidest thing in the world is overdraft health.

give health for everything you want.

once you lose your health,

what's the use of asking for money? things are empty.

being alive becomes an ordeal, leaving only pain for the rest of your life.

so no matter when

do not overdraw health,

pay attention to health, cherish the body,

safe to old age, is the most important!

A person's life, just a few decades,

never do anything to overdraw yourself in a limited time.

for the rest of my life,

it's my duty to be a human being, live a serious life,

just be happy,

be safe!