Eel whale | believe me, you will be single again next year.

Eel whale | believe me, you will be single again next year.

in the middle of the night every year, A will directly give me a phone call, and the first sentence must come out angrily: "I must be single next year!" Definitely! Do you believe it? You wait and see! " After years of getting into the habit of rearranging my video material, I promised her, "well, yes, yes, yes." Then for the past five years, there will always be such a next year, next year after next year, she is still single.

Why do you care so much about being single?

another perennially single friend, B, told me a month ago that a brother was chasing her and she didn't know what to do. After years of insomnia, I have naturally become a panacea for them to pour out. Have I thought about whether I can really help them? Later, it turns out that they are not. They just need a living person to graft their emotions. Of course, they usually transfer the negative energy directly to me and the other person falls asleep, and then I continue their negative energy.

"do you like him?"

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"I don't seem to like it that much."

"then hesitate."

"I don't know how long I'll stay single if I miss this one."

I probably understand that the long empty window has given her a kind of as long as there is such a good person to come out, you must grasp it desperately, first together, whether he likes it or not.

Why can you fall in love with someone you don't like very much, but don't dare to express your love to someone you like very much?

I have to mention Miss C. there was a person who was madly in love with her and a person she was madly in love with. when she met the person she was madly in love with, she immediately broke up with the boy who was madly in love with her. So she began to be second to none with the romantic moon she loved. Three months later, the man dumped her and said he had never liked C. at that time, he accepted it because there happened to be C in the empty window, and now he is going to pursue "true love". C was so hurt that she dragged me to drink with her for three days. Without my care, I think she would have died on the street. It's not magical. Miraculously, a month later, C is back with the person she dumped who is crazy about her. The wonderful development of this storyline simply dumbfounded me. As a friend, I couldn't say anything but asked, "can't you just accept being single?"

C says, "I don't know how one should live."

in my cousin's marriage, there was a bloody plot in which a third party entered the house. When my cousin of domestic violence cried in front of me, I asked her why you didn't get divorced. She asked me, "how can I live without a divorce?"

I asked myself seriously, what is a person who doesn't know how to live? Can a person still live like a dog? do you have to be helped to eat, sleep and bathe? Don't you have anything to fight for but being in love?

I don't want to tell you that girls should be independent, that they should become strong men, that they should carry buckets, and that they can't rely on others at all. I just want to ask, can you not regard love as the whole of your life? Is there anything else that can be done independently? Is it possible not to leave a person one day and not know how to live?

I don't know since when the matter of being single has become so complicated. It's just that I haven't met the person I like so much. Why do I have to "chant poetry right" every night? what is there to downgrade?

I don't know since when, the matter of falling in love has become so complicated, not just two people who like each other, but also so many additional factors, so many self-considerations, and so many fears and fears. Is it because I don't like you when I fall in love and come up to you and tell you, if you say yes, then we'll be together?

I want to tell A that I know I will be single again next year, but so what? I am not afraid of being single because I want to have a clear conscience when I say "Thank you for meeting you" one day.