Even if it is futile, I am willing to be the most authentic self.

Even if it is futile, I am willing to be the most authentic self.
Don't be pussy.

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at noon today, I was having dinner with Zhang Jingzhi and his girlfriend in a Hunan cuisine restaurant. On a whim, we dug up the articles we wrote in disorder nearly a year ago. The record is February 17, 2015, the style of the article is sharp and sharp, so much so that I can't help but ask, "Don't you dare to write like this?" He smiled and asked me to read the last paragraph of the article, which was "something might happen if I wrote it." But if you don't write it, it's not messy. " I remembered that I had lost this spirit in his writing over the past six months, so I asked him to describe the article he wrote last year. He said, young and frivolous, but that's what I want to write. What can I do?

that's right. If you want to write that way, just write it that way.

backstage, many people say that they like to be disorganized because they find that the text here is flesh and blood, and as writers themselves do not dare to say so, so every time they hear it, they will feel a sense of honor to be appreciated. In the article on October 30, (the disorganized fans had a blog that day, so three editors wrote an article to greet the 10,000 "you"), I said. When I first came in, I followed the editor-in-chief and said, "Don't rush my draft. I want to write it. I will write it naturally. As soon as you give me pressure, I will be very passive." At that time, I said this because I cared very much. from the reader's point of view, what you want to see, slowly for a few months, the more profound feeling is that the most important thing that resonates with words is what they call flesh and blood. It's not that other people want to see how I write, but how I want to write it.

"what you can feel is the most real."

has always thought that the outside can be beautiful and elegant, which is not necessarily an external expression of vanity, it can be to respect the occasion and make yourself more confident, but when you get home, you should take off your makeup, take off your contact lenses, take off your body-building clothes, put on your hairpin, wear nerd-style glasses and loose tee, and lie down if you want to lie down. Just me. If you are so reserved, you seem to be sorry for your personal time and space.

I came back from an activity last week. The first thing I did when I got home was to take a shower. After I came out from the shower, I saw an unread message on my mobile phone screen, "was it wonderful today?" "boring, it's the easiest to come back now." "isn't it fun?" "it's not a question of whether it's fun or not, it's that there is no sound behind these seemingly lively occasions, and people have to introduce themselves and find topics, how tired they are." "it seems that you don't like this kind of occasion." "Yes, I'm very boring. Do you still want to play with me?"

there is a fool in our dormitory who likes to watch "here comes Kangxi". Every time I laugh in the dormitory, I will ask the right bed with a puzzled look on my face to see what's so funny. At the beginning of school, a boy talked to me. He had been talking about the weekly trump card variety show on some satellite TV. I couldn't answer it and kept saying, "well, really?" Finally, I said, all right, I'm going to see my documentary. It's finally downloaded. The

channel is different and probably won't be able to chat anymore.

one night, a stranger suddenly added me and said, "Hello, I'm XX. I'd like to talk to you about your article yesterday." Reluctantly, but because it was introduced by an acquaintance, it was difficult to evade it, so I added it back. I forgot what he said to me, but then one night he said something to me about my style of writing. There is a sentence that says, "your words will be like sashimi, bitterly cold, people who like them will naturally like them, and people who don't like them will find it difficult to accept, too harsh." I listened to this sentence, because I did not think that my words were like this, but this sentence did not have any impact. Whether I said it or not, I would not change it. That's good. Perhaps this comment has not been given the responsibility to produce any effect, whether it is praise or criticism, just listen to it, you are you and I am me.

I wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but I didn't decide what the pattern was, and normal school students had to be included in the work in the future, and it was stipulated that they could not have tattoos during the medical examination. on the other hand, I was worried about what other people would think of tattoos. So when I was bored in a class, I asked my good friend in high school. I asked her if you would think I was bad if I had a tattoo. 'i used to think that people with tattoos were rebellious teenagers who were playing outside, 'she said.' until you dyed your hair and pierced your ears, you didn't mind smoking. I don't think so. I don't think so. Because I know you're not the kind of person to learn bad.

Life is so short, you can go whatever you like.

Choose how to cover arms in formal wear that resonates well with your style of choice. Just click and admire as you enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.

A classmate asked me if I didn't like sitting in the last row of every class because I wanted to play with my cell phone. Yes, I encouraged my roommates to sleep a little before class before getting up quickly to buy breakfast and ride a bike. So there is no way to sit in the last row, but what does this mean? I still listen carefully and take notes and want to be the first in the exam. (although I didn't get the first place in the exam)

says I'm useless, I may not want to talk to you, I like myself better.