Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy.

Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy.
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time is wasted and the world is impermanent. When we have experienced the warmth of human feelings and seen through all kinds of things in the world, we gradually understand that the most important thing is to make ourselves happy for the rest of our lives.

in the past, we always lived carefully, for the sake of family happiness, for the approval of our parents, and for the injustice of ourselves to cater to others, but we only forgot to be kind to ourselves.

We are always used to caring too much about others, ignoring our true feelings, and making ourselves unhappy.

in fact, people live in the world, heart as wide as the sea, can be happy, magnanimous tolerance, can be happy.

Why should you care about some things? if you care about it for a long time, you will feel resentful. Some people, why care, care more, happiness is gone.

remember, it is not easy for people to live. Life is for yourself. You must make yourself happy.


about health

Spencer once said that good health and the happy mood that comes with it are the best funds for happiness.

people live in the world, only by living healthily and safely can they take good care of their families, be the permanent support of their families, better grasp their own lives, and have their own happiness forever.

for parents, for children, but also for yourself, please cherish your health and take care of your body. No matter how busy you are at work, you must pay attention to the combination of work and rest and do not overdraw a healthy body.

No matter how stressful life is, don't forget to be kind to your body, because if your health is gone, everything will be zero.

people are alive. Only by having a healthy body can we have the opportunity to enjoy a good life. Healthy body is the most precious wealth in our life.

if you lose your healthy body in your lifetime, you will be unhappy and your life will become more and more unhappy.

cherish your body, do not overdraft health, live in peace and health, is the greatest happiness in this life.

the rest of life is about health. Only when you understand the combination of work and rest can you go on with a smile.

if a person does not take care of his body, once the body turns on a red light, he will not only fall into a desperate situation, but also bring a heavy burden to his family.

remember: exercise regularly, exercise your body, make yourself physically and mentally healthy and energetic, your body is healthy, your mood will be good; if you are in a good mood, your life will become more and more hopeful.

where there is health, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is everything.


about tolerance

tolerance is a powerful force.

it can turn harm into benefit and enemy into friend, and tolerance can often make the other party learn from it and re-examine his or her behavior.

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the human heart cannot be conquered by strength, but tolerance and magnanimity can affect the ice of all hearts.

legend has it that there was an old Zen master in ancient times who was walking in the Zen yard one night when he suddenly saw a chair in the corner of the wall. he knew at a glance that a monk had violated the rules of the temple and went out for a walk over the wall.

the old Zen master also walked quietly, went to the wall, moved his chair, and squatted on the spot.

A little monk really climbed over the wall and jumped into the yard on the old Zen master's back in the dark.

when he landed on his feet, he realized that he was not stepping on a chair, but his own master.

the young monk immediately panicked and tongue-tied, but to the surprise of the young monk, the master did not scold him. He just said in a calm tone: "it's cold in the middle of the night. Go and put on one more dress."

A gentleman is magnanimous, tolerance is sometimes the greatest favor to others, a small inadvertent or intentional tolerance can make people happy.

when you learn to be tolerant, your heart will be happy, because you not only forgive others, but also let yourself go.

No longer care, no longer angry, will be able to enjoy the different scenery of life, this is not a kind of beautiful enjoyment.

forgive others, and you will bless yourself in the end.

tolerance is a kind of spiritual practice, magnanimous, considerate and tolerant, and be a generous person.

when you understand tolerance, you can learn to be bearish. Only when you are really bearish can you let go of it. Only when you let go can you be happy and happy.


about happy

in fact, people live in the world, fame and power are all floating clouds, money and wealth is also in vain, there is no need to be too serious, want to be dissatisfied, so that they are not happy.

Life is your own, keeping up with the comparisons will only add to your troubles, there is no need to compare, live your own life, and take the road you want to go.

Life can only pass by itself, everything in the world is cold and warm, and others can't empathize with it, so you should love yourself and make yourself happy.

learn to please yourself, let yourself live happily, fleeting life, we can be open-minded optimistic, happy and happy to live up to this life.

less calculation, more relief and understanding.

be content, control your desires, don't overdraw for the sake of fame, wealth, and be kind to yourself.

in this life, the most important thing is to live happily, live a good state of mind, live a healthy body, live a good mood!