Far-sighted parents never let their children be lazy! It is worth pondering.

Far-sighted parents never let their children be lazy! It is worth pondering.
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parents love their children, which is the best relationship.

it's just that most of the time, parents love so much that they want to pave the way for their children's life and let them grow up carefree.

however, growing up is the child's own business, and parents cannot replace it.

far-sighted parents are ruthless and will never let their children steal the following laziness.


far-sighted parents

lazy children who never let their children steal books

in life, I believe the vast majority of parents hear their children say things like:

"Mom, I don't want to go to school."

"Mom, I don't want to do my homework."

even though the parents take great pains to enlighten them, their children are still not interested in learning.

some teachers even reported that children often deserted in class, did not listen carefully, and always looked around.

slowly, the child's academic performance is getting worse and worse.

such a result is something that no parent wants to see.

I have seen such a sentence on the Internet:

"if you are lazy while reading, you will be humble and lowly all your life."

in this society, everyone believes that hard work is the standard match to the pinnacle of life. "

in fact, everyone knows how good it is not to work hard at the moment.

Why do you have to go to school? it's so good to watch TV every day.

Why do you have to study on weekends? it's so good to play games.

Why do you have to stay up late to do your homework? it's better to lie down early.

Why do you have to listen carefully and fight with your classmates?

people of any age will find pleasure in laziness and indulgence, and children are no exception.

but we have to admit that the more relaxed and lazy you are when you are young, the higher the price you have to pay to make up for it in adulthood.

once read an article in which there was a short story:

A mother posted a meaningful picture on moments: a bird rests on a branch, and a flock of birds fly into the cloud in the distance.

the mother said, "son, I know you are tired, but everyone else is flying."

it's not that parents don't want to let their children grow up easily, but they just can't.

which parents can really be detached and dare to challenge reality with their children's future?

every parent knows such a truth: reading is the best way for ordinary people to counterattack and the best opportunity to change their fate.

for ordinary people, the exam is still the fairest competition.

only if you get good grades can you go to a good university, and you can have more choices in the future.

so, do not let the child steal the laziness of reading, those who have suffered for reading, will become a wide and smooth road, take the child to where he wants to go.

the years will never be disappointed, every child who works hard!


far-sighted parents

lazy parents who never let their children try and make mistakes

most Chinese parents are used to doing everything they can in educating their children.

when the child has a conflict with the child, the parents rush to solve it for him.

when the child wants to eat by himself, the parents say to him, "Baby, you are still young. Mom will help you. When you grow up, come on your own."

in fact, parents do so out of distrust of their children.

do not believe that children have the ability to resolve conflicts with friends, do not believe that children have the ability to eat on their own.

in fact, this is wrong. How can a child grow up if he is not allowed to try and make mistakes?

Bai Yansong once said:

"if growth is always a pattern, logical, flawless, and sunny, it is not growth.

growth should be three-dimensional and real, although you keep making mistakes, as long as you don't go out of line and stick to the bottom line. "

growth is accomplished through constant trial and error.

if parents do not give their children a chance to try and make mistakes, they will undoubtedly cut off their children's opportunities to grow up with their own hands.

in the long run, children will become less and less confident, independent, and even afraid of making mistakes.

if you love your child, you should give him a chance to try and make mistakes, because every failure is a foreshadowing of success. Only in this way can the child mature slowly.

Cai Xiaowan, a famous family educator, has five doctorates and a master's degree among his six children, so he is known as a talented magician.

he told a story that let the child try and make mistakes.

his fourth child, influenced by martial arts movies, wanted to go to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts.

Cai Xiaowan refused to listen to him no matter how he advised him. Finally, he decided to respect his child's opinion and let him have a try.

he said to the child:

"if you really want to learn martial arts, then write me a resolution."

after the child finished his resolution book, he sent the child to martial arts school.

learning martial arts is actually very hard, so after two months of learning, the child can't hold on any longer and wants to go home.

Cai Xiaowan said:

at his request, the child lasted a semester.

A semester later, Tsai asked him again: "do you want to continue to study martial arts or do you want to study again?"

the child said, "I want to read."

so Cai Xiaowan said:

after the father finished, the child realized that his choice was wrong. With this lesson, he soon became an excellent student.

I was admitted to a key university, and after graduation, I was successfully admitted as a doctoral student by a famous American university.A student.

it is very important for children to keep trying and making mistakes.

if parents do not give their children the opportunity and time to try and make mistakes, it is tantamount to killing their children's best prospects.

trial and error is the soil for children to grow up.

far-sighted parents never let their children be lazy in trial and error, but know how to let go and let their children try and make mistakes.

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far-sighted parents

lazy parents who never let their children do housework

many parents think that doing housework is the business of adults, and children just study hard.

be reluctant to let the child do housework for fear that he will be tired.

there is no need for children to do housework and waste time.

however, the result of not letting children do housework is often not to cultivate an excellent and motivated child, but to let "giant babies" appear frequently.

once caused a sensation, Wei Yongkang, known as a "child prodigy", basically completed his junior high school courses at the age of 4.

at the age of 13, he was admitted to the Physics Department of Xiangtan University with high marks, and at the age of 17, he was admitted to the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

but it wasn't long before he was persuaded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to quit because of high scores and low abilities.

the teacher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said:

"this 20-year-old man is not as good as a child in taking care of himself. He doesn't know how to add clothes in cold weather, he doesn't know how to undress in hot weather, and the room is never cleaned. Dirty clothes and socks are thrown everywhere.

he loves reading so much that he often buries himself in his dorm and forgets to take exams and write his graduation thesis.

A zero score was scored for a subject and his graduation thesis was not submitted, which disqualified him from continuing his doctoral degree.

Why does Wei Yongkang have no survival skills at all?

small things such as washing and cooking, washing and bathing, and even squeezing toothpaste are done by his mother.

in high school, his mother was able to read and feed him in order to make him eat.

... "

as an adult, Wei Yongkang seems to have been separated from his parents, but he has no ability to live independently.

parents' protection of everything happens to deprive their children of a good opportunity to learn to grow up in life.

A 20-year study from Harvard University found that children who loved housework had an employment rate of 15:1, the former earning 20 percent more and their marriages happier than those who did not.

far-sighted parents never let their children be lazy in doing housework, but cultivate the habit of doing housework from an early age.

in the Juvenile talk, a boy complained that his mother always asked him to do housework. He made a request to his mother that he did not do housework.

but his mother said firmly, "No!"

this is what she tells her children:

housework is a part of life, you have grown up, you have to take it.

housework can exercise your hands-on ability, it will make you patient and loving, and you will be more responsible.

Let the child do housework from an early age, he will know how to take responsibility better.

this is the best love for children.

the child grows up only once, and if he misses it, he won't come again.

so parents, please cherish your children's every growth, educate their children correctly, and let their children grow up better.