Fools step on each other, wise men lift each other.

Fools step on each other, wise men lift each other.
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Zuo Zhuan says: "Auxiliary cars depend on each other, lips die and teeth are cold."

in life, no one is a monologue. Everyone is connected and dependent on each other.

Smart people help each other, the road will be wider and wider, while stupid people will tear each other apart, the road will only hurt themselves in the end.


wise men lift each other and achieve each other

as the saying goes: "one hero, three gangs, one fence, three piles."

A person's strength is very weak. Only through unity can we do things better. As people often say, unity is strength.

between people, make concerted efforts and help each other in order to go further and stand higher.

in history, Prince Xiaobai competed for the throne with Prince Xiaobai. Prince Xiaobai successfully won and became a king of Qi.

after ascending the throne, Prince Xiaobai put aside past grievances and attached importance to Guan Zhong. Finally, with the help of Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong, the State of Qi became stronger and stronger and soon became the first of the five hegemons in the Spring and Autumn period.

it is conceivable that if the Childe Xiaobai was narrow-minded and did not attach importance to Guan Zhong because of his vengeance at that time, how could he have his later glory?

Zeng Guofan once said: "for those who seek great things, the first priority is the pattern." people with high standards can appreciate each other, support each other, and achieve win-win results.

Hu Xue, a famous Hongding businessman in modern China, is just like this, and his business legend is well known.

the reason why he is successful is that he will do his best to help others when they need help, so when they need help, others will try their best to help themselves.

in this way, it not only helps others, but also achieves itself.

know that most of the time, when you build bridges for others, you are also paving the way for yourself.

as the Book of changes says, "he who is beneficial is the sum of righteousness."

all the success in the world is based on helping each other. Only in this way can we achieve each other.

fools step on each other and cannot move an inch.

as the saying goes, "one monk carries water to eat, two monks carry water to eat, and three monks have no water to eat."

the lower the pattern, the more people like to embarrass each other and break up each other, resulting in nothing.

there is such a fable in which the man picked up a magic lamp on the road, saw the god in front of him, was ecstatic and hurriedly made a wish to the god.

the god said, "I will grant all your wishes, but your neighbor will get double."

hearing this, the man was instantly depressed, thinking that if I got a house, my neighbor would get two, and if I owned 100 million, he would have 200 million. No, he could not be so cheap.

so he hurriedly said to the gods, "come on, make me blind."

as the ancients said, "the ability of jealousy is the loss of lucky people."

the stupidest person in the world is the one who can't see others well. When he sees that others are better off than he is, he is indignant, jealous and preoccupied with leaving others behind.

but this practice of injuring the enemy by 800 and damaging himself by 1,000 will only lead to the loss of both sides.

Pang Juan in the warring States period was a gentleman with the heart of a villain. He felt that his good friend Sun Bin's talent was far above him, and he was afraid of stealing his thunder, so he set him up, but also led to his final end.

as the old saying goes, "superior people help people, middle people squeeze people, and inferior people step on people."

stupid people build walls high and block the way of others, but they never think that it is to break their own back road and end up in a dilemma.

they did not think that life is a cycle of reincarnation, no matter good or bad, will eventually return to themselves, people who step on each other will only make it difficult for each other.

the second half of life is about pattern

as the old saying goes, "No pancake is bigger than its pan."

the pattern of being a man is not big enough, no matter how high the ability is, there will eventually be limitations.

Wise men have a high pattern and know that people gather firewood, so they build bridges with each other; fools have a low pattern, so they can only see the immediate interests, so they tear each other down.

this practice eventually leads to the strong helping each other, the stronger each other, the weak tearing each other apart and weakening each other.

many people have heard the story of heaven and hell. People in hell gather around to eat soup, but the spoons are so long that they can't reach each other, so they are hungry and skinny.

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and people in heaven choose to feed each other, and everyone is very happy.

in life, the same is true. Heaven and hell are often between one thought.

jealousy, no one else is good everywhere, hell is everywhere, kindness is in mind, help each other, heaven on earth.

Smart people in the world know that to help others is to help themselves.

as people often say, "crossing oneself is a kind of ability, and crossing people is a kind of pattern."

people who really have a pattern can cross others and themselves, support each other, help each other, and achieve a brighter life!