For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, people should be in tune!

For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, people should be in tune!
Good morning, accompany you to read.

shoes don't fit, you'll know when you wear them.

people will know if they fit in with each other for a long time.

walking in shoes, fit is the most important,

when two people get along, being in tune is the most important.

the relationship between people

is like the relationship between shoes and feet.

shoes that don't fit make your feet hurt.

people who don't fit make your heart tired.

shoes must fit to be comfortable, and

people need to be in tune for a long time.


Don't move on to others and wronge yourself

people only live this once.

Don't let yourself live too hard.

if a relationship makes you uncomfortable,

then stay away.

otherwise, it will not only waste time and energy, but also increase hatred and physical and mental exhaustion.

shoes that are not suitable, take them off decisively, and those who are out of tune with

should be separated early.

never let yourself be aggrieved in order to accommodate others.

choose the right people to get along with.

they will pull you along when you are tired.

with the right person,

can be relaxed for the rest of your life.


not so good, as long as it is appropriate

searching in this life,

is to meet the right person.

We live to be comfortable.

so it's really important to choose the right person.

the right person may not be good, but when you are with him,

your desire is not understood, and your sadness is not easily known.

the right person,

is not necessarily the best,

, but must be the one who knows you best.

it doesn't matter whether he is good or not.

is the most important thing for you.

the right person is the right person.

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with them, you will have peace of mind for the rest of your life.


he knows how to make you happy.

when you need comfort, be patient and be by your side.

there are no suspicions and scruples, there will be no differences,

trusts you sincerely, and there will be no disputes.

with such a person,

is comfortable and not tired.

because you understand, it's easy, and

because you understand, it's comfortable.

on the same frequency, they have the same values.

Life becomes interesting and full of expectations.

in this life,

shoes don't have to be fashionable and beautiful,

but they must fit comfortably.

the selection of people does not have to be excellent,

but it must be tacit and in tune.

wear well-fitting shoes to see the beauty.

choose the right person to spend the rest of your life.

this is the smartest way to live!