For the rest of your life, love someone who "makes you laugh"

For the rest of your life, love someone who "makes you laugh"
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Sanmao said:

Love will not last long if it does not fall into the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money.

once loveliness falls to dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money, there is no longer much novelty to speak of.

in the world of love, the hardest thing is not to harvest love, but to harvest it for a long time.

how does love keep fresh?

there is a saying on the Internet:

the ideal life is romantic, but the reality is golden iron horse.

some love, accompanied for a long time, love becomes boring, enthusiasm becomes boring, expectation becomes helpless. This kind of love is undoubtedly painful.


stay with whoever you are comfortable with

Su Qin said:

stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired.

in love, enthusiasm is most afraid of indifference; optimism is most afraid of perfunctory; sincerity is most afraid of cheating.

if a relationship makes you feel uncomfortable, the first thing we should do is to find our own reasons.

is it because we are picky and too critical of each other?

is it our concern that makes life too tasteless?

or is it that we love too much and make love counterproductive?

if a relationship makes you uncomfortable, you meet each other, because you are not modest about little things, and you fight a lot because of a little contradiction.

No matter how deep the relationship is, it will be dragged down by quarrels and defeated by boredom over and over again!

in a relationship, what we need is not only love, but also concession, tolerance, communication and heartache.

We need to actively care, take the initiative to care, and take the initiative to give.

if the person opposite you no longer takes the initiative, love will no longer make people happy, but will make people aggrieved.


the greatest blessing in life is to meet someone who "makes you laugh"

some people say that when a person feels relaxed and free from troubles and stress, then behind him, there must be a person carrying a heavy load for him.

cherish the person around you who makes you laugh.

your lightness and happiness are bought by him with a heavy burden;

your happiness is earned by him silently;

your years are quiet and good, and he works hard and sows seeds.

Life, no one should pay to whom, because of love, we will tolerate a person unconditionally, because of love, we will satisfy a person without request.

No one is a natural safe haven, but some people are willing to protect you from the wind and rain and give you a night of peace!

Thanksgiving, the person who washes his hands and makes vegetable soup for you when you get home in the evening, don't forget her obscurity just because three meals a day are so common.

once upon a time, she was a girl who knew nothing, but for you, she ran a family for several years, even more than ten years!

Thanksgiving, whose job is not boring for the person who has experienced wind, frost, rain and snow but can't go to work. Whose life has no twists and turns? Sometimes he has a bad temper, perhaps not because he has a problem with you, but because he has endured too much and there is no place to put his inner emotions!

once upon a time, he was also the one who could go wherever he wanted, desperate to seek freedom, and could not go home until he got drunk with his buddies.

in love, we all give up for each other more or less.

giving up is undoubtedly great, so if he or she doesn't do well enough, please be tolerant.

after all, she became a wife for the first time, and he became a husband for the first time.


Haruki Murakami said:

you have to remember those who hold you silently in the dark, those who make you laugh, those who chat with you all night, those who come to see you by car, those who say they miss you, make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, it is these warmth that keep you away from the haze, it is these warmth that make you a kind person.

in fact, we are very kind. We can be kind to friends, colleagues, and even to a stranger we have never met.

Why can't we be kind to him around us?

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when you realize this problem, change it, and be grateful, you will be happier for the rest of your life!