Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up is reborn

Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up is reborn
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Buddha said: love, hate, greed and anger are all cages.

in this world, the only thing that can trap you is your heart.

if the sun is positive inside, life will be warm and warm; if the heart is gloomy and dark, life will be bleak.

if you think about everything, you will not be tired if you look down on it.

as Lin Qingxuan wrote in "the most Beautiful Life is Qinghuan"

things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart.

in just a few decades, if we want to be quiet, the only thing we need to do is:

forgive everything before going to bed and wake up without asking about the past!


learn to adjust, the heart will not be tired

in life, there will always be all kinds of unhappiness and unhappiness.

No matter how hard we try, we can't make everything perfect, nor can we be perfect.

since this is the case, you might as well adjust yourself and correct your mindset.

only by persuading yourself is it possible to let go of the past and be full of the future.

is like the sentence that Zhou Guoping, a famous Chinese writer, once said:

I have seen such a story in the article.

two colleagues sitting together chatted, and one of them asked, "what's the weather forecast for tomorrow?"

the other said, "it's going to be my favorite weather."

the man asked, "how do you know it happens to be your favorite weather?"

as a result, the colleague said, "I find that the environment is not always what I like, so I learn to face everything I encounter happily." Therefore, I must like the weather tomorrow. "

this is the case with life.

there are always dark clouds in the sky, there are always bumps and thorns in the road, and we never know which will come first tomorrow or accident.

therefore, do not let the heart be confined to one side of the world, is the most appropriate attitude towards life.

the mind is more open, the vision is more long-term, live a life that does not care, you will have a more calm life.

what is lost is not a blessing!

difficulties are also challenges; frustrations are followed by growth; frustrations are also opportunities.

in this lifetime, if you have the right state of mind, everything will go well.


Let bygones be bygones, love and hate are random

everyone has some extremely difficult moments in life.

the trough of work, the distress of life, the frustration of emotion, the pressure of study.

as the "ordinary World" said:

it is hard to avoid regret and regret.

it is all the more necessary for us to learn to let go of ourselves, to be bearish and relieved after crying and laughing.

to be a man, the more you know how to let go, the richer you are; the more you know how to let go, the freer you are.

Peking Opera masters Mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong are just like this.

one is a master of Beijing Opera, and the other is a famous actor in Liyuan. Under the matchmaking of their friends, the union between the two becomes natural.

it's a pity that fate is so capricious that beautiful love can't withstand the training of life after all.

in the face of emotional changes, Mei Lanfang chose to let go, and Meng Xiaodong did not mention a word of the past.

they do not disturb, do not entangle, put the good things in their hearts, proudly no longer look back, turn around to pursue the life they want.

some people say that the person you miss is like a kite with a broken string. No matter how you pull the string, the kite will eventually go away.

maybe only by accomplishing each other is another kind of relief.

things that cannot be controlled, go with fate and believe that God has its own arrangements;

those who are difficult to retain, let go and give blessings in their hearts;

if you can't take the road, you will change direction and there will always be your own way.

Life is short. Don't get too much joy into sorrow in what you get, and don't waste it in loss.

Let bygones be bygones, love and hate are random and live up to every present.


everything can be expected

Life's ups and downs are common, but despair and decadence will never help.

it would be better to smile calmly and shake hands with life.

Byron said, "A pessimist lives to die, but an optimist lives forever."

what kind of attitude you take towards life, life will give back to you in what way.

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Yan Youyun, a socialite from old Shanghai, lived through numerous waves at the age of 112, but she was always optimistic and cheerful, and made her ordinary life as beautiful as a poem.

once, her home was invaded by thieves, and the precious treasures that had been collected for many years were gone.

others feel sorry for her, but Yan Youyun only said faintly:

"all bad things can happen, which is the lightest."

I just lost my belongings, and everything else that was important was unharmed-my life, health and family. "

when she was 109 years old, she was interviewed by the New York Times and asked about the secret of longevity. "Don't be sad about the past, always look forward," she said. "

it is this mentality that has contributed to her 112 years of legendary life.

writer Feng Zikai once said:

in life, even if you are ill-fated, as long as you know how to clear the sadness in time, happiness will wave to you not far away.

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you will have.

believe that there is no hurdle in life that cannot be overcome. If your heart is sunny, you will eventually be full of willows and flowers.

May we all have a positive and optimistic attitude, open our way and build bridges in the face of water for the rest of our lives.

deal with the ups and downs of life with a smile.Allow for the ups and downs of the years.