Get some sleep, and you win.

Get some sleep, and you win.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is an Irish proverb: "Health begins with sleep."

I slept well and felt refreshed all day.

if you don't sleep well, your spirit will be depressed, which may lead to all kinds of health problems.

the sleep survey results of the China Sleep Research Association show that the incidence of insomnia among Chinese adults is as high as 38.2%.

Sleep problems have gradually become a global problem, but many people only know that lack of sleep affects their mental state, but they don't know that chronic sleep deprivation may be destroying your body.

are you suffering from chronic insomnia? Let's take a look at these three points.


sleep first, then sleep

the old saying "sleep first, sleep eyes later" is intended to show that if you want to have a good sleep, you should first make yourself feel comfortable, peaceful and quiet before you go to bed.

only with peace of mind can the various tissues and organs of the body get full rest, which is beneficial to the health of the body.

in ancient China, there was a strange man named Chen Kui, the legendary Taoist who lived in seclusion in Huashan and played chess with Taizu of the Song Dynasty.

Chen Jie spent all his life studying sleep and lived to be 118 years old. He is not only very good at sleeping, but also wrote a book that teaches people to sleep, called the Sleeping Sutra.

the first sentence can be called a famous prescription for the treatment of insomnia:

means to sleep "sleep first, then sleep eyes", clean up the bad mood and bad things, the heart and spirit are empty, and then close your eyes, you can naturally fall asleep.

think about it, sometimes your upper and lower eyelids are so sleepy that you can't sleep because you have something on your mind, and your brain gets messy as soon as you close your eyes.

Sleeping is a lot like turning off the computer, the monitor is off and the background program is still running.

A female star once described herself suffering from insomnia.

whenever she is depressed and miserable due to insomnia, she will release her emotion by crying, relieve stress and turn on zero pressure sleep mode.

Sun Simiao, a famous doctor, has already mentioned in his "Qian Jin Fang" that he can rest at ease and close his eyes.

that is to say, before you go to bed, make yourself calm, don't fantasize about it, control your emotions, and you will naturally fall asleep.

so it's really key to nourish the heart before going to bed.

mood is like clothes. If it is dirty, wash it and bask in it, and the sun will naturally spread.

the sun is so good, why bother to live well in every moment, ten thousand beautiful future is not worth a warm sleep!

in the Song Dynasty, Cai Jitong mentioned in his "sleeping formula": let yourself relax completely before going to bed, put aside all kinds of messy thoughts, close your eyes and settle down, and go to sleep naturally, which accords with the laws of the human body and conforms to the laws of nature.

Turgenev once said:


do not blindly believe in 8 hours of sleep

Research shows that sleep time is not less than 6 hours a day, and sleep quality is more important than time.

Padmasrivolio, Cisco's chief technology and strategy lawsuit, usually gets up at 04:30 in the morning to check email and exercise.

Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, gets up at 05:30 every day. After getting up, he keeps doing aerobic exercise, while reading newspapers and watching the news.

many business elites have developed the routine of getting up early-- simply dealing with work-- morning exercise. They do not lose sleep because they sleep less than 8 hours. On the contrary, they have high-quality sleep because they have developed good work and rest habits and exercise.

"Sleep Revolution" tells us:

"8 hours is actually the per capita sleep time per night, but I do not know when, it has become the recommended sleep time generally applicable."

however, the great pressure caused by blindly pursuing eight hours of sleep has a very destructive effect on our sleep. "

in life, we always encounter overtime, parties or other temporary chores, making it difficult for us to sleep eight hours a night.

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the rigid arrangement of sleeping eight hours a night is difficult to achieve, and it will only make us more and more depressed and lead to anxiety.

Sleep is good or bad, should not take time as the only standard, sleep time increases or decreases, as long as it does not affect the day's work and life, the next day mental and physical strength are good, it is not insomnia.

Shakespeare once said:


adjust habits and improve sleep slightly

Huangdi Nei Jing mentioned: "healthy sleep should follow the natural law."

actor Huang Xiaoming once exposed that insomnia was so serious that he was so depressed that he was world-weary, which lasted for two years before he gradually improved, and his summary is: "the law of life, the biological clock is not disordered."

thus it can be seen that no matter who it is, sleep should follow the natural law to sleep.

according to the China Sleep Research Association, the globally recognized healthy schedule is to get up at 7 o'clock, have breakfast before 8 o'clock, have lunch at 12:00, recommend an hour of sleep at 13:00, exercise at 19:00, and go to bed at 22:30.

only when the rhythm of the body coincides with the changes of seasons and environment, can we live and live better.

therefore, we first need to change the bad habit of overdrawing sleep and scientifically set our own time to get up and go to bed.

in addition, we should maintain the correct position when we sleep. The "lying like a bow" sleep posture is very scientific. At the same time, generally speaking, the right sideLying is most conducive to physical and mental, viscera recuperation and rest.

secondly, if you bask in the sun and exercise for more than half an hour every day, your sleep quality will be better.

according to the 2021 White Paper on exercise and Sleep released by the China Sleep Research Association and other institutions in Beijing, more than 300 million people in China currently have sleep disorders, while the proportion of insomnia among exercise people is only 10%.

therefore, proper exercise can not only enhance self-immunity but also improve sleep quality, which is beneficial to both body and mind. Finally, you can also take a hot bath, soak your feet, relax moderately or listen to soft and soothing music before going to bed, which are all good for improving the quality of sleep.

Sleep is the need of everyone's life. Good sleep quality can not only improve our immunity and disease resistance, but also protect people's mental health and delay aging.

Sleep practice, self-cultivation and rest can have a good sleep.


A good sleep and a healthy life

some scientific studies have shown that people will die if they do not sleep for five days. Sleep is a necessary process of life, an important part of the body's recovery, integration and consolidation of memory, and an indispensable part of health.

No matter what type of sleep you are, your body needs a recovery process, and the so-called drinking tea and coffee are just overdrawing energy.

nothing is worth staying up until 12:00, because health is more important than the whole world.

if life does not spoil you, you should be kind to yourself. The purpose of this life is to meet a better self.

Sleeping should be a happy thing, cooped up in a soft big bed, where there is no wind, rain, thunder and lightning, no worries and worries.

Voltaire once said:

the road to sleep practice is a process of regaining your life and health. Eat well and sleep well is a person's greatest happiness.