Happiness comes from the heart, and the heart is nurtured by the good (profound).

Happiness comes from the heart, and the heart is nurtured by the good (profound).
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We spend our whole lives searching for great words, such as freedom, honor, happiness, etc., so we have to spend our whole lives looking for them, but in vain.

these great words have no clear concept or absolute definition, but in the end they can't stand up to the word "blessing".

isn't the best blessing for a person to "have endless blessings for a lifetime"?

the kinder the heart, the fuller the happiness; the wider the heart, the greater the blessing; the quieter the heart, the deeper the blessing.


good fortune

during the Song Dynasty, after General Cao Bin successfully attacked Yibin County, Sichuan Province, he refused the suggestion put forward by the staff to "burn the people in order to bring disaster after death."

also issued an order: do not kill, do not seize. The prisoners will stay as they wish and divide the land for reclamation; if they want to go home, they will be entangled.

in memory of Cao Bin, the people of Yibin County built Cao Gong Temple to express their gratitude for his kindness. Later, Cao Bin, an official of high quality, was over 90 years old and his descendants reached Tengda.

it is mentioned in the Dharma that it is easy to practice in the public door. Cao Bin turned the city slaughter into a good law, not only one person and two people benefit, but the blessings are naturally full.

if sincerity is the highest virtue in life, then kindness is the best feng shui in life.

in our country, there is a story of "one centimeter sovereignty":

after the reunification of Germany, the soldiers who guarded the Berlin Wall and shot at the people who climbed it were put on trial.

A soldier argued that I was following orders and had no choice.

the judge said that you are carrying out orders to shoot, but as a sane person, you have the sovereignty to raise the muzzle of the gun by one centimeter. In this world, there is a "conscience" besides the law.

at the beginning, people are inherently good in nature and do not forget their original ideals and aspirations in order to accomplish their mission.


have a broad mind and carry blessings

"Li Ji University" says: "Rich house, moral moistening body, broad mind and fat body."

the word "fat" here does not mean that the body is fat, but that the person who is physically strong and broad-minded is not only physically strong, but also psychologically healthy.

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Su Shi was relegated all the way to the south, as far away as Hainan, which was a barren place at that time.

but Su Shi knows very well that it is useless to be angry except to hurt the body. He goes wherever he goes, where he eats, happily enjoys local life, and Lele Tao produces all kinds of dishes, Braised Dongpo Pork Hock with Brown Sauce, Dongpo fish, Dongpo meat …... Every one of them is like thunder.

of course, the realm of "a lifetime of misty rain" is also unmatched by ordinary people.

as soon as the heart is tolerant, the qi will not stagnate; the qi will not stagnate; the blood will be unobstructed, so the heart will be one inch wide and the disease will go back one inch.

therefore, although his life is full of vicissitudes and ups and downs, Su Shi seldom gets seriously ill.

A person with a broad mind integrates words and deeds and does not need to explain too much. They live a simple life and let people know them in a simple way, but they don't care whether they can understand them or not.

when people are alive, the side of living for others is an illusion, but living for themselves is the truth.


the quietest place for peace of mind and happiness

is not in the isolation from the rest of the world, but between our hearts.

the greatest blessing is not to ask for heaven and earth, but to have a fixed number of things in daily life.

peace of mind is a blessing, an interaction between yourself and yourself, and a reward you give to the world.

there is a book that says: to live a day is to be blessed, and you should cherish it. When I cried that I had no shoes, I found someone with no feet.

many people are like this. When they are able-bodied and can run wantonly, they complain about the poor environment around them;

suddenly get sick, sit in a wheelchair, and miss the days when they were able to walk;

when it comes to bedsores and restlessness, they talk about how comfortable it is to be in a wheelchair.

dislike the present forever, and the blessings have been driven away.

people should be calm, accept the moon will be full and missing, accept uncontrollable things, accept the present glory and all, in order to enjoy the gift of time.

there is a wonderful logic in life. If you really live every day, tomorrow is not bad.

being kind-hearted

is the greatest virtue, and blessings come out of nowhere.

tolerance is the most beautiful spiritual practice, which can contain all things and receive grace.

having peace of mind is the highest state of mind, and can welcome blessings calmly.