Happiness is hidden in confusion.

Happiness is hidden in confusion.
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"when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people come to observe, there is no apprentice."

when people live too sober, they tend to have a lot of obsession. The more persistent people are, the more tired life will be and the more difficult it is to embrace happiness.

Laozi once said, "the common people are obvious, but I am all alone."

there are often troubles in life. And those who are really wise know how to be wise as if they were foolish, with less argument and more indifference.

so, happiness is hidden in confusion!


"it's hard to be smart, it's hard to be confused, and it's even more difficult to move from being smart to being confused." This is Mr. Zheng Banqiao's understanding of the word "rarely confused".

there was such a story.

two tourists accidentally fell into the river during the tour, and they struggled desperately and were exhausted.

when they were desperate, both of them saw the black spot in the distance, thought it was the two men of the boat, and tried their best to swim towards the boat.

as the two men got closer and closer to the boat, the man with good eyesight stopped and found that the black spot in the distance was a piece of decaying wood.

and the nearsighted person, who doesn't know it's a piece of wood, still swims hard.

when he swam to the black spot and saw that it was just a piece of wood, he was almost ashore.

but the one who gave up early has sunk into the river.

A person who seems to be sober has given up hope early.

A fool was rescued because he wanted to keep working hard.

in life, everyone is smart and may have chosen to give up early.

in fact, we should be confused.

in this tedious life, not being affected by trifles and keeping an optimistic attitude can make you happy.

be a confused person, let go of those fears, let go of those worries.

A confused person will not worry about the outcome of things, and his heart will be more peaceful.

Life is originally confused, happiness and happiness are hidden in those confusion.

it is rare to be confused, and it is a blessing to be a little confused.


there is a saying in the Northern Song Dynasty: "Zhuge was cautious all his life, and Lu Duan was not confused."

at that time, an official named Lv Duan spread his "muddle-headed" behavior.

when Lv Duan had just been promoted to participate in political affairs, a small official, who had heard many rumors of "Lv Duan confused" on weekdays, was very dissatisfied with him and said in front of the public, "Lv Duan can also participate in politics?"

after hearing the contemptuous words of the junior official, some ministers told Lv Duan that when the entourage wanted to track down the junior official, they were stopped by Lv Duan.

and tell them, "if I knew who he was, it would only make things big." I'd rather not know. I'm more comfortable, too. "

it is this kind of gentleman who does not think evil and pretends to be confused, which makes Lv Duan highly respected by later generations.

in daily life, some people, not to mention hearing others criticize him, will be upset and even get into a fight just because of the look in their eyes.

how can a person who cares like this be happy?

more confusion, more tolerance and atmosphere, but also make yourself a little more comfortable and calm.

in the face of bad words from others, you might as well be confused and listen to him and let him go.

if you don't hear it, you don't have to worry about it, and you're not far from happiness.

because I'm confused, I just don't care.


it is often said that great wisdom is foolish, and great cleverness is clumsy.

however, the hardest thing in the world to do is to be confused, and people who are often laughed at are also confused people.

of course, stupidity is not ignorance, let alone stupidity.

confusion is wisdom that sees through and does not speak.

confusion is the tolerance of smiling but not speaking regardless of people's short leisure.

confusion is tolerance that values harmony.

confusion is to let nature take its course.

if the mortal world wants to be happy, half be confused and half follow. And the secret of happiness in life is hidden in confusion.

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I understand your shrewdness, I don't haggle, I know what you do, and leave a way back for you. It is rare to be confused when you are alive.

it is also a great wisdom to enjoy what you have, not to envy what you don't have, and to be able to make life simple.

May everyone be a little simpler and confused so that life can be happier!