"Heaven is crazy with rain, people are crazy with disaster": no matter how capable people are, don't say these three words!

"Heaven is crazy with rain, people are crazy with disaster": no matter how capable people are, don't say these three words!
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is a double-edged sword.

can not only fight injustice for others, but also hurt people invisibly.

in a word,

can be exhilarating, and

can also make people discouraged.

Water depth does not speak, people do not speak.

I would rather not talk than talk too much.

some words come out,

hurt others, hurt yourself, bring trouble to yourself;

bring disaster to yourself.

especially these three sentences, don't say it no matter what you can do.

laugh at other people's bad words

in fact, we are all the same.

is less than the top, but more than the bottom.

Don't always bully the weak.

boss around people who are not as good as you,

say nasty things,

always poke other people's scars.

when you give others a look in the face,

do not realize that those who are better than you also smile at you.

sometimes a sentence comes out,

shows character and accomplishment!

Don't always laugh at others,

lose your kindness, and

lower yourself!


speak ill of people behind

right and wrong.

is always a person who makes a fuss about nothing, and

will not be liked.

when talking about other people's bad things,

not only loses popularity, but also buries hidden dangers.

gossip ends with the wise.

Don't always talk about others.

Don't talk about people behind their backs, regardless of whether a thing is true or not.

if there is anything, let's say it fair and square.

whatever you do, you can tell people.

such a person can withstand deliberation,

never be afraid!


brag about your crazy words

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Don't talk crazy,

boast of your omnipotence.

when you promise everything,

others need your help,

refuse, it will offend others;

if you agree, you will suffer.

be a person and make friends


Don't bluff just because you want to compete with others.

if because of the arrogance of being a man,

gives people a sense of calculation,

is to get yourself into trouble.

it takes a long time to keep a low profile, and

to be kind is to be broad!

there is rain in heaven and disaster in man!

face is not important,

is given by others.

those who are really respected and respected

are not those who always show off themselves,

, but those who are clearly successful and keep pioneering, low-key and enterprising!

Peach and plum do not speak, the bottom becomes Seikei,

unintentionally insert willow, willow becomes shade.

put aside arrogance and arrogance,

know how to fear life, learn to cherish others,

is the most important attitude we should have!