Home is the place where we want to escape forever, but always look forward to it.

Home is the place where we want to escape forever, but always look forward to it.
On the 26th, 17:46 of the twelfth lunar month, the Beginning of Spring.

Wen /Tongc Zhang thorns

Note: today is the 26th of the twelfth lunar month in the old calendar, and the Beginning of Spring is also the first of the 24 solar terms in the calendar. The bleak autumn and the cold winter are almost over. At 17:46, spring is coming.

@ Zhang thorns


at the end of January, countless people flocked to the railway station and lined up for days and nights to go home. In fact, I do not know how many "countless people" there are. I only know that Dongguan is the sixth of the top ten "empty cities" this year. Due to the developed manufacturing industry and more migrant workers, the closer we get to the Spring Festival, there are fewer and fewer people on the streets of our town.

and this kind of "less" can be felt. Now, as soon as it comes to ten o'clock in the evening, you will find that the road under the yellow light is like the usual two or three o'clock in the morning, only passing a car in ten minutes. Moreover, when you go to town in the afternoon, you will find that there are fewer stalls on both sides of the street, and the streets are no longer filled with the smell of pasta with steamed lean meat rice noodle roll or cooking rice as before. I found that the original human touch can also be noodle taste.

now the streets are full of leaflets that no one has to clean, and no one will stay in front of the stall waiting for the hot sukiyaki. The smell of smoke once left their minutes in front of the booth, but now they struggle to squeeze on the train for days and nights in search of the smell of home.

I heard that the green leather train for the Spring Festival travel season is also filled with all kinds of smells. Because there are too many people, it is inconvenient for you to go to the toilet. The smell of sweat, instant noodles, endless chicken wings and Jiqing sister-in-law's duck neck are all mixed in the carriage. If the Spring Festival travel is really this smell, then the smell is disgusting and unbearable.

but everyone stuck to it, because we call this trip "Spring Festival travel", which not only means reunion, but also represents the hope of the year. In fact, let me describe it, the taste of spring is actually quite similar to the new McDonald's Peach Blossom Ice Cream, because the taste of spring must be peach. You will be willing to take pictures of it, but also willing to quietly, a person hiding in the corner to taste slowly.

you eat ice cream in the corner and watch countless customers shuttling through the yellow-red McDonald's, and you can feel the hope of spring even if no one is talking to you.

at 01:30 this afternoon, my father sent me a picture he took at Kunming Airport in Yunnan, saying that he had boarded a plane and might be home in the evening.

I wonder if those who sit on the train and drive their own cars will also take a picture and send it to their families waiting at home before starting their journey about spring.

so what exactly is "home"?

is home the place where the most relatives gather?

Zhu Ziqing said in "back": "when I saw my father in Xuzhou, I saw all the messy things in the yard, and when I thought of my grandmother, I couldn't help but burst into tears."

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Gu Cheng said in front of the door: "how I wish there was a door, in the morning, the sun shines on the grass." We stood, holding our doors and windows. The door was low, but the sun was bright. The grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand, do not speak, it is very beautiful. "

the punk in the True Story of punk said: "I am a bird without feet, and when I stop is when I die."

and Mu Xin said in the Jumeika Fantasia: "I haven't been so happy to meet someone with small steps for a long time."

perhaps from their words, we can know that home is the place that makes people cry, but it is very beautiful, hoping to escape forever, but with countless expectations hidden.

I am a thorn. I wish you a happy New year.

@ Tongc

this morning, I woke up and refreshed the news as usual. there was a headline entitled "as many as 100,000 passengers are stranded for Spring Festival travel in Guangzhou Railway Station." My hands and feet were still in a bed that had been warm for 12 hours. When I woke up lazily watching the news at 09:30 in the morning, I suddenly realized that I had lived too comfortably. I could take a bullet train with plenty of vacant seats on time for more than half a month. There are warm beds that occupy more than half of the room, breakfast and dinners with different dishes, uninterrupted Internet and hot water. And they, the 100, 000 people stranded in the railway station, the nearly 4 billion people who travel back and forth on the Spring Festival transportation road every year, think of this, I even feel ashamed of what I have.

"the hospital wall heard more prayers than the church, and the airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding hall."

then the railway transported during the Spring Festival must be carrying more eagerness and certainty to return home than any other holiday. I am not a small member of the Spring Festival transportation army, but I adhere to Chinese traditions and customs more or less because this group makes me feel "certain". It is like an idea that is more unshakable than urban steel and concrete cast in a year's time and paid out with thoughts and sweat and tears, no, not ideas, but beliefs. Because this one uses the opportunity once a year to go back to his hometown to see his parents and children, to eat that "reunion dinner", no matter how late it is, to greet each other with his family on the Kang and keep warm in the heat and words. This is probably every day of the year when they are faced with a city that is as fast as a monster and mercilessly squeezed. The biggest pillar of every tear and sweat.

what I am afraid of is whether everyone will have this opportunity. Maybe he is forced to stay in the city where he works because of his work, maybe he is stranded in the station because the bus is not smooth and is late. Maybe he left because he had an accident on his way home. At the moment, I can only sit here and write down what I want to say. I know that in the face of some urgent problems, all my language is in front of volunteers in front of drivers and in front of all spring shippers.It's futile and useless.

I still feel sad when I come back from the Spring Festival. In every big city, on the surface, I seem to be living in this place that provides opportunities for his job. In fact, the place I go back after work is a village in the city, and the rent is too high to afford to rent. The household registration problem is difficult to solve, and the tuition is too expensive to afford private education for my children, and then I can only repeat the way back and forth to the previous generation in a few years.

whether it is difficult to get a ticket to inherit poverty or the Spring Festival travel, the times are too big, the characters are too small, scattered in the land of China, feeling that life is not satisfactory, get up and continue to live.

I can only salute them in this way, hoping that everyone who is out or for a career or a dream can step on that bus on time or late, and have time to rub his hands and walk into the house in the cold night. On the big round table, with them most importantly, raise the soup bowl and drink to the bottom.

I'm Tong c. I wish you a happy New year.

finally, collisions are inevitable at the station and on long-distance passenger cars, so it is inevitable to get used to other people's habits. If you are also on the way, you might as well have a better understanding of those who return home. Just one idea is enough-everyone is on their way home.