Home! (read it five times, it's too thorough)

Home! (read it five times, it's too thorough)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Home is where parents are!

what is home?

long Yingtai said:

Home, not cold bricks and tiles, home, it doesn't matter whether it is luxurious or not.

Home lies in the liveliness of family affection, and home lies in the warmth of getting along.

A home without affection is like a body without thoughts; a home without love is like firewood without lighting.

Love and love is home, and parents still have a place to come from!

so, in the face of our parents and loved ones, we should be more tolerant, care less, be more grateful and quarrel less.

Home, with them, the home is tidy, they are happy, the home is happy!


Home is the support of the soul!

what is home?

Bing Xin said:

in this world, we fell, we were embarrassed, we were aggrieved, we shed tears, the only place we want to go is: home!

if you have a home, there are people who will always contain us and love us.

No matter whether our parents are rich or not, as long as we have nowhere to go, our parents will accept it!

No matter how good or bad we are, we will be satisfied as long as we get home.

Home is where we put our souls.

We can wander all over the world, but if we have a home, we are not alone; we can be unaccompanied, but if we have a home, we have inner expectations.

others, care about whether we earn more or less, and family members care whether we are tired or not!

what is home? Home is our armor, protecting the inner weakness, let us away from the cruel wind and rain of this world!


Home is a lifelong concern!

what is home?

Bai Juyi said:

We can wander all our lives, we can struggle all our lives, we can work hard everywhere, but we never forget to go home.

the New year is coming, and we are always reunited with our families!

We can be happy to do what we want, but when we lose interest, we think about home.

We can enjoy a moment of prosperity when we are successful, but when the prosperity is over, what we care about is home.

what is home? home is the most simple place in life.

every brick has love, and I have never forgotten it all my life!

if we have a home, we have a home. No matter how prosperous and depressed we are, there is always a softness in our hearts, which makes people feel warm when we think of it. Its name is: home!


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Home is the temple of laughter!

what is home?

Nine Village Muichi said:

A family should be loved, not hated; home should be happy, not sad.

when a family is together, they should take care of and cherish each other, make concessions and tolerate each other! As Wang Zengqi said: the family sits idle and the lights are amiable.

as long as each other exists, it is already beautiful.

what knot can't be solved? Is there any resentment that can't be put down?

cherish him around you and take good care of our home. All your life, the family is the heaviest. Don't snub it and destroy it because of trifles.

people are happy if they have a home to return to in their whole life. The family is well, everything is fine!