How boring life would be if there were no regrets.

How boring life would be if there were no regrets.
The last article said "to be continued". Now I will give you "follow-up".

"Life with no regrets is angry words."

Wen /Zhang thorns


A few days ago, when I went out to dinner with my friends, I had a whim and planned to do a group interview on the street in winter.

is to ask those poorly dressed and beautiful girls the ultimate philosophical question of life:

"aren't you cold?"

I believe that 99% of the boys in the world are extremely interested in this problem. Because when we are wrapped into bears, there are always some girls wearing coats and skirts, that pair of stockings, and a pair of boots. They walked valiantly down the street, as if there was wind behind them. They don't seem to feel the problem we are feeling, but enjoy it and dance with the wind.

but I still want to ask them:

"aren't you cold?"

my roommate and I put our hands in a bag to cover our stomach to keep warm, while discussing the "divine reply" that will appear in the camera. Slowly, keeping warm turned into belly laughter, because we were ready to be treated as perverts, so we came to the conclusion that

"the photographer must be a woman, lower their guard."


actually, I pointed to the girl on the street and asked my girlfriend, "are silk stockings really warm?"

she punched me in the face and said, "warm your sister, do you think there is velvet in it?"

I knew why she never wore silk stockings in front of me. I said,

"you boy, you are afraid of the cold."

she smiled and said, "No, I have to save you some thoughts."

I said, "what are you thinking about?"

she said, "if you don't stay with me in the future, I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life."


it snowed heavily on the day of breakup.

she yelled at me, "none of you men are good things!"

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I don't know how I became a "bad thing", but she must be a "good thing".

she is beautiful. If she majored in science, then I would give up my first choice to study science with her.

she is considerate. If she wants to, I hope I am the one who acts as a human flesh alarm clock every day.

she is lovely and likes all the dolls that my niece in the first grade of primary school likes.

however, her "good thing" is a little bad, that is, her grades are too good. So good that even if I applied for science, I couldn't get into her city. So I have been encouraging her to apply for English, because there are many beautiful women in that major, so it should not be so easy for others to find her beauty.

in fact, many people have told me that she is not beautiful, but I don't believe it.

but someone told me that distance would kill love, and I believed it.

she was wearing silk stockings that day. I asked her if she was cold.

she said, goodbye.


someone advised me to put it down, and I asked him how I put it down, because I never picked it up.

the conversations about "stockings and thoughts" were made up by myself when I was walking alone in this new city. She has never been my girlfriend, but her beauty, thoughtfulness and cuteness are real. In the last summer vacation, we made an appointment to run together every day, so she became my human flesh alarm clock.

I said I wouldn't like her, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I warned her not to be so close to boys.

she said she was fine, a good friend.

she doesn't know that the boy I'm talking about is me.

but she did say to me the other day, "you boys are really bad things", although she didn't want to scold me, but her new classmate. After the boy confessed his love to her, he said to her the next day:

"Let's still be friends, friends are forever."

if I can, I really want to beat that man up.

some distance is not a two-dimensional distance, but inexplicable. I don't know how to describe it, the distance between two people. You just can't cross it, the love that didn't kill her, just killed my love.

I once heard a saying: "the difference between love and love is that love is a matter for one person, and love is a thing for two people."

so if you think about it, distance kills my love, that's all.


I regret it. I didn't have the courage to express my love to her when she wore silk stockings three years ago. I just asked her if she was cold. But when I think about it, it doesn't seem to be an extremely bad thing for my life to leave such a regret. Take advantage of this to know your own shortcomings, hurry to reform, practice, work hard, and become a better person, otherwise this kind of thing will have to happen several times in the future.

that's a bad taste.

suddenly at the end of "the Grandmaster", Gong er, played by Zhang Ziyi, said these two words to Ip Man, played by Tony Leung:

Life has no regrets, it is angry.

how boring life would be if there were no regrets.

Yes, how boring life would be if there were no regrets.

that article

I said to be continued

I wrote it out today. Good night, everyone